A rose gold foil tea cup, for the @lightgreyartgallery show Fortune. Tasseography is the reading of tea leaves and interpretation of the patterns the sediments leave behind. I’ve always loved fortune telling tea cups and the idea of reading tea leaves. 

It’s a little different than how I normally work so that it would translate to foil printing, but it was a fun thing to experiment with! You can find prints + calendars here: http://shop.lightgreyartlab.com/collections/fortune-luck-and-auspicious-times/products/many-curious-things-i-see-by-jessica-roux

White2Tea Daily Drinker

This is a VERY AFFORDABLE raw puerh cake. $19.00 USD for 200g of sweet baby jebus tea leaf.

I started steeping this tea for 15 seconds with 205F water, slowly increasing steeping time with each infusion.

I also steeped this bad boy in my sheng dedicated 100ml pot - using 5g of leaf.

Look at that liquor :3

So how does it taste? Well. If I said I didn’t tear up a little wile taking these photos, drinking this tea, I’d be lying. Because WOW is this a steal? First few infusions tasted like floral and honey with mild astringency, but it was like, a good bitterness, nothing off putting(And I’m really sensitive to bitterness..). After the 3rd infusion, the astringency was gone and I was left with just smooth full bodied floral tea that created a lovely mouth feel. I honestly didn’t have too high of hopes for this tea to begin with, cheaper young shengs can be a coin flip, but White2Tea nails this one on the head. I’m definitely going to buy a cake of this tea and drink it often. 

If you are new to the puerh world or wanting to dive in, give this one a try! Keep in mind, if you buy a cake you will need a tiny knife or a pick to loosen up the cake and get the leaves. You can buy this lovely tea as a sample or as a cake here. I’ll be doing a review of their teadontlie and if you are reading this it’s too late - all sheng puerhs in the posts to come! 

Thanks for reading

xoxo - Jordan