Uns tentam nos dividir, outros vem multiplicar. Uns vem pra te ver cair, outros vem te levantar.
—  Projota.

Books are, among my advisors, the ones I like the most, because neither hope nor fear keep them from telling me what to do.


Dark Magic Attack!

So here’s the next Yu-Gi-Oh! inspired makeup look in my series, The Dark Magician! Note: this was not meant to actually look LIKE The Dark Magician, it was simply a makeup based on the card.

Some of these sets might end up looking more like the monsters, and some might end up looking very loosely inspired. This one is the latter.

The overall shape of the liner was highly inspired by the ever-ethereal Cain, as I tend to generally associate them with TDM!

My last Look: The Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

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