I’m taking my next step towards turning into an mad scientist.  I’ve been looking into tDCS recently and I’m planning on building one by the end of the summer.  Basically using electricity to “enhance” the brain.  I’m also pretty sure that my PI is getting one for the lab too so this is totally work related and educational.  

I feel like Newt’s masculinity/bad-ass manlyness is sometimes squashed in this fandom and people often portray him as feminine in fanfiction and klunk so I figured I’d make a list of examples of his bad-assery:

  • Thomas mentions multiple times throughout the books how strong Newt is 
    • He (Newt) reached down and helped Thomas to his feet - he was so strong it felt like he could rip Thomas’s arm off.” -TMR pg. 36
    • “Veins stuck out of his muscled arms” -TMR pg. 9
  • When Thomas got shot by a launcher Newt casually picked him up and chucked him onto the berg like nbd
  • he straight-faced suggested to Thomas that he get stung on purpose
  • “Newt slowly walked over to Minho and stopped in front of him. Then, quick as a striking snake, he punched him in the face. Minho staggered back and slammed into the empty weapons rack.” -TDC pg. 69
  • He survived the Scorch with a bum leg that probably hurt like hell the whole time
  • he’s an intense mother fucker don’t tell me otherwise

Matthew McConaughey by Mark Seliger for Icon Magazine, March 2015

‘It’s very simple. Every time I leave them only because I have to go to receive an award, or just to present an award that I won last year, I tell them how things are, “Dad goes in this place where some people give him compliments for his work. ” The message is clear. If you have discipline, if you do things with honesty, if you work hard, someone will tell you that you are good. Dad was good. That’s it. And then I remind them, of course, that life can be good and disciplined without ever winning anything. And you must still be true to yourself and happy about what you do. If then there is also an award, it will be something to enjoy even more. This is what I say to them, and what I repeat to myself.’

Death Cure Book Canons That Are Sometimes Overlooked/Forgotten

Maze Runner Book Canons [HERE]
Scorch Trials Book Canons [HERE]

  1. It was Thomas’ own body odor that started driving him crazy while he was stuck in the white room (1)
  2. Thomas was trapped in for 26 days (4)
  3. Rat Man/Director Janson has greasy hair and a bald spot (5)
  4. Thomas asked Rat Man/Director Janson if the next place he’s going to the Gladers is the moon or if he’s going to make them swim across the ocean in their underwear (7)
  5. Once told that people can be Immune, Thomas instantly thinks that everybody in Groups A and B are Immune (11)
  6. Minho still holds mistrust towards Teresa from the events in the Scorch (18) (29) (30) (103) (204) (208)
  7. Aris supports WICKED seemingly as much of Teresa does (20)
  8. The members of Group B sided with Teresa and wanted their memories back (21)
  9. Frypan was the first to bring up not wanting to remove the Swipe (21) but ends up regaining his memories (33)
  10. When Newt is told he has the Flare, all he tells Thomas is that he never thought he’d be alive at this point anyway and that “living hasn’t exactly been so great” (27)
  11. A Glader named Jackson and a girl from Group B also aren’t Immune (27)
  12. Thomas watches his father succumb to the Flare (44)
  13. Newt declares that he no longer cares about himself (46)
  14. WICKED headquarters doesn’t have any windows because of the weather outside and the possible attacks from Cranks (48)
  15. Newt attacks Rat Man/Director Janson for referring to the members of Group A and B as “subjects” (48)
  16. Thomas approved Rat Man/Director Janson personally for his position (51)
  17. Newt punches Minho so hard that Minho stumbles and crashes into the empty weapons rack (69)
  18. Thomas gets irritated at Minho’s mockery of Newt and the Flare (69-72)
  19. A blonde girl, most likely Sonya, hits Jorge in the head with the back of her gun to knock him out (82)
  20. Thomas is significantly surprised that Frypan in particular would leave without them (83)
  21. Newt lifts Thomas and throws him through the air to Berg (92)
  22. Newt refuses to go into a city and infect people with the Flare even to save his own life (105)
  23. Gally snapped after killing Chuck. He “tried to eat chairs” and was “spitting and yelling and ripping his own hair out” (113)
  24. Teresa was the person who contacted Gally about the WICKED activities (122)
  25. Minho called Thomas “Tommy” (127)
  26. Rat Man/Director Janson told Thomas that Newt was succumbing to the Flare quickly because he felt that it would push Thomas to come back to WICKED and complete the Trials (155)
  27. Even after being told Newt has probably turned dangerous, Thomas and Minho rush into the Berg to find him (165)
  28. Minho refuses to hold any sort of discussion and demands that they’re going to save Newt (168)
  29. The number one weapon in the Crank Palace was the glass from the broken windows (173)
  30. Thomas stops and considers that he might be being selfish for not helping WICKED once he’s seen the Crank Palace (173)
  31. Thomas was too upset about Newt and Newt’s words to be afraid of the other Cranks (187)
  32. When Aris reaches Thomas, Thomas thinks that the boy is going to hug him (203)
  33. A group of the “subjects” were sold back to WICKED, including Frypan (203)
  34. Thomas didn’t believe that he would be capable of shooting a stranger in the head (211)
  35. Minho shot one of the guards directly in the foot, blowing off the side of his shoe and his toe (212)
  36. Thomas wanted to work with Brenda instead of Minho because he found that Minho’s temper was a liability (216)
  37. The Cranks placed something on the roads to blow the tires of the getaway car Lawrence was driving with Thomas and Brenda in it (224)
  38. Almost none of the members of the Right Arm are Immune (233)
  39. Thomas recognized Newt, even covered in bruises and having ripped hair out, from twenty feet away (244)
  40. Newt accuses Thomas of only caring about himself (248)
  41. Newt tackles Thomas onto the ground, narrowly being missed by the Launcher that was fired towards him (248)
  42. Thomas reaches for his gun before Newt starts pleading to be killed (249)
  43. Thomas closes his eyes and runs after shooting Newt, not able to look at the body (251)
  44. Thomas appears to suffer from PTSD from both Chuck and Newt’s death (252)
  45. Thomas waves at the beetle blade that he passes outside headquarters (257)
  46. Thomas and Teresa were the Final Candidates but it was narrowed down to Thomas in the end because Teresa is better at following instructions (261)
  47. There were over a hundred- 400 or 500 (296)- Immune put into the Maze, including babies and small children (294)
  48. WICKED sent up packaged food to the Immune three times a day (295)
  49. There’s a switch-like thing inside the Grievers that if it’s pulled from the body, they die (303)
  50. Teresa threw herself to a Griever to give Thomas time to save people (305)
  51. Roughly two hundred people made it out of the Maze alive (308)
  52. Thomas stabbed Rat Man/Director Janson in the armpit (314)
  53. Thomas referers to Chuck, Newt and Teresa as the three closest friends he’d ever had (317)
  54. Minho and Brenda pulled Thomas to his feet and dragged him away from Teresa’s body (317)
  55. The pain of watching Teresa die is what made Thomas decide not to tell Minho about Newt (319)
  56. Thomas believes that Brenda sounded like she knew something he didn’t (322)
  57. Ava Paige placed two Immunes in with the subjects and emplaced a plan to save the world with them *implying Brenda and Jorge?* (323)
  58. The last words of the original trilogy were “WICKED is good.” (324)

