Welcome to the Family

AN: This has been sitting in my journal waiting to be posted. It’s just a short thing. Currently not a X Reader It could be made into one though.


   (Y/N) had joined the group before the Woodbury residents ever came in. Glenn and Daryl had found the teenager on a supply run, and after some interrogation they deemed (Y/N) safe to tag along. (Y/N) was only equipped with a knife, ¼ bottle of water, and a can of corn. The teenager was running on fumes. (Y/N)’s hair was a mess, dark circles under (e/c) eyes, and clothes stained with the blood of the dead (and mud). So worse for ware Daryl mistook the teen for a walker and if (Y/N) hadn’t stopped to tie their shoe, they would be dead.

   “Who is this?” A tall man with icy blue eyes steps forward after the three exit the vehicle behind the prisons gates.

   “This’s (Y/N), found ‘em on the side a tha road,” Daryl speaks pulling his crossbow strap higher on his shoulder.

   “You ask the questions?” The curly haired man asks his men. (Y/N) looks between the men in silent curiosity.

   “Yeah, we did.” Glenn confirms.

   “Well (Y/N), I’m Rick,” the curly haired man greets, “Welcome to the family.”