tea bags

Witch Tip #1

If you want to incorporate something magical into your bath, but are too tired, low on spoons, etc. to gather ingredients from your cupboard and look up correspondences, use a tea bag or two! Feeling stressed? Throw a chamomile bag in there! Wanna wake up a bit and energize yourself? Lemon ginger is great for that!

I love sweet tea, it’s so refreshing especially on hot days like today where I live. This recipe is so easy and tastes oh so good! Add flavored tea bags for a twist on this classic, or fresh fruit…ENJOY!🍃🍹Stay cool haha!

Tea Roundup #2 - Green Jasmine

State of the lighting in this house today. Christ.

I know I only posted the rose one on Thursday (?) but they won’t be as frequent as all that. I plan to do them every Saturday I was just super late with the rose one. Two bag teas and two loose leaf today. All four were brewed at 75c for 2.5 minutes.

Twinings Jasmine Green
Well, first off, this is a nice green tea. Actually I like the green base they use for this range so much I have almost the entire set. However the Jasmine flavour isn’t very potent unless you overbrew which risks bitterness (this is true of the whole range, if you were wondering). But it is nicely delicate and subtle and refreshing, and you could do worse which leads me to…

Knightsbridge Jasmine Green
This. This is worse. It’s cheaper, and sometimes you get what you pay for. There is a slight bitterness to it even at the right temperature/time. The flavour is stronger than Twinings (shorter brewing time might fix the bitterness but at what cost?) and tastes slightly artificial. By all means it’s not awful, and you get twice as many bags as Twinings for half the price. You win some, you lose some. Not sure you can even get these outside of Lidl supermarkets, though.

Twinings Jasmine Jade Butterfly
Names by someone who’s never seen a butterfly in real life, presumably (seriously guys, that’s a bow. IT’S A BOW). Hand tied little bows of tea from the Yunnan province scented with Jasmine blossoms. The flavour is stronger than the bagged offering, and the tea even more refreshing. Truly a delight.

Basilur Green Ceylon Jasmine Tea
I’ve actually already reviewed this and, much like the rose tea from Thursday’s post, the flavoured tea itself is incredibly potent. So this time around I decided to do a 50-50 split of the flavoured tea and the regular green Ceylon from the bottom tin. Now it’s officially my favourite Jasmine tea. It’s sweeter than the others (likely because it’s a Ceylon base and not Chinese green) and the flavour is (now) at a really good level to blend with it.

Best: Basilur (if you mix the two together)
Don’t bother: Knightsbridge, unless you’re both completely skint and simultaneously desperate for jasmine tea.