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Spill some cancer tea 👀👀☕

mmmmm think their emotions are the only ones that matter.  so fucking possessive and if ur close to them but are close to anyone else at the same time they will hate them for no apparent reason????  they also love going back to the same damn like 3 people that treat them like absolute trash and then going and bitching to you that they’re being treated bad and sometimes they actually do break up with them but then they go right back to them in like a week like wtf.  also back to thinking their emotions are the only ones that matter they will act so fucking defensive about straight.  up.  everything.  like they will start a fight with you and go fucking ham over nothing but then when u tell them theyre being fucking ridiculous and to calm tf down they like freak out and break down bcos they’re just under so much stress and they’re doing everything they can and everybody just walks all over them and doesn’t appreciate them and some weird shit like wtf bitch u started it???  pisces are known for being victims but cancers have the ultimate victim complexes

Anti-anxiety Herbs

A list of herbs that help reduce stress & anxiety & how to use them. 

Chamomile: Top of the list because it’s my personal favourite. Chamomile is very calming, & also helps calm the nervous system, reducing physical & emotional tensions & helping to soothe, & calm the mind. Chamomile tea is very effective in relieving anxiety, & can also be used in combination with other herbs as an edible oil to take internally for an instant relief. The smell of Chamomile alone is very calming & for these reasons it can also be used in aromatherapy remedies as incense or facial mists. 

Lavender: Lavender is also very soothing & has a slight sedative effect. Use Lavender alone, or in combination with other herbs to place inside a pillow to aid in a restful sleep. Lavender can also be drunk as a tea to provide relief from emotional tensions & anxieties, & aid in soothing the nervous system, relieving physical stress as well. 

Green Tea: Helps by relieving heart rate, & blood pressure, & cleans & detoxifies the blood at the same time. Provides mental clarity & reduces anxiety whilst improving focus, preventing one from becoming lethargic. Note that green tea does contain caffeine so it may not work for everyone in the same way. 

Hops: Used in sleep pillows, & edible anti-anxiety oils & tinctures. Hops has mild sedative effects.

Valerian: Valerian is a strong sedative herb & can help promote a deep, restful sleep. It produces an unpleasant smell, so is usually taken as a supplement or tincture, but can also be used in combination with other fragrant herbs to drink as tea.Valerian has such strong sedative effects that it is advised only taking this herb in the evening, before bed. A good aid for insomniacs. 

Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm has been used since the middle ages to help reduce stress & anxiety. It is useful in promoting both a calm, & more alert state of mind. Commonly taken as a tea, tincture, or capsule supplement. 

Passionflower: Passionflower has mild sedative properties & helps soothe & calm the nervous system & relieve anxiety. It is also a great aid for insomnia. 

Licorice Root: Helps by stimulating relaxing chemicals in the brain, it helps one in dealing with general stress. Soothes & calms the nervous system. Most commonly drunk in combination with other herbs as a tea, & used in sleep pillows. 

Note: All of these herbs can be used in herbal sachets & other magickal charms to relieve stress & anxiety. 

Remember these are only herbal suggestions, NOT prescribed medicine, if you are already on medication, ask your doctor if it’s ok to use some of these herbs internally as some come can react with medication. Do not take too many sedative supplements at once & consult your doctor before internal use of any herbal supplements if you are pregnant. 


I’ll fight the binch that tells me this isn’t the greatest Clexa video ever made..I got long arms and tiny hands but come at me..

This is a close second. Like 0.00043504 close.

I can never make it through Leksa Kom Trikru 

“I’m happy for him, you know?”

She whispers to the stars one night.

“I mean sure, I wanted it to be us in the end. I’ve thought that with quite a few people-”

“But now that I see him with her, I think I understand.”

She closes her eyes.

