One More Thought for Today- Clara and Her Leaf

I understand that I may have been spamming you all over the last 24 hours- and I’m sorry. It has been a very exciting 24 hours in the Who-fandom. This will be my last post for the next 24 hours (unless something AMAZING and very important happens- ie, the actual trailer).

But let us look at the shot of Clara.
She is standing in the same spot as Sarah-Jane. I’m trying to look for parallels, but the only ones I can think of is the good relationship they have with children (Clara’s a nanny, Sarah-Jane has them around in SJA and also adopted a boy- Luke- and also a baby called Sky), and the fact that SJ has met nine out of 11 Doctors comparing to Clara having seen/saved all of the Doctors (or did she? I still haven’t seen 8 in TNotD, one of the main reasons why I think Hurt-Doctor is 8, but that’s a story for another day…).

The reflection of Clara in the sphere is not her own- but as some eagle eyed Who fans noted, it is Susan (the Doctors grand-daughter and first companion).

Now, there is an excellent theory here that suggests that Clara is the mother of Susan, after marrying the Doctors and Rivers son (I know…Just read the theory I linked), and the idea of having Claras leaf in the center of Clara and Susan interests me.

The Doctor uses the leaf to bring Clara back in TNotD, but it is also used to represent Clara’s mother. So if the leaf symbolizes motherhood (family trees), then the reflection and the leaf together could mean that Clara is in fact the Mother of Susan.

Fun Fact: Maple Leafs (as I believe the one in the picture is) symbolize wisdom, connection, and unity. Connecting and uniting elements of Classic and New Who maybe?

We also have 2 other companions in the video Rose and Amy (in a real blink and you’ll miss it shot- ah, the irony!). But where do they fit in? Well Amy would then be Susans great-grandmother…

 And as for Rose? Well, who knows…


“I’m still just an image. No touch.”

Gifs not mine.

I don't wanna go vs I will not change

Two doctors, two regenerations and both are trying to delay the inevitable. And yet, one can’t help but notice a few tiny, precious differences between the two.

Both during the final season gave the audience a regeneration scare. Ten thankfully had a hand on hand, Twelve just faked it. Both at first glance don’t seem bothered and give the illusion that, yes, regeneration can’t stop them. Ahaha, were you really scared I’d go that easily?

When Ten starts hearing about his “death” however, he basically runs away. He tries to win time, delays his meeting with the Oods and try every time to trick fate. Until the very ends of S4, Ten thinks he can win and survive until Wilfred destroys everything and shows that, no, Ten’s regeneration was always a fixed point in time. When he finally gets his mortal dosage of radiation to save Donna’s grandfather, all he thinks about is getting his reward.
Confronted to his demise however, Twelve doesn’t run away. He’ll fight the Cybermen, knowing this means not his regeneration but his own death. He decides to basically sacrifice his life, he does this without hope, without witness and without reward, knowing in the great scheme that this is only winning time because nobody will be saved, they’ll just live a bit longer.

And that’s where he can see Ten is younger. What he’s doing is pulling a John Smith: I regenerate, but it’s like dying. I can do so much more! Me! Number 10! Even if we take into account TDotD, this is a plain refusal to die, whatever version of it you consider. This is terribly human, but this is basically a tantrum for a Time Lord. And he gets that at the end. He realizes he needs to accept the inevitable, kills himself and doesn’t try to stop his regeneration, no matter how scared he is.
Twelve however? He fights several times his regeneration, he physically stops the process.
“Never again! I can’t keep on being somebody else! Wherever it is, I’m staying.”
And if he was not scared of “dying” before,Twelve is exhausted . He’s tired of changing his identities everytime, like you’ll change parts of a broom time and time again? Is it still the same broom after all these changes?
Bottom line is this: Ten is scared, Twelve is tired. Ten is self-centered, he thinks in terms of himself as Number Ten while Twelve is already thinking of Thirteen and just thinks “I can’t keep doing this.” “How many times will I keep doing this (…)? Burning the old me, to make a new one?”
Ten doesn’t want to die, I’m not sure if Twelve wants to keep living that much.

In a way, I don’t think One’s duty will be to tell him he’s unreasonnable. I think he needs to look back on the brat he used to be, to see how much he’s changed and how much he remains the same. More than that, he needs to look back on all he’s done, all the people he’s met and his companions and says, “if changing was the price I had to pay to meet them, then it was worth it and I’ll do it again.”

Rewriting The Name of The Doctor

The timelords didn’t let the Doctor die in Trenzalore, so Clara never jumped the timestream. She no longer is scattered through time, so the TARDIS doesn’t dislike her anymore (explaining why she closed her doors when Clara asked in TDOTD and why she protected Clara in the time vortex in TTOTD). Time was rewritten and because of the paradox created in Trenzalore Clara and the Doctor could no longer be trapped in the timestream. But even though the events of TNOTD no longer happened, Clara had to be the Doctor’s companion in TDOTD, otherwise Eleven’s arc wouldn’t have happened. 

