OtaYuri: Physical Ideals

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I feel like Otabek has the aesthetic that Yurio likes. Otabek is effortlessly dangerous, punkish, and badass. Not to mention JJ is impressed by him and Otabek can shut JJ up in a few words without getting worked up.

 He rides a motorcycle, wears a leather jacket and sunglasses, and has a really collected/cool persona. Yurio, for most of his life off-ice, has been trying to emulate that type of ideal through his personality and fashion.

Additionally, Otabek is ridiculously masculine and strong. His facial structure, body shape, and voice is also very bold and sexy. 

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Physically, he is a contrast of Yurio, but also acts as Yurio’s ideal. I mean, my cat son wanted to skate to “eros” and the idea of eros/masculine and mature sexiness appealed to him but he really had none of those qualities (which isn’t a bad thing, by the way). BTW, check Mila and Sara’s fangirl faces seeing Otabek skate. Otabek is conventionally attractive/sexy. 

On the other hand, Yurio has the aesthetic Otabek likes. Otabek has always been impressed by grace. Yurio has both of those qualities (that he probably doesn’t even notice). Otabek’s most prominent memory of Yurio was when he was in the graceful, resembling a first arabesque, position at the ballet barre. 

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Graceful beauty and flexibility was and is something foreign and difficult for Otabek to express. In turn, Otabek admires these qualities in others. And who, other than Yurio himself, fully embodies such ideals, to the extent that he does, in YOI? 

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TDLR: Yurio and Otabek are each other’s physical ideals and complete the physical aesthetics that both want but don’t have. Mental ideal meta coming soon!

listen music elitism is all shit i should know i’m a music major and i love britney spears completely unironically and what’s more i’m pretty sure most of my division does too and that includes the professors okay you like what you like and tdlr britney spears is probably better than mozart

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how much do you love auston matthews?

so, so, so much.
auston matthews is the highest drafted latino EVER. he is and will be an inspiration to SO MANY kids that have never seen someone like them on the ice and on tv and publicized like this. he will be the best and little kids will look at him and say, “i want to be auston matthews one day.” and thats just. thats just so incredible.
you know what else? this desert boy from arizona went to a coyotes game one day, said to his parents, “i want to do that,” and then DID. of course, credit to his parents for supporting him and encouraging him and making sure he COULD do it, but on auston’s part–he had to know he had to be better than everyone else. he had to know he needed to work twice as hard to get noticed in the way everyone else would.
and so he DID. he practiced and worked and pushed himself until he was BETTER. (and better, and better, and better, and finally, best. he went number one, yall. number ONE.)
and he has broken RECORDS this season, yall. records.
but megan, you might be saying. you havent said anything about AUSTON MATTHEWS yet, and you’re right. ive talked about his accomplishments and how inspiring he is.
so. let’s talk about auston.
this wonderful boy is nineteen years old. god i love him. anyways.
he’s nineteen and he’s an absolute MEME. he has a harambe sweater that he LITERALLY WEARS UNIRONICALLY PROBABLY. he cant dance for shit. he doesnt celly for goals until he cant handle keeping it all in and EXPLODES. (speaking of which: when he does that double ski pole thing and just SCREAMS? my favorite goddamn thing in the whole world.)
he’s a goofball and a wonderful teammate and a leader. and he is in love with hockey and carpools with his best friend and smiles shyly at the media when they question him. he gave all four (FOUR!!!!) of his debut pucks to his mom. his legs shook on his draft day. he comments on his friends’ instagram posts from years (2013 for connor brown’s, i believe) ago. he chirps his teammates on social media and at practice. he has no idea how to dress himself without layers and layers on clothing.
TD;LR: i love auston matthews so, so, SO goddamn much. because i look at him and i see his accomplishments and i feel so incredible proud, but i also look at him and see the parts of his personality that he’s let us see and i see myself. i see a kid who’s barely an adult, who smiles and laughs but obviously feels the pressure, and i see him doing incredible things anyways.
that wasnt a short tdlr. i dont care. i love auston matthews.

Hunk’s “we’re brothers man”, really can’t be compared to Keith’s “Shiro, you’re like a brother to me.”

Hunk speaks about their how their newfound duty forms a brotherhood(brothers in arms sort of thing) between these people who he wasn’t close with before(excluding Lance), after all, if he meant he saw them all as his brothers, than he would say “like brothers” not that they are brothers, which would literally mean they’re actually siblings.

