Mark the 20th anniversary of Springfield’s Film Fest with a bunch of Criterion covers

“A Star Is Burns,” The Simpsons episode where Springfield throws a film festival and The Critic stops by, first aired 20 years ago yesterday. Yes, it’s been two decades of “agh! my groin,” “don’t cry for me, I’m already dead,” and “boo-urns.” To honor the occasion, Christian Lynch has created Criterion covers for each of the featured films in the festival’s short docket.

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Ellie Kemper busts (adorable) moves on TODAY

The always hilarious Ellie Kemper stopped by TODAY to talk about her amazing new show (created by TINA FEY), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Of course, Ellie couldn’t say goodbye without breaking it down.

The running man?

The sprinkler!

Who wants to go shopping?

Bringin’ it around town with AL ROKER!

Thanks for stopping by, Ellie! We hope to see you again soon.