tea bundle

things i'm looking forward to in autumn
  • foggy and misty mornings 
  • wet hair and cold hands 
  • walking through crunchy golden and mahogany leaves
  • cozy blanket forts with books
  • the excitement of christmas
  • too many cups of tea to count
  • being bundled up in coats and scarves and gloves
  • crispy dewy morning air
  • re-reading harry potter
  • listening piano music accompanied by the whisper of rain
  • putting feet next to the warmth of a heated vent
  • bright stars and constellations in the autumn night sky
  • the smell of homemade pumpkin pie in the oven
  • heavy rainfall pummeling the roof

music and lyrics yoongi for @auriee happy birthday, cutie~ 

Fire Witchcraft: Tools & Associations

Tools: Ash, Alcohol, Athame, Axe, Black Salt, Blown Glass, Bonfire, Burn Safe Containers, Burned Herbs, Campfire, Candles, Charcoal, Charred Wood, Cast Iron, Dagger, Double-Headed Axe, Electrical Appliances/Items, Fairy Lights/Christmas Lights, Fire Pit, Firewood, Golden Objects/jewelry, Kitchen Supplies/Appliances/Tools, Knives, Lamps/Lights, Lantern, Lava Lamp, Leather, LED Lights/Candles, Lighters, Lightning Bolt Imagery, Matches, Pots & Pans, Razors, Requests on Paper/Written, Rod, Scourge/Whip, Smoke, Skillet, Spatulas, Staff, Sun Imagery, Sword, Tea Lights, Tinder Bundles, Wax Melter, Wooden Spoon, Volcano Imagery

Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow and Gold

Corresponds to: Strength, passion, love, lust, anger, rage, wrath, war, competition, courage, power, willpower, sex, desire, labor, cleansing, destruction, banishing and protection

Crystals: Amber, Sunstone, Carnelian, Obsidian, Fire Agate, Agate, Ruby, Garnet, Star Garnet, Red Jasper, Bloodstone, Diamond, Red Tiger’s Eye, Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Fire Opal, Lava Rock, Pumace, Sulfur, Thunderstone

Metals: Steel, Gold, Brass, *Nickle

*can be dangerous in raw form or if ingested

Herbs: Cinnamon, Basil, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, Peppercorn, Peppermint, Rosemary, Chile Peppers, Cacti, Prickly Pear, Coffee, Nettles, Garlic, Thorn Trees/Plants, Thistle, Onion, Allspice, Juniper, Hibiscus, Red Poppy, Almond, Clove, Chamomile, Bay Leaf, Sunflower, Marigold, Holly, Oak

Animals: Lion, Tiger, Puma, Lizards, Dragon, Snakes, Coyote, Fox, Mantids, Scorpion, Ram, Goat, Squirrel, Salamanders

Elementals and Beasts/Creatures: Girtabilu, Dragon, Salamanders, Djinn, Sprites, Genies, Efreet, Hellhounds, Lampad, Phoenix, Cherufe, Manticore 

Sense: Sight, Taste

Body: Eyes, Head, Heart, Blood, Muscles, Arms, Stomach, Reproductive Organs

Fire Related Magick: Sun, Love, Sex/Lust, Fertility, Candle, Strength, Kitchen, Burning, Destructive, Offensive, Competitive, Motivation, Emotional Strength, Intimidation, Revenge, Banishing, Cleansing, Unbinding, Curse Removal, Energy Work

The Classics

Request: no 

Summary: Adam’s expensive education was founded on the classics. 

Warnings: fluff 

Originally posted by lunadiego

In the months spent at the castle, it became quite clear that Adam had an expensive education (and he wouldn’t shy away from admitting it either). What his manners had once lacked, his array of interests made up for. He was distinguished in all worlds of academia to some degree. If asked to name his favorite, he’d have to say history (the Battle of 300 was manly) or astrology because of the stories that lay among the stars (his appreciation for Galileo was resounding but he could only read the English translations). 

It was quite costly to educate a prince, that’s for certain, but he didn’t enjoy it. His tutor and his father made him resent what should have been an enjoyable experience. He disliked reading the most, for no reason other than  it reminded him of his mother.  