Michael Jackson films in Brazil (1996) 

The airport had never been that crowded, there were hundreds of fans waiting for Michael. Some of them had cameras and posters, some of them were dressed up like him. All the fans were singing “you are not alone”.

Michael and the kids were the last ones to walk out of the plane, he had a black mask on. He tried to stay a little at the airport but there was way too many confusion, so he got inside the car and left to his hotel. All the rooms of the 11th floor at the Tropical Hotel were reserved for Michael and his staff; he asked for white towels, water, fruits and orange and apple juice.

Michael arrived to Pelourinho on Saturday; he had an umbrella with him to protect him from the sun and a black shirt. He went inside a room to change his clothes. When he came out he was wearing a pair of jeans, Olodum t-shirt and a black waistcoat. 

While Michael was filming on the roof of a house, a fan tried to run to him but was stopped by bodyguards, when Michael noticed, he asked them to let her in to meet with him. She was inside the house with him for about one hour. When she came out she told the press: ‘I was shakinga lot. I can’t believe I was with him. He’s so humble… So nice. I didn’t understand anything he was telling me, but everyone can tell he was happy. I’ve never seen him that happy’. 

After that Michael went back inside the room to get changed once again. He changed the white t-shirt for a red t-shirt. Some brazilian women who were in the same building said: “Oh he’s very shy! He asked us to get out of the room so he could change his t-shirt, although we couldn’t see a thing… He laughed a lot, and looked very happy!’. 

Another fan broke the wall of security men while Michael was filming and dancing in the street. She tried to hugged him and made him fall, Spike Lee helped him up and he continued filming. In one of his last scenes, he asked a boy to dance with him, the boy was so nervous  that his lips turned white. 

Michael went shopping to Ipanema, the news quickly spread, everyone in Rio knew Michael was at the mall. He went to a music store, took some albums from The Beatles and The Beach Boys. Later on he went to a store of brazilian instruments, spent some time on the percussions section. After that, he went to the ‘Look Toy Store’, he ignored the security rules and walked out of the store to give autographs. Two little kids tried to dudge the security men and go in the store. Michael bought them toys and gave them some money, in return they gave him a brazilian coin as a token.

He received a platinum disc for selling 200.00 copies of HIStory in Brazil.           On Monday (12th of february) he flew back to New York City.


“The following people are not immune. Newt..”

Something like a jolt hit Thomas in the chest. He doubled over and stared at the floor. Rat Man called out a few more names, but none Thomas knew-he barely heard them over the dizzying buzz that seemed to fill his ears and fog his mind. He was surprised at his own reaction, hadn’t realized how much Newt meant to him until he heard the declaration. 


TMR Modern Aesthetics

Writer!Newt; He doesn’t talk much. He doesn’t have many friends but he’s very loyal to the few ones he has. He’s closed to himself and writing is more than his getaway. He likes writing about things he can’t say out loud, miracles and lost dreams. He likes loud music, waking up early and listening to the rain as it falls down.

So in Death Cure, it’s mentioned that Thomas wasn’t alive when the sun flare hit the Earth (44) but then in Kill Order, Teresa is like four and it’s been less than year since the sun flares isn’t it?

Is this a mistake or Teresa significantly older than Thomas?