— ♔  ❛ (  THEY COULD SET THIS WORLD ON FIRE AND CALL IT RAIN; a calore family’s aesthetic )

i tried to hold these ( s e c r e t s ) inside me. my mind is like a deadly disease. i’m BIGGER than my body, i’m ( c o l d e r ) than this home, i’m meaner than my demons, i’m bigger than these bones. and all the kids CRIED out: “please stop, you’re scaring me!”. i can’t help, this AWFUL energy!! goddamn right, you should be { s c a r e d } of me. who is in C O N T R O L??

shineyma asked:

“You always did look good in red.” for Jemma/Hive, please!

So first of all this is the fic I came home wanting to write and it just worked super well with this. And also I am headcanoning it takes place in the same universe as this SUPER HEARTBREAKING GIFSET of yours.

Her heart’s pounding, near fit to burst out of her chest. Her fear of him is too much for her to keep her eyes on him; she stumbles over her own feet, searching over her shoulder for an escape, but the dark hallway offers none. She is aware of him though, enough that she knows when he’s stopped in his pursuit of her.

“You always did look good in red,” he all but purrs. 

Her head whips around and she barely notes the distance between them before she’s looking down to see that her jacket really is-

The pounding stops. Everything goes very still and very quiet. She feels like she’s in that sandstorm again, at the point where the wind grew so loud and continuous around her that her mind naturally cut it out, treated it as unimportant white noise.

Her jacket is red.

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Letícia Lima, Rodrigo Simas e Rafael Vitti participam de ‘Totalmente Sem Noção Demais’

Spin-off terá 10 capítulos exclusivos com parte do elenco do Bairro de Fátima

Inovando do início ao fim, Totalmente Demais termina nesta segunda-feira, 30/5, reprisa no 'Vale a Pena Ver de Novo’ no dia seguinte e logo em seguida ganha o spin-off 'Totalmente Sem Noção Demais’, com parte do elenco do Bairro de Fátima em 10 episódios exclusivos. O conteúdo será exibido no Globo Play, plataforma de vídeo on demand da Globo, e no Gshow. O primeiro capítulo será vai ao ar no dia 31.

Além de Hugo (Orã Figueiredo), Cassandra (Juliana Paiva), Débora (Olívia Torres), Zé Pedro (Hélio De la Peña) e Dorinha (Samantha Schmütz), o público poderá conferir as participações de atores como Rodrigo Simas, Rafael Vitti e Letícia Lima.