Then you came along. Your very existence caused an emotional shift within him. Suddenly , he was forced to face those dreaded things called feelings. His heart was becoming warmer which was unusual to his routine melancholy. All his life, or his princely life, he was charmed by only the finest things, but you were enchanted by just a walk through the gardens or a conversation with Lumiere. That’s what drove him to give you his world. 

You were self taught and educated mostly by your parents when they weren’t working a miller shift. Gaps in your knowledge were passed off as the result of inequality from all demographics. Adam could tell you were gifted and that’s why he decided to share in his expensive education with you. 

The library became your  second suite as you soaked up everything you possibly could, well everything that wasn’t in Greek. Adam would  join you in the large couch, watching , sometimes listening, to you read. It became quite clear early on that you detested Chaucer but favored the greats from the Renaissance, specifically Shakespeare. 

You were up early, earlier than usual, due to the cold of the castle that pained you despite the endless cups of tea from Mrs. Potts. Bundled up, you tip toed to the library, picked up the copy of Romeo and Juliet, and curled up on the couch. Time slipped away as you read, finding yourself nodding off. The next thing you know, Adam is chuckling at you, removing the book from your hands. “I had the same reaction: all the heartache and pining…” He shuddered tossing it aside. 

“I was enjoying it!” You insisted nestling further into the velvet sofa.

 “Sure, well I don’t particularly feel like listening to such sickening fiction, why don’t we read something else?” He suggests joining you on the couch, adjusting so you were nestled against him.

 “Can you read today? I like it when you do.” You mumbled nudging him softly. 

“All right Hamlet it is.” 

Hamlet and Adam were similar he figured, if only because he wanted to be considered your favorite. With the day half gone and his rose half wilted, he swallowed feeling his chest tighten. It happened rather quickly, stumbling from his lips quickly. 

Three words that did not belong in Hamlet’s fourth soliloquy filled the space thickly. “It’s foolish.” Adam snapped quickly, jumping to his feet, “To think that you could care for a creature like me.” 

“I don’t think so.” You say softly, jumping to catch his arm.

 “You could be happy here?” His blue eyes achingly soft and human. 

“I am.”

 Time was slowing, a golden light cast over the castle as his lips met yours the feeling changing from fur to skin as a human Prince Adam stood before you, with only love emitting from him. 

Imagine The Autobots Spending A Rainy Night At Your Place

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  • he had just come over to your place to pick up some supplies for Sari when the storm had rolled in
  • thankfully, Optimus’ real body was parked in the apartments garage, but he was left stuck in his holoform
  • you managed to convince the slightly awkward bot to stay the night; saying not even the most skilled driver would survive out in all that rain
  • activities for the night consist of you first making dinner, Optimus politely taking some even though he didn’t really need to eat or process it in this form; he comes to love your cooking after the first bite and wishes he could actually truly eat it
  • after helping you clean the dishes and splashing each other a bit with laughs and giggles, you two settle on the couch to watch a movie
  • halfway through the movie and the power goes off, causing you to be startled and Optimus quickly searching for a flash light
  • it becomes a thick atmosphere of awkward silence again, with the both of you sitting on the ends of the couch fidgeting with either fingers or shirt fabric
  • clearing your throat you opt to play a game, and he perks up; partly wanting badly to rid of the silence and partly because he’s excited about learning something new, especially from you
  • the game is two truths, one lie, and after a few rounds you’re both laughing and smiling; having found a warming comfort once again between you both


