tdi tyler

So I just realized.

In both Island and World Tour, the main antagonist manipulates a dumber contestant into doing stuff for them. Heather with Lindsay, and Alejandro with Tyler.

But the funny thing is, the two antagonists in question are in a relationship and the two dumb ones are also.

Add this was worth pointing out.

tdi: best because of nostalgia mainly, but also because it had a unique simplicity to it no other season will ever have again

tda: really good. the episodes from courtneys return up until owen returns are consistently some of the highest the series has been at. but the first half drags on and feels like a different season.

tdwt: really really really good and really fun to rewatch because 1) songs  2) creative challenges and 3) tyler

tdri: bad compared to the first three, but a godsend compared to tdas. it had meh-ish episodes scattered around a generally boring season.

tdas: well, the production crew have acknowledged how awful this season was, and have began reaching out to the fans for what we’d like to see and how to improve the future of the show. so that definitely says something about this abomination, doesn’t it?

tdpi: seemed spectacular after all-stars, but rewatching it made me realize it’s really nothing special. it’s good and had great episodes for the most part!, but it was definitely overhyped in the fandom. which was expected.