“Love is wanting him to be happy” she simply says. “Even if that happiness is not with me.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #120
Becoming Close With Credence Barebone Would Include  :

· Meeting him at a NSPS rally 

· Taking his leaflets even though you were a wizard

· You initiating the conversation with him first since you found him interesting and he was too shy to start the conversation

· Him apologizing whenever you made a joke thinking you were making fun of him

· You telling him that you would never make fun of him countless times sincerely

· Your first ‘date’ being small tea shop far away from the NSPS rally so Mary Lou wouldn’t see him 

· Him admitting he had never had tea before that day

· You inviting him over but him declining every time because he didn’t want Mary Lou to find out that he was going out

· Him offering to walk you home so nothing happens to you when its dark

· Hearing a knock on your door very late the night he walked you home to find him standing there with his head down squeezing his hands together tightly

· Inviting him in while he apologized multiple times for stopping by so late

· Healing his wounds and making him tea (Tea becoming something you always made for him since he was deprived of it before he met you)

· Holding him while he cried and talked about his life with Mary Lou

· Telling him about being a wizard and him being grateful that you trusted him enough to tell him something so big

· Talking to him about magic and showing him tricks that entertained and soothed him

· Finding out he was talking to Graves and trying to convince him that Graves was not trying to help him, but was only using him

· Him begging you for help after he killed Mary Lou and went Obscurial 

· Comforting him and calming him down

· Expressing how much you wanted to kill Graves for hurting Credence, then having Credence tell you that he deserved everything Graves did/said to him

· Telling him how much he didn’t deserve getting hurt like that and how much you cared for him

· Helping him control his magic 

· Him living with you after Mary Lou died

· Late night cuddles after all of his nightmares (which occurred regularly)

· Noticing his craving for physical contact after being deprived of positive contact for so long

· Eventually just deciding to share a room at least until he stopped having nightmares and being afraid of sleeping alone

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Sometimes I think about how Derek Hale sleeps. Does he get nights where the nightmares don’t come? Are they so rare that when he doesn’t dream he’s half convinced, just for a moment, the fire didn’t happen before waking up? What hurts more, the slow realisation as he fully wakens he’ll never see his family again or dreaming of the flames that engulfed them?

Sometimes I think about Derek Hale watching Stiles sleep. Does he find peace in it? Does he feel guilty because Stiles has nightmares too and it makes him feel better, less alone, knowing he’s not the only one who is broken? Does he hate the way he’s able to comfort Stiles, just by holding him, counting with him, when nothing Stiles does or says takes away the bile in his throat - the need to run - when the nightmares come calling? 

Sometimes I think about how Stiles holds Derek when they sleep and how Derek shakes, trying to think of a way to tell Stiles thank you, thank you for just staying, but he never finds a way, can only let himself be held, hoping it’s enough.

Sometimes I think about Stiles holding Derek, trying to find away to say, thank you for letting me hold you because no one, no-one has ever let Stiles love them quite like this. No one has ever given Stiles something as precious and vulnerable as Derek has. No one has ever quite trusted Stiles like Derek Hale does, letting him hold him in the dead of night, where demons are at their most dangerous. 

Sometimes I think about how this, for the longest time, is their I love you. They aren’t even together, maybe, and maybe they don’t know what they want or what will happen in the future. Maybe they don’t even think about the future. All they know is that, after everything, they trust each other - they trust each other with things they trust no one else with, can trust no one else with - and it’s the biggest and most scary thing in the world sometimes but, god, do they cling to it. Boy, do they ever cling to it. 

I still cry at A Study in Pink when this happens:
  • Sherlock: if you'd been murdered, in your very last few seconds what would you say?
  • John: Please God let me live.
  • Sherlock: Oh use your imagination!
  • John: I don't have to.

After watching the Mentalist:

  • Jane doesn’t sound like a girl’s name to you anymore
  • Seeing doodles of smiley faces at random places gives you the creeps
  • You cannot hear Lisbon and think of the city as a first reaction
  • When in public, you might try to guess at the life of random strangers based on what they’re wearing and the things they carry
  • You’ve searched for every jisbon fanfic that exists
  • You know there is no such thing as psychics and you’ll defend your case whenever challenged
  • You cannot have daily interactions with people without internally analyzing their code behavior
  • You’ve become a tea enthusiast
  • You get emotional over cups
  • You’re wiser

Balanced and kind-hearted, a Pisces do enjoy their coffee and will get something like a mocha, but they will often prefer a choice of tea. It enhances their emotions and personality and some spices like a chai variation will be the go to item for their intuitive nature. They like going for something comforting and something they can relax to and calm their sensitive nature.