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So I just realized.

In both Island and World Tour, the main antagonist manipulates a dumber contestant into doing stuff for them. Heather with Lindsay, and Alejandro with Tyler.

But the funny thing is, the two antagonists in question are in a relationship and the two dumb ones are also.

Add this was worth pointing out.

STAR WARS Total Drama AU

-Cody as Luke

-Heather as Leia

-Alejandro as Han

-Tyler as Chewi

-Cody initially annoys Heather and Alejandro but they become like siblings

-Heather and Alejandro fall for eatch other

-Heather is also force sensitive

-Chris wants to use her and Cody to replace
Darth Chef beacuse he starts to ask about his salary

-Also why he betrays him in the end

-Alejandro was part of a noble family,but they loved his brothers and didn’t care about him

-So he left and became the best smuggler in the galaxy

-He met Tylet some years later when he saved him from slavery

-Harold is C3PO

-He annoys everybody

-R2 is R2

-Heather struggles to not fall the temptetion of the dark side

-Max is a wannabe Sith Lord

-Scarlet is his"minion” that turns out is a real Sith.

-Duncan is a rebel spy

-He meets Courtney on a mission

- She is one of the Generals of the Death Star

- Justin and Lindsay are models

-Beth and Staci are farmers

-Scott is a scavenger

-Leshawna and Trent work at a cantina as singer and dancer

-Anne Maria is a princess that wants Mike’s ass

-Zoey is rebel commander

-Sam and B helped build the Death Star

-Siera is one of the Emperor’s hands that is assigned to capture Heather and Cody

-But she falls for him so she joins the rebellion

-Blainley leads the rebelion

-But is eventually replaced with Geoff and Bridgette.

-Cameron is one of the rebel strategists

-Noah is strategist of the empire

-Dawn is a protector of the Jedi Temple

-She’s not a Jedi,but she has such a powerful bond with the force that she can see into the future

I have some other ideeas for this but I won’t say all of them.
So what do you think?
I’m planning o starting writing this soon but first I want to see what you think.


This is the show that got me into writing…like the failure of a mock Total Drama parody and a blog dedicated to the show were what got me to who I am today.


I see a lot of artists in the TD fandom portray Alejandro in the robot the way he is on the left, sitting comfortably with his knees to his chest. This might just be for artistic liberty, but it really downplays the situation Alejandro was in. In reality, he’s shown to be in the robot in the position shown on the right. His legs were stuck like that for over a year. No wonder they were in such bad shape.