tea bracelets

ID #75904

Name: Hazel
Age: 20
Country: Canada

Hello there! My name is Hazel and I currently live in Alberta, Canada. I’ve always loved writing letters and sharing stories with those I meet.

I would prefer snail-mail since I have a great interest in stickers and art. I’ve also developed an interest in film photography. I would love to send you little gifts like pictures, friendship bracelets, tea, and anything else I can fit into an envelope.

I’m going into my 3rd year of music university and my major is voice performance. I love all kinds of music such as: jazz, r&b, kpop, jpop, rock, and classical music (anything really!). I hope that we can share our different interests with one another!

Preferences: I would love to meet people who are close or around my age (17-24). I’ve always wanted to make friends overseas, but I would love to meet people from Canada and USA. I’m hoping to find long term pen-pals who are also understanding and patient when times get busy. I will make sure to give you the same treatment.

Hey guys, a reminder that I’m still selling bracelets! These bracelets are handmade and made-to-order! I use craft string in a variety of colors pictured above! Message me through tumblr messages for example pictures!

3-color diagonal stripe: $3
4-color diagonal stripe: $3.50
5-color diagonal stripe: $4
6-color diagonal stripe: $4.50
7-color diagonal stripe: $5
8-color diagonal stripe: $5.50

2-color chevron: $10
3-color chevron: $11
4-color chevron: $12
5-color chevron: $13

3-color swirl and braids: $5
6-color swirl and braids: $10

3-color zigzag: $9
4-color zigzag: $10
5-color zigzag: $11
6-color zigzag: $12

3-color broken ladder: $10
4-color broken ladder: $11
5-color broken ladder: $12

4-color totem pole: $15

Please spread this around, I can’t set up an Etsy for it because they don’t offer me enough custom options.