“Shiro, you’re like a brother to me,” which singles out Shiro, the paladin Keith is implied to have history with(implying they’ve always had a brotherlike bond)

tdlr: the mood is completely different, like Hunk is obviously just excited at the thought of this new bond all of them have, while Keith is literally telling Shiro that he sees him as his brother


A full and complete collection of every song and audio used in the Space Mountain attraction in the Disney Parks around the world. Comment if I’m missing one, or there is inaccuracies.
Soundtrack listing below:
Track Listing in Chronological Order
1. WDW Space Mountain: Entrance Music 0:00
2. WDW Space Mountain: Star Tunnel Music 4:07
3.WDW Space Mountain: “RCA: Here’s to the Future” Exit Ramp 8:51
3. WDW Space Mountain: “Music Makers” Exit Ramp 16:53
4. DLR Space Mountain: 1977 Com Chat 19:32
5. DLR Space Mountain: 1996 music 26:52
6. DLRP Space Mountain: From the Earth to the Moon 30:40
7. DLR Space Mountain: 2005 Com Chat 33:10
8. DLR/TDLR/HKDLR Space Mountain: 2005 music 40:28
9. DLRP Space Mountain: Mission 2 43:51
10. WDW Space Mountain: Exit Music 46:01
11. DLR Space Mountain: Rockin’ Space Mountain 51:36
12. DLR/HKDLR Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy 54:26
13. WDW Space Mountain: 2011 On Board Audio 57:20
14. WDW Space Mountain: 2011 Exit music 59:58

Omfgi didnt know i was still logged into my phone yall
Idk how long this will last but im telling you all I got effected by the Tumblr password breach and it logged me out on every platform except my phone. Its an iphone4 and its a hand me down n rly slow and its impossible for me to change my password since it tells me all my info. Is fucking incorrect iwannadie. I have done everything i could to solve the problem the months i was gone only until recently i realize my problem was not my comp but fucking Tumblr n of course their hq never picks up their goddamn phone. so it seems like i wont be getting this account back so fairwell.

Please find me on any of these accounts.

Daforgetrash @ tumblr
Moosopp @ twitter
Sunshine-Boy @ Tapastic
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No smokes for you!

So in the convenience store I work in, I am only allowed to sell cigarettes to anyone 19 and older. And of course I need to check ID now and then. So one time this 25 year old looking guy comes in and asks for some smokes. Obviously I ID him.

Now for some reason, too many people take that as an insult. At least twice every shift a customer would either sigh really loud or actually tell me off and complain that they’re 24 or something. (P.s. I look young so one of their most used lines is “hehe can I see your ID? Or "whatever you aren’t even 19.”)

So one time “dick” comes in and goes

“Give me a pack of (name of smokes)”

“Can I see your ID?”

“Are you kidding me??”

“Uh, no”

“Stupid kids these days, how bout showing me YOUR id huh?” He says while grudgingly pulling his ID out.

I take the ID and check his age which is old enough, but I’m angry now. Like how hard is it too take a plastic card out of your wallet? So I go, “why do you want to see my ID?” ( Some people don’t know that minors are allowed to SELL smokes but not BUY smokes.)

Dick goes “cause you’re too f*cking young to sell the smokes.”

Usually I would say “actually..” and inform them of the rules.

But this time I said “you know what? You’re right. I shouldn’t be selling smokes to you. Have a nice day!’

I know this isn’t some huge revenge but I felt satisfaction in knowing this guy had to out his wallet back in, get in his car and go find a another store in town that sells his smokes.

TDLR: Guy wanted to buy smokes but was being rude, got mad that I checked his ID and so complained that he thought I wasn’t old enough to sell smokes. So I didn’t sell them instead of telling him I could.

Edit: ok so 1) where I live I am allowed to sell smokes at my age 2) the guy didn’t just walk away all pleasantly, he said some more things, I just ignored, so to the people saying this didn’t happen because no one would just leave, I just didn’t add all the details to the story, I thought just the back story and the revenge part would be enough


Example of Star Trek Addressing Social Issues - Mental Illness 

This scene got me right in the gut when I first saw it. It was revealed earlier in the episode that Garak suffers from extreme claustrophobia, experiencing a severe attack just a few scenes before this one. I was already expecting Martok and Worf to dismiss Garak’s mental illness, especially because the Klingon Empire prides its people on physical strength. I was waiting for them to call him a coward, not “getting over it” like I’ve heard so many times in my own life about mental illness. But as seen above that’s not what happened, the exact opposite does. Its moments like this that make me love Star Trek, even for all its flaws. Sometimes I get to see past my conditioned reaction of the worst, and get to see the best in people instead.

