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wcif the top the sim made by dddemonhead is wearing in ur edit? The cute sim w/ the bandages. Thank u!!

it’s this tshirt here! at this point the recolour of the shirt is a kinda-done-but-idk wip and idk if I’ll be releasing it (just not feeling it) if you like it just hit me up off anon and I’ll send it to you :’)

Eu duvido de tudo e de todos; até de mim. Mas enfim, preciso de alguém que me ouça, a quem eu conte o que penso e o que sinto, e até o que receio, porque também receio, e há horas em que tremo sem saber de quê. É verdade, há ocasiões em que me parece que uma grande infelicidade vai cair sobre mim, e daí a nada penso o contrário; penso que vou receber a maior felicidade do mundo, e fico alegre como um passarinho. Coisas de criança, não é?
—  Machado de Assis.

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What are your religious beliefs? If you don't believe in God, are you agnostic or atheist?

i feel like the meaning of agnostic has kinda shifted to ‘hey i’m an atheist but i also listen to your opinions so im a good person.’ however, i think not being open minded is simply just being an asshole. if by agnostic you mean i understand that the universe is vast and confusing and that essentially anything is possible, whether it be a universal anomaly or a greater power, then yes, i’m agnostic. i definitely enjoy studying both religion in history and the physics of the universe, because they’re both incredibly interested, but i personally probably lean towards scientific theories and atheism

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In the video you linked for hair meshing; do you perhaps know how she moved the different pieces of the mesh onto the different parts of the hair texture? Tysm!

I assume you mean UV mapping? use “b” to box the piece that you want to move and I believe you press “g” to move it (I might be wrong but you have to press a hotkey to move it)!

NOTE: I will no longer be answering questions about that tutorial or blender in general - I DON’T know what I’m doing and I don’t even know my way around blender pls understand :’( 

I suggest googling tutorials about blender to better understand the program or check out teanmoon’s help desk here !

i hate all these articles titled like ‘hawkeye talks about his own shortcomings’ or ‘hawkeye faces his own uselessness’ after the new tv spot because they are so spectacularly missing the point.

the reason why clint says ‘i’ve got a bow and arrow’ isn’t to show that he’s helpless, what he means is : i’m going to destroy all those robots despite lacking superpowers and having a relatively obscure weapon. being an avenger isn’t about your choice of weapons but about how you wield them. and i just wish more people understood that.