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A late birthday present for my cousin Masina <3 

Marik would think Bakuras idea was great, because of his very pale midriff and sexy coconut bra, it would surely distract the Pharaoh in a duel, but it seems like the only thing Yami wants is a grass skirt. I guess this means Bakura isn’t aloud to come up with ideas at Evil Councils anymore :)

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It’s Always Been You

For @carryon-countdown on WLW day. 

AKA: What if Ebb lived and her fumbling lesbian crush was much more than that?


When she left, it crushed her.

She had wanted to go, but Ebb had needed to stay.

Habibi, there is so much of the world to see beyond Watford,” she would tell her, whisper it into her choppy blonde hair. Ebb would shake her head and whisper back, “I won’t leave.”

Nico had never understood. A fumbling lesbian crush, he’d said, when she’d tried to tell him about the girl she loved. He hadn’t meant any harm, but it still hurt, because Ebb’s love for her wasn’t a joke.

She was more than a fumbling crush.

Her name was Fiddah, and Ebb loved her.

Fiddah meant silver in Arabic, so that became her trademark. Fiddah wore shades of shimmering grey, swatches of ash-colored fabric framing her face and covering her hair. She used sterling silver pins to keep her hijab in place, and her magical object was an iron ring.

It was a plain ring, a manly thing that was heavy and out of place on Fiddah’s slender finger. But when she used it, her magic would smell of jasmine and cool coconut water, and for some reason, it made sense.

Fiddah was from Istanbul, with comfortably middle class parents, and Ebb never understood what someone like Fiddah would see in someone like her. Fiddah was all french manicures, Louboutin heels, and loud laughs.

Fiddah was in Ebb’s grade, but she was nothing like Ebb. Fiddah was a bright moon, and Ebb didn’t know what she was, but she certainly wasn’t a celestial body.

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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! Game - The Halloween Story

So many good character-building aspects here (in addition to the plethora of fowl puns)! I’m sure you’d all have noticed them in any case, but there are various inline comments highlighting these and the more Japanese aspects of the text anyway (as well as uh, a ton of personal comment, sorry >.<). Need to preface this by explaining the running gag - I’ve localised the puns, but fyi:

Yumoto: 鳥 (tori = bird) ・オア/イズ (or/is; he says one or the other) ・トリートメント (treatment = often refers to hair treatment)

As always, please yell at me if you find a typo/mistake so I can fix it! :)

Edit: corrected Arima’s line about his garden - it always bothered me, but I only just figured out the proper interpretation! :)

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anonymous asked:

um what chemistry did k/orrasami have throughout the entire show? Basically like 6 scenes. Did Asami help defeat all korras enemies NO. Did Asami almost die trying to help korra NO. Was Asami with korra when she faced zaheer again NO.

Not sure if serious or not, but this is a perfect opportunity to make a really long post…

Here’s the deal friends, family, and distant relations it is hard to objectively prove chemistry between characters because, often, it relies on what you really want to see in a couple. That’s essentially the method behind shipping: you see the chemistry, you like it, you live vicariously through it. If you don’t see the chemistry, you don’t ship it. Does that mean chemistry definitively is or is not there? No. Chemistry between characters is an emotion or idea.

No, what can I definitively prove? Well if you swap out Asami and put in Mako and changed nothing else about Book 3 and 4 would you read the scenes differently? Yes, you would. They’d be come overtly romantic to a lot of you. The majority western world is inherently going to view development between a male and female as romantic while calling the same development between members of the same sex platonic. For those out there with a wider spectrum and more open minds, they spotted something going on between Asami and Korra, and it turns out they were completely correct. I dare anyone out there with the above opinion to imagine Mako in Asami’s place and tell me that wasn’t romantic development.

