lost... again... || Sally and baron

Baron walked thought the cirus looking around.  He was rarely out side of Bright night as Scary nights but after his walk with Roo he decided he need to get out more so he got lost less.  He had a good idea where he was and how to get back.  Turning around he decided it was time to head back to his tent before heading to “work”.  

It didn’t take him long to realize he was once again lost.  looking around he shook his head maybe he was the moron of the three.  He walked a bit more quickening his pace.  "Where the hell am I"  he asked himself as he moved around a corner.  He ran into someone not sure who it was nor did he care he continued on before stopping and turning and looking at the girl.  She looked like she was apart of the circus. “How the hell do i get back to the living area?”