I love how matt was running about that building with jess’ scarf wrapped around his head jumping over obstacles and running past the staff and up the stairs looking suspicious af and meanwhile jessica just took the goddamn elevator like a normal person would

matt fighting his way through all those people to get to talk to elektra first and help her remember

‘this is not who you are’

‘you died in my arms, i held you in my arms’

‘i can help you, your name’s elektra, you are elektra.’

he reached out to her and she almost let him caress her fucking face, while she was brainwashed or w/e

after the first real encounter matt couldnt even fucking move because he was so shook bye

elektra going to matt’s place and finding comfort and peace in his bed

her dreaming about a life with him 

‘i like it here, back with you

‘his name is matthew’

‘i lost you once, i wont again, i know i loved you

‘there is goodness in you, i know, i felt it’

the fucking kiss before everything crashed and burned

‘you know we’re gonna die here?’

‘no this is what living feels like.’


You okay?
Mind if I tell you something?

[caption: ten gifs of Matt Murdock and a teenager named Aaron from Marvel’s The Defenders. 1. Matt fiddling with his cane saying “That money’s really gonna help your parents”. 2. Matt shakes his head, pointing to Aaron, Matt says “But for you, from here on out it’s only gonna get harder, Aaron.” 3. Aaron looks sad and Matt continues speaking “You realize that you’re only at mile one of this marathon, right? Everybody’s gonna tell you how to feel.” 4. Aaron looks more upset, Matt goes on saying, “Doctors are gonna tell you to stay positive. Your family’s gonna tell you not to feel sorry for yourself. Your therapist is going to tell you not to get angry.” 5. Aaron looks up at Matt sharply. “I’m already angry,” he says. Matt looks unsurprised and asks, “At who?” 6. Aaron looks away and says, “Everyone. I want my life back.” 7. Matt gives a slight smile and shakes his head saying, “They can’t give you that. Maybe you’ll walk again. I hope so. But maybe you won’t.” 8. Aaron looks up at Matt and starts to cry as Matt tells him, “But your ability to get through it as this gets harder, that is a hundred times more powerful than slapping a smile on your face and pretending like everything’s just fine.” 9. “Do you understand?” Matt asks, and Aaron nods, looking backup at Matt. 10. Matt reaches out and puts his hand on Aaron’s shoulder as Aaron wipes away his tears. Matt says, “Hey, listen. No one can give you your life back, Aaron. You have to take it back.” Aaron takes a deep breath and nods.]


Yehyeon singing as part of the Tonggam Chorus in an event for the eradication of child sexual abuse.

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I know it's obvious the only reason why jessluke isn't canon anymore and claire/luke is a thing is bc it would be too hard for krysten and mike to be on jessica jones, luke cage, and defenders which is understandable, but ughh after watching them in defenders ( especially the finale ) i really want them to be canon again

SAME I’M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU BUDDY!!! I’m currently on ep 4 and I’m already dying because I swear those two invented chemistry and their interactions are GOLD and ya know we could have had IT ALL !!!! (also I keep thinking about the ‘you’re the first person I ever pictured a future with’ line and UGH) their future might me uncertain but I’m gonna ship them until I fucking die that’s for damn sure :D