fic: a lost boy (ready to be found)

This is my fic for the Todaydreambelievers 2016 fic exchange! My prompt was: husbands!Klaine finding each other again after one of them has been missing for a long time (years) because of some dramatic event - kidnapping, amnesia, voluntarily needing time away, midlife crisis, etc … Once they find each other again they have to then start over, getting to know each other, catching up with each other’s lives, etc.
Title is adapted from Troye Sivan’s song, Lost Boy.

warnings for kidnapping, some light physical injury, depression and angst.

word count: 41k | on AO3

for @fearlesslysgleefics. hope you enjoy it!

Kurt will not give up on finding Blaine.

Three years, and he refuses to give up. He still looks for Blaine on the street, listens for his laugh on the subway. Blaine’s clothes are still in the closet, and once every few months he gets them out and washes them, keeps them fresh and spritzes them with Blaine’s favourite cologne. He still goes to sleep on his side of the bed, even though more often than not he wakes sprawled across the entire mattress, or curled around Blaine’s pillow.

He still has his wedding ring, on a chain around his neck. Wearing it was too hard, people would ask after his husband and the explanation would leave Kurt cracked open and raw every time. He prefers it this way - it’s his reminder of Blaine, kept close to his heart, against his skin. He never takes it off.

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Fic: Pierce My Soul - Kurt/Blaine, PG-13

Summary: After meeting Kurt, the costume designer for the up and coming musical Jane Austen Sings, Blaine instantly regrets his hard-earned rule of not dating cast or crew. He briefly considers setting it aside, but he reminds himself sternly, it’s a rule for a reason. He doesn’t need the distraction.

Written for @threepwillow for the @todaydreambelieversfic fic exchange. Special thanks to the artist formerly known as tchrgleek for the beta. 

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The appearance of the small store with a bright yellow sign proclaiming “Cleaner Threads” feels like a miracle as Blaine rushes down the sidewalk. His sleeve — now in two — flaps behind him. His train had run late, and the addition of the torn sleeve nearly had in him tears. He hesitates briefly at the door, wondering if he really has the time, pondering his other options (there are none, except auditioning in his undershirt), but the sign propped in the window convinces him: “Can’t get it up?? We can! We do zippers. Same day alterations.” He pushes open the door.

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The Dizziness of Freedom

For @teilo, as part @todaydreambelieversfic 2016 Gift Exchange. With deep and abiding (and endless, seriously) thanks to @boroniaserrulata for all of her help tidying up all of my grammatical oversights and for highlighting the parts that didn’t make logical narrative sense, and to @quirkyquantumqueen, also for her help narrative clarity. They’ve made this story better, and I hope I’ve done their work justice here.
Prompt: Badboy and jealous/possessive: either Kurt or Blaine can be the badboy, jealous/possessive one. Would like to see this set when they are out of college.
Featuring Kurt with some type of attitude, the armour of a badboy, and a streak of not being remotely embarrassed to pursue what he wants. And man, he wants Blaine…
The usual warnings for my shit apply - there are themes of depression, anxiety, and recovery. Finn’s passing has a half a sentence mention, as does Burt’s health scare. There’s a passing reference to Blaine’s first Sadie Hawkins dance and the events thereof. There’s also reference to the events of the 601 flashback, re. Blaine’s initial break up. The boy who breaks his heart isn’t Kurt though. Also, medication and therapy, but in passing and not in focus. I have crammed a lot into my words!
To some extent, this is a meet-cute, and, what’s more, it’s on the AO3 here! (There’s also 7.1k of it, so buckle in.)

Blaine Anderson doesn’t quite know how he would define celebrity if he were asked (and he’s been asked). He does know that he doesn’t like to think of himself as whatever that is. However, due to a windfall television role when he left college, he does have a small level of fame, a loyal following on Twitter, and his own tag on TMZ, the last of which he would delete if he could. Blaine is 27 years old, almost twelve months out of the relationship documented by the TMZ tag, and one thing is absolutely positive: he really isn’t looking for anything the night he meets Kurt Hummel.

It’s been a long, exhausting year for Blaine. The previous May, he’d been happily in love with the man he was sure he was going to spend his forever with. He’d been planning a wedding, choosing flowers and cakes, arranging the seating and colour schemes, and although he’d been quietly aware that his fiancé hadn’t been quite as invested, he’d put it down to the pressure of long work days and too little free time. Weddings are stressful. It made sense that he had let Blaine shoulder the planning. It had been fun, Blaine had found, being able to share small details with his fans on Twitter and Instagram, their excitement the mirror for his own that he’d been lacking a little.

Through June and into July came the persistent rumours about his fiancé that he had ignored and refused to Google, and which became harder to gloss over when his mentions blew up with photographic evidence, and by August he’d moved back to his childhood home, where there was less attention and less pressure to keep smiling when his heart was breaking.