  • he was helping you with your college work to become a doctor that night in your dinning room. He may have not quite known much about human anatomy compared to Cybertronian, but was finding out that some aspects of procedures weren’t that different
  • his true form was parked across the street under one of the many cities highway bridges; so there wasn’t much worry about rust when the sky suddenly erupted into thunder and lightening
  • being Ratchet, he groaned and complained about the harsh weather, but he was smart enough to know he wouldn’t make it back to base if he attempted to drive
  • even with the raging storm outside, you both continued to still study for any upcoming test
  • but with every glance you made to the old bot, er man, you could easily tell he was very irritated with the loud noise of the sky
  • the sudden power outage is what set him off, leading him to saying some profound words you could only guess as Cybertronian curse words
  • you calmly suggest taking a break, and Ratchet heavily sighs in agreement
  • in the meantime, you bring out an old favorite game of yours; Operation!!
  • Ratchet complains the whole time you play, especially when you manage to get out a piece he couldn’t; but don’t worry, he actually enjoys playing the game with you, not that he’ll ever admit


  • you invited him over to your house to see your lil art study, when the weather had suddenly worsened and the power went out
  • you became worried about him rusting, but he told you he was parked safely under a huge canopy down the block
  • the storm doesn’t stop your art date together, and after lighting some candles you both sit at the living room coffee table to discuss your shared passion for art even more
  • at one point Bulkhead shyly ask if he could draw you, to which you just as shyly approve and hand him a sketch book
  • after a while of his sketching he shows you the image and feels very proud of your gushing over the piece
  • you come up with an idea for an art challenge; pulling out a funny pose book and a random number generator
  • the rest of the night is spent with you both laughing and giggling as one artist flips to a random page and the other artist takes that pose to be drawn in  


  • Why is this guy at your door? Oh wait, it’s Bee.
  • this is the first time you’re seeing his holoform, and the first time he’s at your home; you’re not sure how he found this place but you certainty didn’t invite him
  • never the less you let him in, and a few hours later and two seasons deep into your favorite TV series a loud clap of thunder rains over head and the power shuts off
  • Bumblebee’s trying his best to seem tough about the surprise storm, but you can tell he’s nervous from his lil jumps here and there
  • to help calm him you offer to play some games; to which he quickly perks up at, it’s like he wasn’t about to jump out of his skin just a few moments ago
  • when you bring out a colorful box Bee becomes very confused and a little upset; weren’t you going to play games? Oh wait, the powers out, right, so um what’s with the box then?
  • you explain to him that this is called a tabletop game, and the game is called Hungry, Hungry Hippos
  • a few rounds later, Bee’s very hyped by the competitiveness of the game, and claims this to be his absolute favorite; but then you ask if he wants to keep playing or play a different one and he gets even more excited
  • wait, there’s more then one?!


  • Prowl was actually dropping you off at your home after a day at the aquarium with each other when the rain started
  • it was light and then became very heavy, and he told you to get inside and he’d be up shortly
  • after finding a place of cover to park, he rushed his holoform back to your door and walked in to check on you
  • he found you making two cups of tea while bundled up in a robe with a towel on your head; looks like you could quite escape it either
  • you don’t have to say anything to Prowl about staying till the skies cleared up some, he was going to just to make sure you’d be fine for a few hours
  • when the cities power went out, he made the decision to stay the whole night with you, not that you had a problem with it of course  
  • gathering up the huge comforters from the guest bedroom, Prowl met back up with you in the living room, where you had made a comfy spot by the large window
  • you both got into a comfortable position next to each other before he wrapped the large blanket around you both and you handed him his tea, the man graciously thanking you even though he couldn’t actually drink it
  • a soft smile spread across Prowls face when feeling you softly lean against him to enjoy more of the spectacle called nature with him for that day