I think the exact instant that triggered the paradox that rewrote history was Eleven and Clara meeting the War Doctor at the bottom of the timestream. I believe they were forcefully expelled from there right then because Clara couldn’t know that the Hurt Doctor didn’t destroy Gallifrey yet, because she had to see the three Doctors ready to do it and then stop them (remember that they only stopped it because of her reaction and later speech? The reason Gallifrey was saved was because Clara was there). Because Clara was in the Day of the Doctor, the timelords weren’t killed and could find the crack in Trenzalore. And because Clara was in TDOTD, the TARDIS blew up, Melody Pond was kidnapped and the siege of Trenzalore began. However, if the timelords saved the Doctor because Clara saved them, the Doctor couldn’t have died in Trenzalore, the GI couldn’t have entered the timestream, neither Clara, and the Clara echoes shouldn’t exist. So Clara would have never become the impossible girl.

However, she still had to be a companion because, even though the events in TNOTD were rewritten, Clara still was in TDOTD and caused the entire 11th arc story to happen. And now comes the really clever move: The Doctor didn’t find Clara because he was looking for her. He found her because a mysterious woman in a shop gave Clara the number of the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Clara still remembered what happened in the aborted timeline (TNOTD) and consequently the echoes of Clara, the same way Amy remembered the aborted timelines in TWORS, TBB and series 5 as a whole and the same way Rory remembered he had been a plastic roman for almost 2000 years. Aborted timelines can still be remembered and that’s a constant in Moffat’s writing. So it’s not strange that Clara and the Doctor remember Clara being split in the timestream (that now never happened).

Now, the question is: who gave Clara the number of the TARDIS and assured the return of Gallifrey? Romana? Another timelady from the High Council?

rissaf98  asked:

According to the TARDIS Data Core, the voice that says "Doctor Who" is Ken Bones who played the General in TDoTD. So shouldn't we assume that it's the General asking the question rather than Capaldi?

Fantastic! I’m so glad we actually have some confirmation. And actually that makes so much more sense to me if it is the General and not Capaldi that’s been broadcasting the message, because it would fit in with something that I have been suspecting for a while.

Namely if Trial Of A Time Lord, plus The End Of Time, is to be believed, the current High Council is primarily against The Doctor, especially if Rassilon was still in charge; but now post-Name/Time Of The Doctor, we can believe that  the Doctor has the full backing of the military instead, if that is the case.

Especially after the 300+ years long seize of Trenzalore, the military would firmly be on the side of The Doctor; and post-war as they are, they would be a considerable force to be reckoned with opposing the High Council.

If The Doctor has the backing of the military and the people of Gallifrey, he would easily be able to counter-act any move of the High Council’s wraith against him. It might also explain the creation of The Valeyard if they particularly feel threatened by The Doctor.

You have to wonder, though, if Moffat has been reading/listen back through the “missing years” (i.e the unproduced scripts, the non-fiction, novels, the audios from 1990 till 2005,) which a lot of his scripts are really showing, (it’s quite brilliant,) then we might have something very interesting to think about.

The High Council has been corrupted and will need to be rebuilt pretty much the moment The Doctor returns to Gallifrey. He knows all this already. We may be seeing a return of Time Lords from the Classic series, such as Romana who was previously the Lady President; and if she lives, the Doctor will presumably want to put her back into the position, as he trusts her, with a new agenda.

That’s right, I’m foreseeing The Doctor having a massive impact upon his own people and a decided level of power. In the Classic series you saw how much they wanted him as President, now post-War they probably want him back in that role. But he’ll decline, as The Doctor is always a wanderer (especially after 300+ years in one place,) and will likely see Romana or someone else as a permanent leader.

However, The Doctor will likely fall into a role of reformer; changing his people’s lack of interference and unwillingness to go out into the galaxy. There’s planets likely still impacted post-Time War and The Daleks; Cybermen; Sontarans etc. continuing to seek conquering the galaxy, the Time Lords are going to have to use their influence to help bring balance back.

There’s always something else lurking in the background, and that’s this shadowy figure that’s connected to The Doctor’s adopted daughter, Miranda Dawkins:

Miranda Dawkins, raised by the Eighth Doctor, was a Time Lady from the future. She was the only child of a Time Lord known simply as The Emperor.

The Emperor was the last survivor of a great catastrophe that completely ravaged Gallifrey. For a thousand years, the Emperor reigned over the entire universe. (Father Time) This included the planet Endpoint,(Hope) where he presumably ruled from. 

I’ll also add that Miranda resembles The Doctor’s Eighth regeneration in looks, manner and speech; and is fully Time Lord, (two hearts, doesn’t need much sleep.) Plus her name, Miranda Dawkins.

MirandaDerived from Latin mirandus meaning “admirable, wonderful”  Now, who does The Doctor call wonderful?

And if you don’t want to think the authors were hinting at something, whom is Lalla Ward married to?

Professor Richard Dawkins

(So, even if The Doctor isn’t Miranda’s biological Father The Emperor, there is, however, a very big chance Miranda’s mother was/will be Romana; and the writers found a way to cheekily name her after Romana II.)

So if this Emperor is The Doctor, there’s some potential future that The Doctor could be heading for that he ends up being a figurehead of the Time Lords; and possibly with Romana as co-ruler.

But again, this is probably a very far distant or alternate future. However it shows how far The Doctor could potentially rise in power now, with his standing amongst his people currently.

So if it is the General who is calling, it could be a sign that The Doctor’s desire for his people to finally become a force for good in the galaxy, instead of remaining outside of it, could finally begin to be answered.




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