I’m going to point out to you all the ways in which Asami has contributed to Korra’s mental well being over the course of two seasons:

  • When she realized her and Korra didn’t truly get a chance to become friends because of their business with Mako, she sought Korra out just to talk, laugh, and become better friends. 
  • In reference to that, when Asami found out Mako had feelings for Korra, not once did she direct her anger at Korra, and in fact, did everything she could to try and help someone who was her romantic rival
  • She offered a helpful ear to Korra when she worried about her poll numbers
  • As much as the line gets tossed around a lot, she did provide Korra with a girlfriend to go to, something Korra did truly need at that point and time, surrounded by her male friends and only younger females
  • Asami volunteered to watch over Korra while she meditated
  • When Korra was recovering Asami devoted time and energy to helping her stay mobile and dressing her. Canonically, those are the only two instances we’ve seen of her in the capacity of Korra’s caretaker but we can infer she was also helping her bathe, helping her eat, and helping her in and out of bed
  • Asami offered to travel down south, leaving behind work and friends, to help Korra recovery, and when she was denied, she took it graciously and did not push it 
  • Asami had a scene specifically to show her offering mental/emotional support to Korra at the end of Book 3, and when she sensed Korra was uncomfortable with Raiko, she got her out
  • Asami’s letter started with “I miss you”, doesn’t seem like a big deal until you see the other letters were either stick figure drawings or openers about the weather
  • Asami kept Korra’s secret to not tell anyone that she wrote to her
  • Asami thought Korra might be cold and need company, so she brought her tea. She then provided council on Korra’s fears about being the Avatar
  • Not once did Asami attempt to start a relationship with Korra, knowing she was in a volatile place emotionally and mentally. She waited to be asked on Korra’s terms

Now, I could generate a similar list for all the ways Korra did the same for Asami, but since Asami always seems to be the one in question, we’ll leave it as it is for now.

Now, part number 4 of this response (still operating under the assumption you’re being serious in that ask). Mako didn’t do diddly do squat to “defeat Korra’s enemies”, and statements like that reveal the crux of the problem for many Makorra shippers: they stan over Mako. It’s okay to have a favorite character, it’s okay to want the best for them. But guess what? Korra is our main focus, and even if she wasn’t, Mako is not entitled to any parts of her just because he helped her out a lot. That’s called Nice Guy Syndrome and it has gotten people murdered

Anon, if you truly believe what you’re saying, please take this post to heart. And anyone out there who agrees with him/her, do your best to grow up a little bit.

Notice Me Senpai! Interactions List

So far, it appears that each senpai has one *special* object that they interact with differently, with their sprite showing a different animation than usual! These are the ones I’ve found so far, and I’ll update as I find more of them. :)

Nerd: chess set
Young: ???
Lazy: blue L sofa
Art club: ???
School Festival: taiko drums
Science lab: cat
Gamer: chocolate chip cookies
Gourmet: ice cream machine
Delinquent: jukebox
Basketball: basketball
Drama Club: ???
Goat: ???
Calligraphy: traditional tea set
Butler: fancy tea set
Student Council President: large bookshelf
Crammer: PC station
Idol: piano
Rocker: guitar
Sensei: reclining chair*
Childhood friend: stuffed bear
School Infirmary sensei: tea set afternoon
Playboy: heart couch + another senpai (only does his action if someone else is on the couch with him! A true playboy indeed haha)
Cupid: heart chocolates

*this isn’t his interaction object, but I haven’t seen him visit for anything else yet.

As the leaves turn orange

{Closed with @thranduilisity}

Another autumn day started and hopefully, Elydir didn’t have to go outside of the kingdom, that meant no armor and warmer clothes. She got in her cream leggings and a cream turtleneck shirt, before wearing her teal tunic around her body, that was long until the knee but still more comfortable than a dress. She made her dark brown hair in a tight ponytail, then braided it, as always. Once ready, she met her uncle in the halls and together, they walked o the council halls.

As it was close to winter and the weather turned colder, day by day, she asked the servants to get warm tea for all the council members, so they could wake up easier and feel a little warmer. She placed all the needed documents and things in front of the king’s chair, on the top of the long table. As lords and ladies started to come and fill the table, a warm smile got in the White Knight’s lips as she saw her king -perfect as every day- walking inside.

“Good morning, my liege” she said and sat on the chair next to him, her usual spot. “Tea is served for such a cold day. Whenever you wish to begin, we are all here, I believe”