“The Bad Seeds (Tiny Story Illustration)”

Tiny Story REmix by tdolan


MattConley (Community Director) writes:

The symbolic nature of this illustration is really wonderful. The object the characters are discussing is really open to interpretation, and the accompanying color palette is beautiful. It would be great to have these characters and the object animated, as well as hear voice overs of this Tiny Story. I think it’d make a great Tiny Film!


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“Daughters and Vultures: The Hangman’s Tale 3”

Illustration by tdolan

Text REsource by TheSerpentTheCharmer


“You’ve showed me eternity and how bleak it is without you. You are all that this infinity is named after.”


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“Follow Friday”

By Marke


Now that we’ve updated the hitRECord Dashboard, users can see the full lists of RECorders they subscribe to. We thought it’d be fun to see who makes your Dashboard a better place with their records and recommends.

These are a few artists that I now subscribe to on hitRECord:

* theboxsets

* A Copy of a copy

* tdolan

* tonguecutsparrow

Who are yours??


So I have put a few pieces that are pattern-based on a new Society6 page (, and have made a tiny album below of some of my favorites!

**It should be said that if you are buying something to support me financially, my cut after society6’s is between 1.00-3.00 dollars—I doubt I will make a real profit off of Society6, I see it more as an opportunity to use some surface patterns and get my work out there more! But it is fun to see the my work on clocks and shower curtains!**