Why Bethyl has and will always have my heart

Bethyl was not a ship born from sexual tension needing to be relieved between two lonely lonely people who’ve just lost everything.
It’s a man who has a three thousand foot barricade surrounding himself, with barbed wire lining the tops. A man with a broken background, who’s just lost the home he’d come to know with a family that needed and loved him, and living with the fact he had to be the one to put his brother down.
It’s a girl who’s lost the family she’d grown up with, watched her father be brutally murdered in front of her, possibly lost her older sister, and the new family she’s come to be a part of and love. It’s an 18 year old girl that knows nothing about surviving on her own, and chances of survival are low.
It’s a pairing of people that was unexpected.
The girl with hope and the man who’s lost it all.
Daryl broke down, let his walls fall, allowed Beth to see how hurt he was. And she comforted him, and he let her.
They were vulnerable, and that is the best form of intimacy.
Daryl was teaching Beth how to track, he let her use his crossbow, he was letting her in, teaching her what he knew.
She changed his mind set, that there is still good people.
The looks shared between them at the funeral home was like watching someone fall in love for the first time, and not understand what they were feeling, or how to act.
It was watching this broken man who’d lost everything along with his hope, start to see that there still might be some hope left in him.
If Daryl didn’t love Beth in his own way, he wouldn’t have gone after her when she was taken, or again when he saw the car with C@rol. He would not have killed Dawn immediately after Beth fell bloody. He would not have been mourning her three weeks after GMH, to the point of being numb, and would not allow himself to ‘feel it’ as C@rol put it, and in order to feel something he burned himself, and at the same time let his pain out. He wouldn’t still carry her knife. Beth would not have had such an impact on him, to where everything Daryl is doing is to help people, and bring them into Alexandria, as to where other members of the family think they should keep the gates closed.
It was not a relationship headed for pleasure. It was a relationship where each others presence was enough for the both of them, where they each knew they’d have someone to back them, to protect them if needed, and be there when they felt as if everything was falling apart.
Bethyl will always have my heart because it was two unexpected people together that could be vulnerable with each other, and find hope even after everything for them had fallen to pieces. There was a different form of intimacy shared between them, that didn’t need to involve touching or late night kisses (though can be fun to write about lmao) it was innocent and beautiful.
I’d also like to add that I liked Beth long before the prison fell, (Cause I dont want to hear about how the only reason I want Beth to come back is for Daryl) I would have loved to see what type of relationship would have happened between her and Carl, and lil Judith, and where she would have fit in at Alexandira.
Still hoping our TD theories are right and she’ll be back soon enough👌

I mean I would be upset about Emily being on a new show but 1. GET DA $$$$ GIRL and 2. Beth is alive so.

It literally changes nothing for me. Remember all the stuff she shot that we stiiiiill haven’t seen? Don’t panic. Cool as a cucumber over here.


I wrote this last night and it was late, so it’s long and rambling with few pictures (cuz that would have made it longer). But people were having full-on meltdowns about this, so I felt like it needed to be addressed. 😊

lmao y'all know the thing EW did with the dead characters from the show? This line is in Emily’s part: “but Beth isn’t totally dead to the actress.” LOOOOOL. it means nothing but I couldn’t help but laugh.