Guys, anyone up for a challenge?

So I’m going to complete this 30 days outfit challenge, compiled by lovely Elle.

And it would be much more fun if any of you, my amazing friends, did it as well <3

COME ON GUYS, IT WILL BE FUN TO LAUGH AT ADMIRE AND COMPLIMENT EACH OTHER, besides, it’s summer and we should try new things =P

We start on 2nd of July.

[For anyone who wants to blacklist, my tag will be tdoc.]


I’ve decided to do this challenge along with a few other friends, including the lovely Maawi who directed me towards the challenge in the first place! If you want to blacklist this, i’ll be using the tags #tdoc and #outfit challenge.

Day 1.) Hello– introduce yourself by picking out an outfit that defines “you”.

I chose to wear my favorite sweater and a pair of leggings for this photo. I tend to gravitate towards colder weather, and im a really casual person so i didn’t want to go with anything fancy :) and obviously, i have my cartouche on because of pagan-y reasons<3


1. hello: introduce yourself by picking an outfit that you think defines ‘you’

Why does this define me? Well
1) I had to wear 4 inch heels so the full dress was visible in the mirror
2) the only reason I’m wearing the dress in the first place was because I didn’t account for laundry day so this is the only clean article of clothing I have.

Shortness and disorganization.
It me.

The Duchess of Camden

The Duchess of Camden has finally been updated! I promise Chapter 3 won’t take me quite so long. Massive, massive, massive thanks goes to @lvfics for all the support, beta work and general hand-holding. Seriously, this chapter would have taken 8 more months without her support and guidance. 

Thanks so much for sticking with me and reading. Hope you love chapter two!

SSS - The Duchess of Camden (Chapter 3)

Here’s a quick SSS of The Duchess. The lovely @lvfics hasn’t gotten her hands on this yet so it’s unbeta’d and subject to change. I’m aiming for an end of the month update. 


“Well hello Your Grace. Haven’t seen you down here for quite a while.” The kind face of Sae, the manor’s long time cook, smiles at Peeta.

“Sae. Honestly, you need to stop with the Your Grace ridiculousness. You’ve known me since I was a babe. Just call me Peeta. Unless you can’t remember that you old bat.” The humor shone in Peeta’s eyes as he teased the old woman.

“I may be old, but definitely not stupid YOUR GRACE.” Sae winked at the handsome man. She had been the cook here for over 30 years. Not only was she well known for her delicious cooking, but she was well known for her immense kindness as well. “Now tell me. Why on earth are you down here in this kitchen with this old bat when you could be up warming that stunning Duchess’s bed?”

Peeta rolled up his sleeves and threw an apron on over his clothes. “Sae, have you ever made a mistake that you cannot fix?” His wide blue eyes looked at her with sincerity.

“Of course. Everyone makes mistakes Peeta.” Sae reaches over and touches his arm. “It’s how you handle the mistakes that show true character. Yes, everything may not be fixable, but you can make efforts to be better. Sometimes I feel that shows more strength than to simply fix it.”

“I’m just not sure this is something I’ll be able to even make better. It’s something that could hurt someone I care for very much. Maybe even love.” Peeta’s hands begin to rhythmically knead the dough Sae had put in front of him as he spoke. Ever since Peeta was a boy, he had spent time baking when stressed or upset. When his parents had died, he spent all day, every day with her for weeks. It was a well guarded secret that he was a proficient baker and that the elderly cook was his best advisor. 


The Ninth Day of Christmas: S T Y L E S R P H ☆

Juli is literally flawless, and she couldn’t have picked a better thing than to be a roleplay helper on tumblr. She is one of the most helpful rph’s I’ve stumbled across on this website, and she is definitely on my top list of people to go to when you’re in need of assistance and advice. Her color schemes are incredible - she can make a color scheme out of any picture, seriously. She is amazing, and you must check out her tumblr. So here is my ninth day of Christmas :)


The Twelve Davids of Christmas (12/12)

David wishing you a Merry Christmas and to all a Nuh-Night!