TDLR; Star Trek may be about aliens in the future, but it connects to me on a human level - more than most modern shows do today. 

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Do you ever get tired of that tumblr aesthetic where everyone is the same posting pictures of yellow things and plants and stuff? I follow a lot of it but there seems to be no originality.... sighs

Alright and here goes the most honest thing I’ve ever said here. Yes, I’ve been sick of it for quite some time. I came into this area of tumblr thinking it was a fun, creative place that would inspire me. Instead I’ve been looking at posts that are basically clones of each other. I’ve been looking at Van Gogh and Monet, Kankens and copics, plants and those goddamned IKEA sheets. For a community that was supposedly built on creativity, there seems to be a lack of it. Creativity is built on the merit of trying new things, standing out, not being perfect little cloned “art hoes”. I haven’t been present in this community for months, just robotically queuing because apparently nearly 14 thousand people enjoy my blog. Tdlr; I see no creativity here, just reproduction, and it annoys the fuck out of me.

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I realised I was a lesbian when I played the second danganronpa game and I met peko,,,,, and I was like,,,,,, oh damn,,,,, and she legit made me question my sexuality?? Like,,, I would excuse it as a ""girl crush"" but then a few months later I realized I was gay as fuck and so tdlr; my gay awakening all started bc of a god damn video game character


thank you for +100 !

wow i didn’t even notice this until today! i’m not going to make anything special because ?? wow ?? it’s been less than a month and i could not have anticipated a warmer welcome. it’s been so so long since i’ve played this small angry babby, and i’m so glad that so many of you have been willing to interact with him! i’m really glad i decided to come back, because i’m really enjoying my time with all of you, and i hope to interact with every single one of you really soon ! ♡

love, kate .

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Yes, hello, I would like to know more about Dark Yuri. How does it affect the story? How does it affect Yuri? How does it affect the relationships of the people around him? How did it happen???? How does it effect his relationship with Victor???? pls and thank you.

OH BOY… //rubs hands// i’ll put everything under a read more since it might get long 

to start off…i didn’t think i’d gain this much traction just from posting a couple things but apparently i did s o LMA O ;;; dark!yuuri was actually just me joking around about a yandere yuuri (and then i took it too far) OTL

Yuuri seems like such a sweet and innocent boy, I can’t help but think there’s another side to him. He’s said that he’s lost a lot of competitions and struggles with this lack of confidence. So I’d like to think that during these times where’s he’s broken and upset, another piece of himself kinda breaks off and slowly twists and morphs. And it builds up over the years until one day another entity forms, or Yiruu/Dark!Yuuri. 

Of course, Yuuri’s freaked out when he sees flashes of another someone that isn’t there, or hear voices that come and go, telling him the worst things. He dismisses it as himself going crazy/his mind playing himself. Eventually one day Yiruu decides to formally introduce himself. 

Yuuri almost faints at first, but at least he has a reason as to why he’s been seeing some weird shit for awhile. And I guess they somehow form this mutual agreement or stuff like that? Like, Yiruu gives him the confidence he needs in exchange for being able to control Yuuri’s body at certain lengths of time. It works pretty well for the most part (except when Yuuri takes it a little too far…). But if Yiruu can help, he’s okay with it. (Of course he’s still a little wary of what the other’s true intentions are.) 

As for the people, everyone knows Yuuri like how they know him in the show. He’s soft-hearted, insecure, and a very kind being. When Viktor comes into his life, everyone suddenly finds themselves finding another side of Yuuri that they’ve never seen before.

When Yuuri dances to Eros in perfomances, that’s when Yiruu takes over. It’s this darker, more sensual side to Yuuri that hasn’t been brought out yet. And it’s more amplified because they both want Viktor. You could say that Yuuri is the “Agape” to this “Eros” in a sense (Yuuri wants the relationship and Yiruu wants sex lmao), but not really because Yiruu is just a reflection of all his darkest, deepest thoughts. Whenever he stumbles during his performances, it’s Yuuri fighting with Yiruu over his trust issues and confidence with this other person.  