♡°•Newt Scamander headcanons•°♡

-tells bedtime stories to his creatures.
-he really likes Earnest Hemmingway’s books, along with the Secret Garden and The Great Gatsby.
-he really likes to travel.
-he doesn’t really make eye contact with people, it’s really hard for him and it makes him very uncomfortable in situations.
-mumbles a lot.
-he also gets frustrated and confused easily.
-sometimes when he’s angry or sad he’ll spend days in his case, with the creatures. Tina always leaves food out for him.
-platonic hand holding with Tina, Jacob and/or Queenie.
-he gets up like, really early.
-his favorite subjects are care of magical creatures and herbology.
-he drinks a unhealthy amount of tea.
-he would always bundle up in the many hufflepuff scarves he collected through his years at hogwarts. He stole some of them from people.
-he read a lot because people never really talked to him that much.
-has extreme social anxiety.
-he has really bad posture.
-pro oversized sweaters.
-owns wayy too many scarves.
-vvv shy bean.
-he’s a really good listener.
-smol queer.
-he gives really awkward compliments.
-sometime he’ll fall asleep with his creatures and they try to keep him warm. It’s the cutest, Tina takes many pictures.
-he bounces on his toes when he gets nervous.
-autistic Newt !!! :)
-blushes 24/7
-he gets excited easily, it’s vvv cute. Like you’ll bring up his magical creatures and he’ll just go on and on.
-vvv clumsy.
-he tries baking with Jacob and Queenie and he ends up knocking a few things over and he’s just really clumsy.
-he cares about everything and wishes everyone the best.

I am of the firm belief that Galadriel has spent the past three ages living the rock and roll life–she partied with Nessa and had an ill-fated fling with Eonwe, basically grew herself Faerieland like a chia pet, led armies led people, threw down the walls of Dol Amroth, is definitely doing Gandalf on the side (or at least exchanging snarky running commentary with him) and yenta'ed that whole Aragorn and Arwen business–

But she always comes back to Celeborn, who has been puttering around Lorien and…watering the trees, probably, looking after their grandbabies, and he just kisses her cheek and asks how her day went, if she wants any tea, did she hear about the new entling in Fangorn? such a sweet sapling…

empty gallons

if you sit on the back porch
you can take all the leaves you
ripped from northwest to southeast
tie them up with old shoe strings
dip the bundles into low hanging
cumulus covering the moon
write poetry
best thing is
if you get thirsty you can brush
the clouds back like you would
her hair and take a sip of
Vitamin D, but only if it’s full
your words
your images
won’t make sense do to
the nature of the composition
just keep writing

eventually the lithium kicks in
about the second and
a half
cigarette smoke drag
the morning lamotrigine takes
the eight o'clock lithium on a date
with the too shy quetipine
her asshole ambien boyfriend
light up another cigarette when
the numbers and letters on the screen
start bubbling and trading places
drink caffeine to quiet the music

see? balance isn’t so difficultly achieved
four pills, more cigarettes, a sip of milk
a glass of tea, and shoelaces bundling
leaves (perfect metaphors for hearts btw)

see? Poetry.

I’ve struck out more times
than I’ve been at bat
and if that’s the first image
you’ve said wtf to in this poem
then start over again

love comes out of nowhere
left field even

so I pour expired milk
down the kitchen sink
Mr. Nemo loses his shit
but I just smile as the nasty
bits of glug gloog out

I crawl onto the couch
cry holding the emptied gallon

I know what it’s like to have
your dreams and feelings go
to shit inside of you
to be emptied by those who
had a financial and ethical
investment in you
to be tossed into a dumpster
left without a second glance

some nights if I have leftover
leaves then I will crush a few
into him once he’s rinsed out
just so he can really feel

how empty
is empty

How the x-men look after their so when they're ill

Charles- he’d check in on you as often as he could, making sure that you’re comfortable.

Eric- he’d stroke your hair and hum as doze

Hank- he’d be in Dr McCoy mode.

Alex- he’d pull you into his side making sure that you’re comfortable

Peter- he’d fuss, bringing you an endless supply of chicken soup.

Kurt- he’d lie with you and read to you as you doze off to sleep

Jean- she’d calm your mind and let you sleep it off.

Ororro- she’d keep you well supplied with hot tea.

Jubilee- she’d bundle you up in fluffy blankets.

Warren- he’d make sure that you have everything that you could possibly want or need

Are You Dying?

A/N: This is going to be disgustingly self-indulgent because I’m currently a snotty, itchy, watery-eyed mess.  

Fall was absolutely your favorite time of year.  Vibrant hues from the changing leaves painted the landscape, cozy sweaters were brought out, apple cider and donuts were plentiful.  But there was also a dark side to the season.  Your allergies.  From early October through late November you became a walking pharmacy, allergic to the outside world.  No amount of decongestant, antihistamine, or nasal spray could conquer your ailment.  You’d long ago resigned yourself to carrying around boxes of tissues and tubes of ointment for your chapped lips and nose.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.

