Of course I watched the end credits and I found an interesting character:

He is making the amulet that Runaan is wearing in that same episode:

And then in the credits of the episode where Runaan is coined…

Now I’m not saying something, but…

  • Runaan: [walks by wearing pink]
  • Whetstone elf: Oh My Gosh.
  • Female elf: Runaan's wearing pink! Runaan is wearing pink!
  • Whetstone elf: Are we sure it's not just a white shirt that's been bloodied in a knife fight?
  • Purple elf: Maybe it wasn't him. Maybe he has a twinbrotherr.
  • Rayla: If Runaan had a twin, he would have eaten him in the womb.
  • Purple elf: Wait, how come none of you made fun of him?
  • Castillo: It's Runaan. He's scary.
  • Purple elf: You guys are unbelievable! I once wore a tie with a spot of blue and you guys called me Mr. Grapes for years!
  • Whetstone elf, jeering: I had forgotten about Mr. Grapes.
  • Purple elf: If I had worn a pink shirt, you guys would have torn me to shreds!
  • Whetstone elf: Yeah, but you look like a short My Little Pony.
  • Runaan, walking back into room: What are you all laughing at?
  • Whetstone: The thought of Purple wearing a pink shirt.
  • Runaan: I get it, that's hilarious.
  • Purple elf: What is happening?! Runaan is the one wearing pink!
  • Runaan, threatening: And?
  • Purple elf, terrified: It's gorgeous, wish I could pull that off.
  • Runaan: Dream on, Strawberry Shortcake.