Black Trump - They Love Me

Black Trump drops a new track with lyrics pulled verbatim from actual Donald Trump quotes.

How long has it been….

Yes I realise it’s been far too long since I’ve posted anything Courn/Gwourtney related but this is an idea I’ve had for AWHILE, and. Last night managed to finished
What do you think is it time Courtney traded for a new goth Girlfriend ?😉

I just wanted to show I’m still drawing ✨


My most popular Bethyl video, in terms of views, anyway. Throwback to S4. Song is Follow You Down by Shinedown. :D

Imagine Beth offhandedly mentioning to Daryl how she misses listening to a certain musician and the next time Daryl’s on a run he goes to every music store he can to try find a few CDs for her

A few days later she mentions something about wanting some scented candles and Daryl nonchalantly produces a range of different flavour candles from his bag for her when he returns from a run the next day

Beth starts wondering if it’s just her imagination or if Daryl Dixon is trying really hard to please her

She casually drops into conversation next time she sees him how much she loves purple teddy bears

Sure enough Daryl turns up with thirteen different bears and trying to play it off like he just happened to come across them while scavenging a bloody library

Beth keeps bringing up her love of the most obscure thing she can think of whenever she and Daryl are together and every single time he’ll manage to find it like its nothing

He just really loves the way her eyes light up when he gives her whatever it is and has to stop himself from staring at her face because she’s so beautiful when she’s happy

Eventually Beth runs out of ideas and by this time Daryl’s caught onto the joke and started bring a pen and paper for her to write down whatever she wants

So Beth just takes the paper and writes ‘I just want you to kiss me you giant dork’ and hands it back to him

Daryl just stares at it for a moment before his face splits into a giant grin and he wraps his arms around her waist and whispers in her ear how he wishes she’d just asked for that in the beginning

Beth Greene had never been kissed so passionately before that moment