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2016 was a crazy year for me!!!
I graduated high school (sal of my class!!), turned 18, voted for the first time, went to my first anime con, moved out of the city I was born and raised in to go out of state for college, my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend was this, YURI ON ICE HAPPENED??? I LOVE IT. BTS WON 2 DAESANGS?? IM SO PROUD
So many firsts happened this year!!
There were some dark, terrible moments this year, but I lived through them and had all these wonderful things happen instead!!
2017, I’m ready for you.

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College Confession #26

My roommate thinks she’s my mom or something, she will text me and ask me if I am doing my homework or when I will be ‘home’ so we can eat together.
One time she said i couldn’t go out because i had homework to do…like??? I know??? Then she goes on this rant about how she cares about me, like OK MOM I get it… I won’t go out… fine… as I storm towards my bed.

Pretty sure she is my mom, now that I think about it.

-Tecnológico de Monterrey


Books are, among my advisors, the ones I like the most, because neither hope nor fear keep them from telling me what to do.