tea and food

Divination Professor

Basic Information

Name: Hakkey Oakie

Nicknames: Oaks, K

Age: unknown

Subject they teach: Divination

Era they teach: some

Previous house while at Hogwarts: Hufflepuff

Sexuality: unknown

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Hometown: some island

Patronus: Sheep

Wand: Beech, Unicorn hair core, 14 ½″, very flexible

About them (As a person)

Interests: history, forecasts, weird fashion

Favourite pastime: drinking tea

Favorite food: has no favorite

Favorite drink: tea

Talents: makes weird but somehow true predictions

Strengths: thoughtful, understanding and loving

Weaknesses: very emotional

About them (As a teacher)

Pet peeve: students that doubt predictions

Notable quirks: makes strange gestures

How easily do they get along with other professors?: very well

What makes a good student for them?: giving their best and showing interest