tea and glitter



Ah candles, they’re a wonderful tool for magick but they’re messy as hell. And if you’re anything like me you’re going to find melted candle wax on every freaking surface in the house. But you don’t need to leave those little bits and pieces of wax to waste. Scrape it off of your altar/old spell jars and stash the wax in some kind of container. You can then use those multicolored pieces to custom decorate your tea light candles!


Sparkly tea-lights!
All you need is a wax warmer, some plain tea-lights and glitter.

1) Slid wax out of metal base, cut wax - saving the wick and base!
2) Melt color of choice (I use leftovers from other candles)
3) Pour a thin layer - add glitter.
4) Add wick!
5) Repeat pouring and glittering process until close to top. For final layer add a bunch of glitter because glitter ✨

Additionally, charge with intent if desired.
Witch Tip:

Put glitter in your full moon water before charging it to amplify the moons energy. You can change up the color of the glitter to correspond with the specific purpose of the full moon water as well. If the water is meant to be consumable, you can use edible glitter to mix in with potions and teas for a magical effect. Or if you aren’t intending on drinking your water, you can set the intent that every time you shake the jar and watch the glitter swirl around, you are amplifying your psychic abilities.

Venus Aesthetics

Venus in Aries: leather jackets, roses, bold makeup, the tears of their enemies, rapid heartbeats, amusement parks, velvet

Venus in Taurus: succulents, bushy brows, classic hollywood, lace, secret crushes, herbal tea, nude lipsticks

Venus in Gemini: glitter, infectious laughter, bubblegum, cat eye sunglasses, late night adventures, freckles, sunflowers

Venus in Cancer: milky bath bombs, strong perfume, silk, soups, throw blankets, lavender, thunderstorms

Venus in Leo: awards and trophies, dramatic gasps, flower crowns, highlighters, gold eye shadow, crop tops

Venus in Virgo: chamomile tea, hair up in a bun, classic literature, planner journals, cardigans, minimalism

Venus in Libra: rose gold, lace front wigs, pink lipsticks, booties (shoes), art galleries, modern chic fashion

Venus in Scorpio: band tees, dark lipstick, pumpkin spice, murder mysteries, chilly nights, combat boots

Venus in Sagittarius: floppy hats, ripped jeans, spontaneous get-aways, small tattoos, long hair, dimples

Venus in Capricorn: smokey eyes, braids, iced coffee, acrylic nails, indie music, sunsets, witchcraft, business casual

Venus in Aquarius: doll-eyes, astrology, alternative fashion, shooting stars, chipped nail polish, shimmering highlighter, space buns, holographic boots

Venus in Pisces: faux fur, flower petals, baby animals, silky hair, millennial pink, crystals, cherries

I promised a giveaway when I reached 20,000 followers, so here it is!!! A giveaway that caters to beginner witches, and even witches who practice in secret! 

What you could win: 

  • A set of multi-colored chime candles and candle holders OR a pack of LED tea lights
  • A custom made glass glitter pendulum OR a tarot deck
  • A crystal pendant & ball chain (your choice of stone)
  • A wearable spell bottle (your choice of intent)
  • A 5-pack of beginner-friendly herbs
  • A handful of various tumbled crystals
  • Cone incense with censer OR cleansing spray (for those who cannot burn anything in their home)
  • A notebook (can be used as a grimoire, dream journal, whatever you want!)


  • Must be following me @lunaesteria
  • If you follow my instagram (lunaesteria) you’ll earn an extra entry - just message me with a screenshot that you follow me + your username
  • Reblogs count as 1 entry - each blog can enter up to 3 times, and likes do not count
  • *This is not affiliated with Tumblr in any way, shape, or form*
  • Do NOT tag this as “giveaway” or you’ll ruin it for everyone
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter and reside within the US
  • Must be able to provide a name and address for shipping purposes
  • The winner will be chosen via random number generator and contacted privately via Tumblr instant messenger so please make sure you have that enabled
  • If the chosen winner does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be contacted
  • This giveaway has a few options for prizes - candles or LED tealights, pendulum or tarot deck, your choice of crystal pendant, your choice of intent for the wearable spell bottle, and either incense or spray - if you win, please let me know which of these you prefer!
  • That being said, each item will be obtained upon receiving the winner’s preferences - please allow some time for me to receive the items and ship them out to you
  • Ends on August 20th, 2017 at 6pm central time!

“The finest of pleasures are always the unexpected ones.”

A few weeks ago, artist @karilise & I hosted a Night Tea for a small group of incredible ladies! These tea parties are the most wonderful series of events I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in - they offer an escape into a lovely realm of beauty, taste, and delightful conversation!

Kari-Lise outdid herself with a stunning array of wonderful courses and elegant decor, and we built a chandelier of champagne additive viles for creating whimsical drink concoctions! After sorting through hundreds of photographs taken by @roxannawalitzki and I, here is a small selection which captures some of the ephemeral magic of the night!

Dysphoria Bottle

Materials: sigils, salt, Rosemary, incense pieces, tea*, rose petals, peppermint oil, glitter, sugar, lavender, chamomile, daffodil, basil, bay leaf, lemon, lemon rind, funnel, charm**, Himalayan salt, rose quartz.

-Layer of salt for protection
-Layer of daffodil + rose petals as kind of a symbol of non-specified gender
-Silver and gold glitter for moon and sun
-Layer of tea* for comfort
-Sage incense and unburnt match for protection of potential and protection from persecution
-2nd layer of daffodil and rose petals for reinforced qualities such as reminder of worth, reminder of love, etc. (Depends on intention and is optional)
-Salt, basil, bay leaf, lemon, and lemon rind for bodily protection and happiness
-Himalayan pink salt for positivity and peace and for protection of those qualities
-Rose quartz for strength and self love
-Peppermint oil

* tea is catered to the favourite tea of the person the bottle is for, it’s used for an all around emotional, physical, and social comfort agent. coffee or hot chocolate or another calming beverage works, preferably something warm to promote emotional warmth

** Peace of Mind Charm
Burn sigils that are calm, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, self love promoting, or otherwise positive. Roll charm in ashes of the sigils, and rinse with water. Place inside, or tie around the bottle.