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Imagine Natasha buying Steve his first boba drink and not warning him ahead of time.

Steve swings his front door open without looking through the peephole. He can tell who it is just by the knock alone.

“Hey stranger,” Natasha says, one side of her mouth lifting into a grin.

“Hey yourself,” Steve folds his arms across his chest. He hasn’t seen Natasha since everything went down, since she let Steve and Bucky escape. “Been awhile.”

“You gonna invite me in? I brought drinks.” Steve can tell she’s forcing herself to pretend like it hasn’t been years since they last spoke. She’s doing a pretty good job of it. If Steve closed his eyes, he could pretend she was asking to come hang out with him in his room at the Avengers compound.

Her hair’s tied up into a ponytail on the top of her head. She’s wearing a simple pair of jeans and a tee shirt, somehow still making herself both completely disguised and the most gorgeous person in the room. She pats the spot next to her on Steve’s couch and he goes easy without question.

“You been okay?” She asks. She reaches one of her tiny hands and places it on top of Steve’s.

“I’ve missed you, but yeah, I’ve been okay.”

She smiles, says, “Good. Now try your drink. It’s something I meant to bring you back when we lived in Washington. I never did get the chance to.”

Steve just looks at her, noticing all the cracks in her facade, all the love and guilt in her heart shining brightly through. She signals for him to try the drink with a wave of her hand and somehow, he manages to tear his eyes away from her enough to do so.

It doesn’t end well.

“What was that?” Steve sputters. He thinks he just inhaled a marble.

She’s laughing, “It’s a boba drink. You can chew them.” She takes a sip of her drink and shows Steve the little ball stuck between her teeth.

Steve tries again, it turns out much better. He makes a pleased hum. “That’s actually really good.”

“What would you ever do without me, huh?” Steve knows what that means. It means, ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ It means, ‘I’m back.’

Steve leans down and gives her a big, wet kiss on the cheek. It’s real dramatic and sloppy. Nat groans and pushes him off. They’re both grinning at each other. “I don’t want to ever find out.” Steve takes another sip of his boba drink, promptly choking once again.

Anti-anxiety Herbs

A list of herbs that help reduce stress & anxiety & how to use them. 

Chamomile: Top of the list because it’s my personal favourite. Chamomile is very calming, & also helps calm the nervous system, reducing physical & emotional tensions & helping to soothe, & calm the mind. Chamomile tea is very effective in relieving anxiety, & can also be used in combination with other herbs as an edible oil to take internally for an instant relief. The smell of Chamomile alone is very calming & for these reasons it can also be used in aromatherapy remedies as incense or facial mists. 

Lavender: Lavender is also very soothing & has a slight sedative effect. Use Lavender alone, or in combination with other herbs to place inside a pillow to aid in a restful sleep. Lavender can also be drunk as a tea to provide relief from emotional tensions & anxieties, & aid in soothing the nervous system, relieving physical stress as well. 

Green Tea: Helps by relieving heart rate, & blood pressure, & cleans & detoxifies the blood at the same time. Provides mental clarity & reduces anxiety whilst improving focus, preventing one from becoming lethargic. Note that green tea does contain small amounts of caffeine so it may not work for everyone in the same way. 

Hops: Used in sleep pillows, & edible anti-anxiety oils & tinctures. Hops has mild sedative effects.

Valerian: Valerian is a strong sedative herb & can help promote a deep, restful sleep. It produces an unpleasant smell, so is usually taken as a supplement or tincture, but can also be used in combination with other fragrant herbs to drink as tea.Valerian has such strong sedative effects that it is advised only taking this herb in the evening, before bed. A good aid for insomniacs. 

Lemon Balm: Lemon Balm has been used since the middle ages to help reduce stress & anxiety. It is useful in promoting both a calm, & more alert state of mind. Commonly taken as a tea, tincture, or capsule supplement. 

Passionflower: Passionflower has mild sedative properties & helps soothe & calm the nervous system & relieve anxiety. It is also a great aid for insomnia. 

Licorice Root: Helps by stimulating relaxing chemicals in the brain, it helps one in dealing with general stress. Soothes & calms the nervous system. Most commonly drunk in combination with other herbs as a tea, & used in sleep pillows. 

Note: All of these herbs can be used in herbal sachets & other magickal charms to relieve stress & anxiety. 

Remember these are only herbal suggestions, NOT prescribed medicine, if you are already on medication, ask your doctor if it’s ok to use some of these herbs internally as some come can react with medication. Do not take too many sedative supplements at once & consult your doctor before internal use of any herbal supplements if you are pregnant. 

I think that the significance of this shot, showing Kakyoin waking up, is both him realizing that he just technically had a sleepover (likely his first) at a friend’s house, and realizing that he has people that care about his general well being. He’s in a nicely prepared room, with what appears to be a cup pitcher of water and a note (?) behind him.

His forehead is carefully bandaged, and his earrings are neatly put away as well.

I’m sure after months of Dio controlling and invading his thoughts, it’s a nice respite for him to just be able to lie in silence and contemplate the events of the previous day.

It’s a really subtle addition, but I’m really glad DavidPro decided to put something like this in, because you can only really appreciate it after learning Kakyoin’s backstory.

“I’m happy for him, you know?”

She whispers to the stars one night.

“I mean sure, I wanted it to be us in the end. I’ve thought that with quite a few people-”

“But now that I see him with her, I think I understand.”

She closes her eyes.

“Love is wanting him to be happy” she simply says. “Even if that happiness is not with me.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #120

After I heard that, I relaxed… I thought to myself, “I can live!” But… this is a lie. I won’t forgive myself. There is nothing that can be more insulting than this… it’s just unforgivable… I curse myself for kneeling to DIO! Because of Jotaro, I decided to join this journey to seek change and redemption. I won’t be the same Kakyoin again, D'Arby! That’s why I will wager my soul here!

After watching the Mentalist:

  • Jane doesn’t sound like a girl’s name to you anymore
  • Seeing doodles of smiley faces at random places gives you the creeps
  • You cannot hear Lisbon and think of the city as a first reaction
  • When in public, you might try to guess at the life of random strangers based on what they’re wearing and the things they carry
  • You’ve searched for every jisbon fanfic that exists
  • You know there is no such thing as psychics and you’ll defend your case whenever challenged
  • You cannot have daily interactions with people without internally analyzing their code behavior
  • You’ve become a tea enthusiast
  • You get emotional over cups
  • You’re wiser
Interrogation Room (revised)

How can you look at someone
And be disgusted
Because they’re different
How can you make laws
That forbid someone’s love for another
Because you don’t know how to cope with
Your goddamn flawed system
How can you say
That “it’s for the good of the economy”
When you only help the ones
Who already know how to help themselves
Why would you repeat bloodstained history
For the sake of being greedy
Why is your religion
Superior to everyone else’s
Yes, you’re the government
But you don’t own the babies inside women
What right do you have to abuse your power
And trample every blooming, protesting flower
You’re hosting quite the party
Much be such a sadistic delight
To sip your secret agenda tea
And chat conservatively
What makes you think
That you can ignore the Constitution
And only cite it
When it sends you its best wishes
We the people
Have the responsibility
Of reminding you of it
Of your task to respect interests
That keep our world alive
We the people
Need to take the “I” out of divided
And work together to be united