“Know Who You Are” Spell Jar

For a broken heart from a bad relationship and break up. Inspired by the song from Disney’s Moana.

What You’ll Need

  • A red and pink candle
  • Sage
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla (extract or plant)
  • Sea salt and/or Himalayan pink salt 
  • Salt water or waning crescent moon water
  • Olive shell
  • Beach or river sand
  • Something to crush the shell and muddle your herbs
  • A small container
  • A small bowl
  • The song “Know Who You Are”

What To Do

  • Light the candles.
  • Crush your olive shell into pieces.
  • Muddle your herbs into one big mixture.
  • Take the sand and put it in your bowl and after put the crushed fragments on top.
  • Then take the herbs and put them on top of the sand and crushed shell and sprinkle the herbs with the salt you have chosen.
  • Pour the water over the sand, shell, herbs, and salt.
  • Start the song.
  • Drip the red wax over the bowl into the water and sing “ I know your name. They may have stolen the heart from inside you…”
  • Drip the pink wax over the bowl now and sing “But this does not define you. This is not who you are. You know who you are.”
  • (If for you) Release any tears you may have, breathe, let your heart break flow out.
  • Take the contents of the bowl and put them into the container and seal it after the song.
  • (optional) Kiss the container. Kisses contain love.
  • Carry it around in case you ever feel that heart break pop again or give it to the person as a gift.
Significas mucho para mi, pero no sé qué significas.
Causas mucho en mi, pero no sé que haces.
No sé cómo me enamoré de ti, pero te amo.
Me haces sentir como nadie y no sé porqué.
No dejo de pensar en ti y ni siquiera te he visto.
—  Giorgiano Alfaro Mansilla
Ho sempre desiderato te, con i tuoi difetti, i tuoi sogni, le tue paure. Ho sempre voluto te, ti cercavo ovununque, nei sogni, nella realtà. Te, semplicemente te perchè nessuno era alla tua altezza.
—  ilragazzodalsorrisomaledetto