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(Sorry to hear that anon! Hope you feel better soon!)


> Would pull silly faces and tell you crazy stories in an attempt to make you laugh

> Not really fazed even if you don’t

> If you feel exhausted then he’ll be happy to cuddle with you

> Definitely the lover that runs his hand through your hair and tells you all the great things that you are to him

> Calls you a dozen pet names 


> I imagine she’d have a hard time relating to the feeling, but she’d try really hard to make you feel appreciated

> She’ll make you tea and bundle you up

> I imagine when she was lonely she’d make little light shows for herself, and she’d be happy to do so for you!

> Big sigh of relief when you finally crack a smile


> Similar to Symmetra! Bundles you up nicely with a mug of cocoa

> Reads you old legends and recalls cool stories from his life

> Compares you to the royalty of yore and tells you that you’re even braver than them

> Gives you lots of hugs and kisses

> Admin GK

sumeriasmith replied to your post “sumeriasmith replied to your post “Inspired by a conversation with…”

Well, all of those a little, but I admit, mostly the last. Maedhros being extremely salty at his brothers gives me life, frankly. The world needs more Finwean family shenanigans that treat them as a _family_. Will all the epic casting of shade implied therein.

Have some more!

“-courted her fairly, at which point she spurned my hospitality and stole my dog!”

“That’s rough, brother.”

“I haven’t even told you the worst part yet.”

“It gets worse? Surely not.” Maedhros refilled his brother’s goblet. Curufin glared at him but did not interrupt - could not interrupt if the bruises circling his throat were any indication. “Tell on,” Maedhros said and Celegorm did.

“We need to sack Doriath,” he finished. “And Nargothrond.”

“Both of them? I’m a little short handed right now.” Maedhros gestured expressively.

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lanternheart  asked:

hello! i was wondering if you had any suggestions of small (ish) general ingredients/items to keep around for witches living in small spaces? i'm a college student, so it's tough to keep too many ingredients (i'm primarily a green witch/herbalist) around without good access to storage space or a pantry, let alone a fridge. any thoughts would be appreciated!


So the simplest answer is… you don’t need to keep any ingredients/items around! Being a witch is about YOU, not your tools. However, that said, I do understand that it’s nice to have some witchy things about.

In your situation I would probably keep a small box of herbs (culinary mostly) that I could add to foods depending on the situation. If you’re really limited on space, an all-purpose herbal blend might be good.

You may also want to consider a little travel altar. I’ve seen some adorable ones inside Altoid tins. A small tea light, little bundle of sage, and perhaps a crystal or two and some matches will cover a lot of ground for when you want to do something a bit more formal.

But I would also encourage you to consider what you can do without any tools. In particular, honing your meditation skills. It’s not something that I see talked about much with witches. Sure, we talk about meditating or clearing our minds. But it is a skill, one that requires practice. Increasing our ability to focus and ground ourselves is going to come in useful no matter what sort of witchcraft we practice.

Hope that helps a bit! <3

sugarplum-senpai  asked:

If you are still doing the prompts, #2 Ereri please? "With a hoarse voice, under the blankets" (This Sunday feels like that.) Thank you! <3

“I don’t really know what I can do about it,” Eren said.

“Please?” Isabel begged him. “I’ll talk to him, okay? He’s really bad.”

Eren sighed, “Okay.” It wasn’t like he didn’t care, but it wasn’t really his place to chase down someone else’s kid, no matter how sick they were.

“Man, I hope his uncle’s not home,” Isabel said, as they drove over. Eren rather hoped he was home, because he had some things to say to Kenny, but his car wasn’t in the garage when they arrived.

Isabel hurried up the front path and banged on the door. “Levi! Levi it’s me!”

After some shuffling sounds the front door creaked open and Eren got a glimpse of Levi’s face, paler than usual, his eyes and nose red. He saw Eren and immediately tried to shut the door again. “Go away! I look like shit. I mean, I’m contagious.”

