There’re using jets to go to the funerals
An event that would never happens without their wars
Fuck religions and fuck territories
Support our troops
Fuck fuel
I’m gonna get drunk
And forget about it
And sitting there in front of my empty bottles
I miss my innocence
The times where soldiers were cool
The times where soldiers were toys
What soldiers should be?


our last show in Ottawa with our friends BANDERA and SHAHMAN.


Montreal, such a lovely city. I could not get over how many friends we have there now from over the years. The show was with albatros, black love, and animal faces. The house enforced a capacity. I smuggled in a very special beer for max of tdoaf and his beer friends. They brought some amazing craft beer in return.

Our group stumbled out for poutine super late, and two of us dropped our poutine before finishing it.

In the morning we found a note from a neighbor, that I think is complaining really politely about the volume but compliments the music. 

Hey everyone. We don’t post on tumblr a bunch but that will change soon. Here is the comp we are releasing in honor of 420/Record Store Day. It will be available at 4:20 PM.


Quebec City was definitely the most anticipated stop on the trip. We’ve journeyed to Montreal a few times but this was a little further into French Canada.  We stopped at Chute Montmorency, a waterfall nearby,  and got to climb to the top. There is a breathtaking bridge above it so you can look over the falls!

We cooked hotdogs with the engine while we drove using tinfoil.

James stopped and got acupuncture in town.

We played with Albatros and tdoafs at Salle’ Unisson. We immediately fell in love with Albatros, a screamo/blackmetal outfit with a full brass section that you must check out. It was great to catch up with tdoaf as well. We all hung out drinking beers together for a while, just laughing at the language barrier. I found comfort in not knowing what the fuck anyone was saying, and things started feeling like a real vacation.

I got to take the bike for a ride in the morning. I found the best spot in town for espresso and the featured bean was intelligensia. So much for being exotic. I took the regular. I tried ordering a double but ordered two singles…no complaints, no complaints at all.

My distro

Hey folks,

my friend and i runs a label (thanos records) and we have a distro. If you want some stuff, get at me at

-Sword Swallower- Journals Ep (x10+) 
-Lord Snow-Ep
-Black Love-Demo
-4 way split- Lizards have personalities/Silencio, Ahora, Silencio/ Todos Caeran/ Book of caverns
-Crow Eater-Grave Wax
-Thediscordofaforgottensketch (tdoafs)- Don’t pay more than 5$
-Dead for a minute (x2) ???
-Bandera- S/T
-Needs- The accursed share
-Kraken-Exil (x2)
-Little Things- Demo 2012
-Lazarus Taxa- Ep (x3)
-Child Meadow-Crispy BBQ Tofu Burger LP (x3)
-4 way split- the new and very welcome/tyler daniel bean/among giants/manqué
-Gyre, Spire& Spindle – Nuggets
-Nous Étions- Limbes (x3)
-Calvaiire- Rigorisme

7" 5$:
-Polina-Tour 7 “ (x2)
-Calculator- New Forms (x2)
-Split- Thediscordofaforgottensketch(tdoafs)/Brain Fever (x10+)
-Shahman- Who am i? (x2)
-Shahman- Bored (x2)
-Split- Alessa/Parrhesia (x2)
-Dissed- Cography
-Split- Dahmer/Messrine
-Ghost Towns –Demo
-Split- Total Thrash/Mighty Atom
- Split- The Catlin Elm/ Coma Regalia (x2)
- Ravachol- Great moments in the void EP (x5)

10 ” 8$ :
-Itto –Itto (x2)
-Split- Mahria/Todos Caeran

12 “ 10$ :
-Stalwart Sons- Stay Cold
-Bandera- II
-Striver- Apocalypse Nightmare (x2)
-Antilles-Antilles (x2)
-Alaskan- The Weak and The Wound (x2)
-Chambers- La Mano sinistra (x2)
-Infarto- Sul Fondo Insieme a Tutti Gli Altri Sassi
-Le Kraken- Exalt (x2)
-Anima Faces-Anomie (x3)
-Todos Caeran- After Dark (x2)


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