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Back in Stock! Averta Poster by TDF × Anthony Burrill / Available at / A collaboration between The Designers Foundry and Anthony Burrill that serves as both a poster and a specimen for TDF’s Averta typeface. Averta typeface designed by Kostas Bartsokas. Printed in Pantone Red on pure white stock in a limited edition of 600 copies #graphicdesign #poster #typography #TDF #AnthonyBurrill #Averta #live #learn

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anonymous asked:

I'd hate to pressure you but is there any chance of there being any more tdf?

Ok I’m gonna go on and say it here : no. No there isn’t. I’ve done 10 episodes and I think I’ve pretty much gone to the bottom of the joke so I’m glad you enjoy those I’ve done so far, but I won’t do any more. Feel free to do some yourselves though, I wouldn’t mind it as a collective thing, anyone who wants to do a tdf can do so !

l-la  asked:

The Darkest Faerie :B

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

I KNOW YOU’RE MOCKING ME BUT I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH. I have played this game probably going on 3 dozen times now. I know everything about this game i know every piece of dialogue and every side-quest but it never get boring for me, it always puts me in the BEST MOOD whenever i play it and the music alone (esp the meridell music) is enough to put a big asshole smile on my face.
I love tormund, i love roberta, i love the PLOT OF THE GAME THIS BEAUTIFUL BIG PLOT??? I wish there had been more games like this i live for them

Also fun fact the first time i played it when i first got it i got to the part in the meridell treasure vaults where ur fighting the big bone draik and i had JUST FINALLY beaten him for the first time (I was young and dumb i was rly bad at the fight ok it felt liek a victory) and my friend had come over for a sleepover and wanted to play so we started a new save file for her
and she saved over my file

i felt my soul shatter that day

fun fact #2 on my PS2 memory card I still have one save in each save slot specifically at the v beginning of each part so i could play from wherever i felt like whenever i picked up the game but didnt want to restart the whole thing :B


This time a face up for myself <3
It’s my little Sui (Luts TDF Gretel) who got a new one. Her old one was about two or three years old, I guess. Look at these teeths!! <3

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We played this game and accidentally fell into a lava pit but instead of dying we just went to this Nothing Plane like noclipping underneath the terrain in Skyrim or something

you can be stuck Forever in one of the final areas, unable to reload a save to escape, go forward or back. you’ll just be trapped in one room forever, rendering your whole gameplay time up to that point useless.

If I had time, energy, and motivation, there are so many essays I could write about TDF.

  • Can Monsters and Mortals be held to the same standard of accountability?
  • The Justification of Genocide.
  • Mythology and Religion: Where’s the line? An examination of the portrayal of belief.
  • How Characters Develop, and learn.
  • Cultural impact of a fast changing world on a long standing series: 2000 to 2015.
  • The death of the author, a fandom divided: how different conclusions are drawn from the same source material.

So so many…

long time no update

  • last week at the job and tbh i can’t wait. two months in this weird work-eat-sleep loop were exhausting af and i’m soo looking forward to going back to uni
  • i’m literally single-handedly saving our dept, rip @all when i leave
  • regular employees are asking me, a mere temp, for advice
  • i do feel valued but it won’t show on my paycheck lbr
  • let the bureaucracy week start !