In terms of his and Viktor’s relationship, this is where it starts changing a bit. You could say that Viktor eventually finds out about Yiruu. And you could say he’s a little terrified of him. And you could also say Yiruu is a very possessive and kinky guy. There’s a lot of blood and NSFW involved, things which I can’t get into on this blog lmao. But you get the gist of it. 

TDLR: It’s Yandere!Yuuri wanting Viktor and better confidence in himself and as a result he has another “self”. Yeah. :3c

Everything stays but it still changes

Ummm so my friend, my homebre, my pal- had this headcanon and it left me feeling pretty sad orz. I am terribly bad at explaining it but she has a knack with words- tdlr: frey and lest were lovers and forgets everything so when he sees her in selphia she pretty much greets him like it’s the first time they meet. So I originally did a doodle, then I decided what the heck lets color this shindig. Um yeah. Cool. Stay golden, guys.

Regarding Asgore hate

TDLR; I detest the fact that people are hating on a depressive, broken and possibly suicidal character and will never give him a second chance. Also, the Dremurrs are as good/bad as each other.

Long version:

This post got me typing! Also, please reblog if you agree, thank you!

I seriously detest how cruel most of the community are to Asgore. It’s like wow, that guy is going through depression and is broken.

  • He even fucking smiles when you kill him in neutral route, like he wishes for death.

  • Or he commits suicide when Flowey doesn’t kill him, saying his wishes are a fantasy and that Asriel would have wanted freedom for you.

Do people know what they look like when they bash asgore mindlessly? Do they? That’s right. Assholes who don’t bat an eye at broken people with depression. Assholes who don’t care that Asgore suicides to give YOU freedom, after being forced on all sides to fight you, hence destroying the mercy button to force you to fight him. Either way,depending on who lives, someone will benefit, and in both cases, it’s not him.

Asgore would rather offer you a cup of tea. He tries to comfort you about death in case you’re scared, and even give you many chances to back off. Hoping you’ll do it.

Forced to kill or be killed with no chance of a third option unless someone gives him one, right? He never intended to live if you win, without outside interference. Think about that for a moment.

Or do they hate Asgore because it gets in the way of their SansToriel shipping? That’s even worse, isn’t it :D The fans are still doing what alphys discourage people to do, ship people who have very real lives.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against shipping in general but when people use what alphys say as a reason, it’s really an excuse when they’re shipping other characters.

Asgore still loves Toriel, and will do anything to reconcile. Even tries to be a better person.

Does he not even deserve a second chance? Why doesn’t he? It’s understandable she’s distraught after losing 8 children, it’s really really painful to experience.

But is Asgore not suffering due to the loss of his family and the despair of his people? Sure, he could like, not proclaim that and try to find another way to get out. The latter which he did try with Alphys. But look at how well that went. It didn’t work.

Which would you rather, the lives of 6 children, or the suffering of an entire race? There’s no easy answer to this, really. 

Both are bad and anybody would like to avoid that if they could. And remember, when Toriel uses the more moral approach when she is queen, they never quite got out of the underground, did they.

Toriel rebukes him very harshly, which is unfair as hell especially they’re both grieving in different ways for the loss of children.

This is not saying that Asgore is innocent. He did after all place a target on all humans. This is saying, Toriel is no pure angel goatmom, she is as bad as Asgore is when it comes to personality and a woman with very real flaws. She is as likeable as he is, but can be a tad unfair to those she doesn’t agree with. She even blames him for the deaths of the children, even though, in reality, he never killed anyone before you reach his castle. To add onto this point, if you pause to think for a moment, none of the equipments that the children used are near his castle. In fact one of them died in the Ruins! It’s the girl with the faded ribbon and toy knife. Likely fell to her death climbing down, as her toy knife is all the way up to the balcony, but her ribbon is at the bottom.

Hell, if you fight him, his attacks when your hp is low(like 2hp) always bring you down to 1hp even if they could have been more, showing a reluctance to actually kill you. You die if you get hit at 1hp, but he will always not kill you if you are above 1hp.

Think. If she knew the fastest way to stop the suffering, why doesn’t she act on it when her husband is too wussy to? That’s right, it’s because of her own morals and kindness. Because she doesn’t want to kill. The same morals and kindess that makes Asgore reluctant to proceed. It’d be more forgiveable if it’s more hiearchy reasons EG. Queen cannot override King’s decisions but we’ve always seen Toriel not really caring about that and kicking Asgore’s butt.

