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just another day of malaysians ruining every language they speak for the purpose of punning.

eta: oh good there’s more

You Are What You Eat Part 2

Read Part 1 here. Watch out for the cut.

Rhodey was due to come back every minute now and Tony couldn’t be happier about that.

He was back at the team dinners, just like he had promised Sam, but he couldn’t enjoy it anymore. Tony was aware that Sam was not actually behaving differently towards him, but he still thought every glance Sam threw him was judging.

Sam never brought the food issue up again, and Tony didn’t try to encourage him by actually eating something but he knew that Sam was still worrying about him.

In the meantime, Tony was healthier than ever, because Sam’s love for the Supersoldier(s) seemed to have exploded and now Tony was drenched in love whenever he even came close to Sam.

It hurt, having proof of Sam’s love for someone not him thrown into his face like that, but on the other hand Tony couldn’t help but love him more for it.

Sam’s love was so pure and it was so strong and steady, it just made him more beautiful all around and Tony cursed himself every day he came up for dinner or whenever Sam came down to his workshop.

The food issue had shortly stopped Sam from seeking him out in the workshop, but now everything was back to normal and Sam spent as much time around Tony as he did before.

Tony enjoyed their time together, he really did, especially since he got fed like this all the time, but it also hurt a lot to always see the love surrounding Sam and knowing it wasn’t for him.

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anonymous asked:

Do you ship klance?

uhhhh ye..a… i think…? I dunno, like, I’m not crazy about it. I won’t go through the tag and I won’t go find a fic of them. But if I see them on my dash or they’re included as a minor ship in a fic, I’ll go along with it, ya know?

I want an episode of TMNT 2012 to be where Leo keeps disappearing at night and everyone thinks he’s doing shit with Karai again but in reality, he’s hanging out with that girl who taught him about tea parties. And they’re just having a blast.

give me that fluff please

i see y’all posting your sympathies for iggy azalea over what happened to her and y’all are coddling her and shit and that’s cute and all but i distinctly remember that about a year ago Ciara was going through almost the exact same thing and y’all were so busy making jokes and memes about her and her new  man and “fucking up commas” but it’s whatever i guess…


A Starry Night