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Things have been crazy lately so I just wanted to take a moment and remind you to love yourself because you are important!  No matter who you are or where you come from! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

I decided to make a step by step “How-to Jenny’s Witchy Brew” for Self Love ~ Rose Soy Milk Tea <3

Things you will need:

-Rose Tea: I get mine at 99 Ranch Market but it’s essentially just dried rose hips so if you have rose hips that you can dry out, that will work too! You will want to use 6-8 rose buds, the more you add the stronger the flavor!

-Organic Soy Milk: This can be regular milk or almond milk, I prefer unsweetened organic soy milk. If you decide to use soy make sure it’s organic! Brands such as ‘Silk’ isn’t good, even if they claim it’s organic, for some reason it burns and wont cook right. It’s gotta be the real deal! For this recipe you only need 1 cup.

-Honey: Any kind of organic honey will do, if you have herbal honey that’s even better for adding more florals to your tea! I usually add about 2-3 teaspoons, but feel free to add to taste!

-Cinnamon & Nutmeg: This is optional! I like to add just a pinch of both spices to add a little kick to my tea. If you don’t care for spice try ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract instead!

-Sugar: This is also optional, I like my tea to be a little on the sweet side & since we are using organic unsweetened soy milk it helps to really sweeten it up! I only use barely a ½ teaspoon,  but just add to taste!

-Small Pot

-Mesh Strainer: For removing the flowers once it’s cooked.

-Your Favorite Mug! Mine is a black mug with my astrological sign gold leafed into it!

Before starting, take a moment to close your eyes, clear your mind, breathe deeply through your nose and slowly release through your mouth (do this a few times). Visualize letting go of any negativity or weight you may be carrying on your shoulders…now…


1- Pour soy milk into pot, turn heat on low

2- Add rose tea, gently crumble a couple of the buds

3- Add cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar

4- Add desired amount of honey; while you slowly drizzle it in feel free to draw symbols with it such as hearts or infinity symbols- whatever you feel is right for helping to instill your manifestations of self love into your tea!

5- Stir your brew clockwise! While slowly stirring visualize the self love that this tea will bring you & say some positive affirmations about yourself such as:

“I love the person I am, I am strong & caring, I am creative, I am beautiful inside and out…” say whatever best suits your needs for self love and take a moment to appreciate the wonderful person you are! <3

6- Let your tea brew for approximately 10 minutes on low stirring occasionally to prevent scorching. DON’T LET IT BOIL! You want to create an infusion of the flowers which means a longer slower heating process. Boiling will mean scorching the flowers and milk!

7- You’ll notice the rose buds will begin to loose their color, remove your brew from the heat to let it cool and allow the tea to steep for about 3 minutes.

8- Remove roses with mesh strainer and compost.

As you drink, visualize your tea as a pink white healing light of love and remember your affirmations taking deep breaths in-between each sip! <3

I hope you all enjoyed this & that your tea was delicious & full of positive energy! Feel free to try making this with other flowers which have different properties such as: lavender & chamomile for happiness and relaxation!

Much Love <3

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You are a queen. Buy yourself that dress, or that lingerie you think you can’t show off to anybody. Parade around your house and love yourself in it. Drink expensive tea, buy yourself flowers, love yourself the way only you can because you are the most important person in the world.

anonymous asked:

Jaehee and an MC who loves tea and hates coffee? It seems interesting... (love your headcanons by the way)

I like this idea, thank you so much!

Sorry this is kinda short, hope it’s okay


  • She honestly doesn’t care. 
  • She has her interests and MC has theirs and it’s not as though Jaehee dislikes tea or anything 
  • She obviously knows more about coffee than tea, but she learns to make tea, especially MC’s favorite kinds and will make them for MC when they were on a break at work or when they were at home, watching Zen’s musicals 
  • She definitely asks MC’s opinions whenever they get a new type of tea in at the shop because they’re the go to for tea

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a part of the art club and I may or may not have dropped a full paint can on the ground while I was walking to the theatre yesterday, I tried to clean it up the best I could but it started to dry on the floor so I ran. Today I saw that part of the halls was closed off because the janitor had to clean it. I feel really bad and I really want to apologize for making a huge mess, is there anyway I could make it up to him?

Don’t worry dear student, although the Janitor did have somewhat of a tough time (it is paint), it’s not impossible! Plus, I’m sure you trying to clean it to the best of your ability helped him out in the long run. 

Of course, confessing and apologizing to him is more than enough, might I suggest dropping by with some bubble tea? I heard he loves the thing and even gets all giddy and giggly for it. Kinda hard to believe if you ask me but that’s what I heard~

Also, might I suggest not running away next time and instead of finding the Janitor to confess and possibly help him? I would think it’s better for the Janitor to hear of the mess from you rather than randomly finding the spill in the halls


anonymous asked:

What do you make of David refusing to answer the question "who are your top five"? at his HOHW panel in Seattle? He said it was 'private' and named his top 5 boys instead! My first impression was because he doesn't want to have to name Gillian. If that's the case how is he going to survive this talk show this thursday? 🤔🤔😥

Honestly, I still cannot understand why he agreed to do this show. I just don’t get it. David is a very private guy, he hates questions about his private life. And this interview from Seattle shows exactly that. 

I don’t know much about WWHL as I watched it only once, with Gillian, but people say that you can request for not asking particular questions. I bet, that his kids, marriage to Tea and his present love life *Gillian* will be on that list (but there is also many other things which happened in his life he wouldn’t like to talk about). On the other hand, Gillian didn’t take advantage of it. She did something entirely different and prepared for the question and just didn’t answer. But she was also lucky because Andy fucked this up a little ;)

If David gets the question about Gillian, honestly I have no idea what will happen. I presume that he will lie. Or he will act like Gillian did. But this is interesting that we actually never saw how David reacts to those questions in front of the camera. It happened only to Gillian and the first time it was a disaster :D

So, I don’t know. I just cannot imagine how he and we will survive this show. It will be 5am in my country and I will be so nervous I’ll probably not go sleep at all and will be a zombie the next day at work…

xenoshadel  asked:

22, 24, 57, 144, 145, 148? :)

Ask Meme

thanks ;u;

22. Where would you like to travel? 

no where tbh… im too scared to go anywhere, but… well, on second thought i suppose id like to visit @technicalcakemix and his wife. theyre my best friends.

24. Favorite part of your daily routine?

mmm… roleplaying, but i really would kill for a maribelle or gaius rp partner…

57. Favourite food?

chicken wings! pizza… greek food… too many

144. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

milk chocolate, i dont like the other two

145. Tea or Coffee?

i love both! tea helps me calm down from anxiety attacks, though. coffee just tastes good.

148. What’s your favourite quote?

i hate him so much hghgghghghgkjkjllydrs