However, she doesn’t have have the pressure that Asgore faced. Her stakes aren’t as high, so she can get away with the moral high ground of not killing and turning her nose up to it. She can afford not to have blood on her hands.

Asgore however is constantly pressured by the monsters who place so much hope on him, I’m sure we all know just how much. You’ve read the text. He couldn’t let them down, when they need hope.

Does he not know that they are suffering? Of course he does! That’s why all the more he couldn’t let them down.All the more he couldn’t retract that statement, because his people will suffer even more and chaos will ensue when there is not enough hope E.G the endings where people overthrow Toriel.

And all because of a statement he made in anger and grief due to the loss of two children.

How many of you never say brash things when you’re upset not even once in your life? That’s right, didn’t think so.

I guess this is why most pictures of SansXToriel irks me so much, if because they’re cruel to Asgore. It is likely unintentional but it’s very cruel. I don’t blame most for shipping them, but please also think about Asgore, okay?

As much as Toriel keeps personal boundaries she still have some stuff that reminds her of him subtly.

Look for it. One of them is the golden flower in her room. Try looking for the rest. It’s not as obvious as Asgore’s but it’s there. And she still bakes butterscotch cinnamon pie. The pie that he LIKES.

It’s like she’s subconsciously thinking of him and still have him in her heart while saying she doesn’t want to be friends. Given, she has the right to personal boundaries. But who’s to say they won’t reconcile?

The fitting punishment Asgore deserves for placing a target on humans is getting his ass kicked by Toriel. Not to say go seperate ways as a couple, but the punishment he deserves is this, which he did get in the True pacifist end!

And in closing, here’s a quote from sans himself from the official tumblr

“it’s not good to dismiss people, either. i mean, even the person who posted the lies shouldn’t be written off as a “bad person.” something in their life led them to this point, you know? just remember: there’s a difference between protecting your friends and destroying someone for your own justice. for honesty’s sake, investigate the truth for yourself, then ask: how is this going to help people? “

Show some compassion, won’t you?

Edit: Wow so many likes and reblogs! Thank you for being so supportive and kind to spread the message, everyone! P.S you’re also fighting a king who dresses up as Santa Claus to give presents to children(Papyrus is too old to be receiving gifts haha)

Edit 2:my gosh it’s still going? Thank you so much!!Love you all!

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26 the reason u joined tumblr. I bet it was memes u meme lord - meme lord #1/Guess who

Lee ur torturing me here man

Okay soooooo I was like 12 when I first discovered tumblr and it was because once upon a time i was really into this one youtuber who i aint naming bc fuck that. 

i wasnt allowed to get a blog and i wasnt gonna push the limits and go behind my parents back because only a few months before the Incident of Year Seven™ and like there was no way i was going trhough that shitstorm again.

I mostly just stalked my friends’ and other peoples blogs by physically typing in their urls and read all of their posts etc etc etc

in the end i ended up getting tumblr two years later because i was like “its been two years and i can be discrete my parents wont find out” and then i joined tumblr for real-sies. 

tdlr: i joined tumblr for the fandoms.

so in my German class we were watching Shrek bc we just finished our fairytale unit and my friend bought popcorn but it was unpopped bc we have German second period. Our teacher didn’t have a microwave so I went to ask another teacher to microwave it and went I got back, All Star started playing when I opened the door to our class and my friend started yelling and cheering and TDLR it was the Best Entrance Ever

people so salty about andy in the new SU episode chill

Like…problematic people exist, but they’re people too. Andy definitely evoked a “backwards uncle” vibe that the crew was going for. And that made the gems (and the viewers) uncomfortable.

But isnt that what SU has been doing for the majority of its tenure? Helping kids (the real audience here) see Steven interact with a “problem” relative, and not shying away from wanting to know more about him, because even though gem stuff is WAY COOLER than human stuff, he wants to know and understand him because he doesn’t know all that much about it. Like when Steven and Andy are alone and they’re just peeling potatoes and Steven talks to Andy about his human family. One of my favorite parts (among “why don’t we all get married” and Lapis casually tossing Steven at the plane) was Steven trying to relate the commonalities they have (“I love how we both eat cake!”), but still asking Andy to understand and give their ‘new’ family a chance. I think thats really awesome for kids (and adults) to not just see one perspective, but still holding firm to what you believe.

Tdlr Steven is a beautiful cartoon boy and he is my role model