To Days Gone by // Finn & Ally

Finn couldn’t really recall the last time he’d heard from Ally before she turned up again. He seemed to remember them having a small disagreement over Joe’s love for Hailey, but that’s it. Besides that he wasn’t sure of what Ally did or didn’t know. Finn was in a difficult position. He knew Hailey wasn’t well and was acting out of character because of that, yet there was nothing he could do about it. On top of that, it hurt to see her with Joe of all people. It was like a stab in the back from each other them and ill or not, Hailey could’ve chosen anyone. But she chose him of all people. Surely that meant something? That’s why he had to get over him. Otherwise he’d do something really silly. He had to keep his distance from both her and Joe for everyone’s sake. And talking about them to Ally couldn’t happen either. Unless she asked. It just couldn’t be on his own accord or it’d look like he was stirring when really he was just hurt and angry. 

Finn strolled his way to the river he’d agreed to meet Ally at. The first time they’d hung out, just the two of them, at the camp-out they’d messed around in one similar. Finn bought some cans of alcohol with him. He got there early, so perched himself over the water’s edge with his shoes and socks off so the cold water sank into his feet whilst he awaited Ally’s arrival.