Unfortunately Isabel had stuck her foot in the door and eventually he was obliged to open it again.

“You do look awful,” Eren said.

“I’m fine,” Levi said, staring at his socked feet. He looked miserable.

“Uh-huh. Well, I can’t make you do anything, but our couch gets plenty of sun, and I could make you some soup.”

Levi lifted his head slight. “Homemade?”

“Of course.”

“Come ooon,” Isabel grabbed his arm. “This house is freezing.”

Levi let himself be herded into the back seat of Eren’s car, and he coughed all the way home. Eren was by now a quite used to looking after sick people, and he deputised Isabel to make tea and lemon while he piled blankets on the couch.

Levi kept offering to help and apologising, but eventually Eren got him installed. “Watch whatever you want, but you should probably try and sleep,” he advised, as Levi sipped at the tea, bundled up in the blankets. “The soup’s going to take a while. Can I get you anything?”

Levi shook his head and Eren left him to it. He and Isabel worked in the kitchen for a while, and when he stuck his head into the living room Levi was asleep. It was strange to see him so subdued; Levi was all bark and no bite, Eren understood his prickly, defensive shell, and never tried to coax him out of it. Underneath it all, Eren was sure he was a good kid.

He left the soup on the stove to keep warm, and let Levi sleep, while Isabel eventually found the enforced quiet of the house unbearable and said she was going out with her skateboard.

Eren liked to work from home during summer, so he could spend time with Isabel, so he was in his home office when he heard a soft knock.

Levi was awake.

“Want some soup?” he asked.

“Thank you.”

“You look a bit better. Sit back down and I’ll get you a bowl.”

Levi gave him one of his swift, rare smiles. Eren kept him company while he ate, and made sure he took some medicine afterwards. He tucked him in. Couldn’t help it; the parental instincts had kicked in, and oddly enough Levi didn’t object as Eren arranged the blankets over him and resisted the urge to ruffle his hair.

“There’s more soup if you want it later. You just rest,” Eren said. “The sun’s gone. Do you want the curtains closed?” Levi nodded and he got up to close them.

As he walked out of the darkened room he heard a soft, hoarse voice. “I love you.”

Such a good kid, he thought, and went back to work.

anonymous asked:

do you think id be able to request a Reigisa fic where Nagisa is already coming down with a bad cold, when surprise: their heating goes out in the middle of winter. In the morning, Nagisa just this congested, stuffed up, sneezing mess and Rei is just tagging along trying to help him feel better. If you cant that's totally cool, but if you can thank you so so much !!!!

Nagisa is decidedly, worryingly, quiet on the train that evening. He is wearing more layers than usual over his clothes, his skiers jacket making him look round and doughy, his scarf tucked snugly around his neck. He sniffles softly, his nose a brilliant shade of pink.

“Nagisa-kun, are you all right?”

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Target Acquired


Kyori had been off the job for a week or so to take some R&R even though her down time was training at the gym or going on night patrols. The young woman just could not stay away from doing something around the city. Kyori wasn’t your typical “pro-hero” and she really didn’t try to be. She was comfortable where she was just being a government spy and assassin when necessary. 

This night was like no other. The girl took a stroll around the block sipping a chai tea bundling up in her jacket and scarf. Most would call her silly for walking around at night in the middle of winter but what else was she supposed to do with her free time? Polish her guns and watch TV? No thanks. 

Kyori had made little cat ears form as she tried to get a grasp of what went on around her listening to every little sound until she heard a woman scream and a villain dash out passed her knocking her over in the process. Her chai tea went all over her but that was a small price to pay. Smirking, the girl turned on her heal and dashed after the guy forming into a full cheeta to catch him. The villain tried to shake her off by causing a bit of destruction but it honestly didn’t stop her until he came to a stop grabbing a small child and it’s mother. Kyori stopped and growled backing the villain into a corner. She knew she wouldn’t be able to do anything more with her quirk but maybe if someone else came along, they would. All she had to do was keep him there.