One outcome from today’s creative #tdoybook bonanza: My Celebration Jar. It sounds simple, and a lot of the celebration prompts inside are in fact simple (“no alarm this weekend”), but creating a habit of slowing down, marking time, expressing gratitude and celebrating little victories…is harder than I want it to be in my overbooked life.

Just spent the entire day celebrating, creating, declaring, and recharging with the #tdoybook community. A giant online party with crafts and creative souls and exactly what I needed. I’m so happy I made the commitment and set aside my giant to-do list to make room for this experience. Now, nap. So far my weekly #tdoybook posts have covered declarations of enthusiasm, uniqueness, intention, and live on the blog today: self-care. Check it out and share your own thoughts. {link in my profile} Guess what I’m doing? I’m making a series of declarations! Every week for the next two months…so head over to the blog and join in. Shout out to @jessicaswift + Michelle Ward, the creative geniuses behind it all. #tdoybook