Game night at the London Institute

Tessa: This one is for guys… If you could date someone among you, who would you choose?

Gabriel: I don’t know.

Gideon: I don’t know.

Jem: I don’t know.

Henry: I don’t know.

Will: Jem.

Everyone: …

Will: I mean, I don’t know.

Things I’ve Done as TDA Characters
  • Emma: Replied with only sarcasm during an hour long conversation
  • Jules: Made like a hundred pancakes and only ended up eating one
  • Cristina: Gave someone a sincere smile before pointing the middle finger at them
  • Mark: Got yelled at by my mom for making a mess in the kitchen, and then got yelled at for not knowing how to make a decent sandwich
  • Ty: Spent hours at a library just reading books
  • Livvy: Chased my brother while applying the snapchat filters on his face
  • Dru: Got approached by an attractive guy at the club, when he introduced himself and said hi, I literally turned around and just walked away
  • Tavvy: Curled in the fetal position for hours on end
  • Kieran: Threw shade at my friend's friend
  • Malcolm: Ate a large pizza while contemplating my life choices
  • Diego: Strutted around the house in my sexiest outfit