He spent most of August ghosting through his own life. He’d been spending whole days asleep, too tired and emotionally destroyed to even think about waking up for longer than it took to pee, and that went on until Labor Day, when his mom took it upon herself to contact everyone in his phone book who could possibly help. Between them, they’d agreed that perhaps a therapist may be able to help, certainly a doctor, and – when the tears abated and he realised that his tightest jeans were almost a size too big – had agreed that none of those things could hurt him more than he already hurt.

It’s been a long, painful road to recovery. He’s had to adapt to being not in the place he thought he would be. Instead of the husband and the stage career, he’s living in his brother’s apartment in Los Angeles and he’s piecing back together the scattered fragments of his heart whilst he works on a second degree part time, this time in music therapy, all the while maintaining his profile with small screen roles when he can get them. In his spare time, he runs a blog that’s gained a lot of traction, where he talks about his experiences with co-dependency, falling in love with the wrong people, and how he’s learned to live with anxiety and depression.

It’s the blog, not his acting, that has him on the path that will bring him to Kurt.

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A Spontaneous Adventure

This is my 2016 Fic Exchange contribution, and this one’s for @lilyvandersteen​! The ao3 post is here, where you can take a look at the prompts I used for inspiration. Thanks to my beta, Megan, and @todaydreambelievers​ for helping to make this happen! I hope you like it even though it’s shorter than I originally wanted.

summary: Kurt wakes up the morning after the Tony Awards, but it turns out he had a much more eventful night than he remembers.

Kurt’s head is pounding. The painful rhythm drags him awake against his best efforts to stay asleep and put off the world of reality and sobriety, with blurry vision he slowly blinks away. His first instinct is to reach for his phone, which sits on the nightstand next to him, filled with unread messages and missed calls.

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Pitch Perfect

This is my fic for @todaydreambelievers‘ Exchange Fic, my present for @lillemlan

Your prompt was : The Adventures of Kurt and Blaine After They Bring A New Pet Into Their Lives

I hope you’ll like it !

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“Don’t you dare.”

Kurt only has one leg out of the bed when Blaine’s sleepy mumble makes him freeze.

“Wha-,” he starts, but Blaine grumbles and turns in the bed to throw a one-eyed glare in his direction.

“Were you,” Blaine starts before pushing himself up to flop on his back, “or were you not, going to check on Pitch?”

Right on cue, the newest addition to the Hummel-Anderson household let out a pitiful whine.

Kurt looks down at the sheets and picks at the hem. “I was … just gonna get her a glass of water.”


“She’s obviously in distress!” Kurt protests, throwing the blanket away and slamming his hand on the mattress.

It doesn’t have the same impact as the gesture should provide.

Blaine looks at his hand before returning his gaze to his husband with a raised eyebrow. “You know what the shelter said,” he replies carefully, patting the bed until Kurt lies back in bed.

Grumbling and huffing, but lying back in bed.

“We need to establish that she’s at home, but it is our home,” Kurt drones on, rolling until he can rub his nose against Blaine’s chest. “It sucks.”

“God, how will you deal once we have a kid,” Blaine chuckles, reaching up to pet Kurt’s hair. “There, there. She’ll be fine.”

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Fic: Heart and Music

Kurt is ready for this summer to be different. Blaine hasn’t met Kurt yet, but he’s ready for the same thing. They look for answers to their loneliness in the same place – a leading role they both audition for.

Written for @redheadgleek’s prompt for the 2016 TDB Klaine Fic Gift Exchange: “Lima’s community center is putting on a summer play, after Kurt’s pretty miserable sophomore year. Meet cute where they’ve auditioned for the same part." 

Canon-divergent after Season 1. Warnings for mentions of homophobia and bullying. PG-13.

Please note: Familiarity with the show – A New Brain – is not necessary or expected. Songs referenced are linked and used in moderation.

Also note: Kurt and Blaine are competing, but that doesn’t mean we should pit them against each other. Let’s be kind to both of them, okay?

Thanks to @nikkisrandomthingsfan for being such a wonderful, patient beta!

Kurt likes to think he doesn’t bore easily. He’s an only child and an unusual one at that – he can entertain himself. He has fashion renderings he means to spend his summer on. He has reality TV to binge. He has his dad’s shop on busy days where it seems like the whole of Lima is in a rush to get on the road and take a vacation from it. Kurt likes to think he doesn’t bore easily even as he reclines with his sketchbook tossed to the side, the TV ignored and on low-volume in the background, his phone by his side without a person to talk to, waiting for something to happen.

Summer serves as a reminder of how few people he chooses to interact with besides his dad. He’ll arrange a few mall trips with Mercedes and Tina when Mercedes isn’t on a mission trip with her church and Tina isn’t at camp, but for now they have plans he doesn’t fit into. Two friends are too busy, and suddenly his whole social circle feels like a single dot. Maybe a music video will drop that Brittany will want to recreate, but that hasn’t happened yet. Without practice and each other’s drama to bring them together, he’s less sure about the likelihood of seeing the rest of the glee club. Maybe their friendship is meant to only be situational, and summer isn’t part of the deal.

He toys with his pencil without putting it to paper. He’s waited all year to have this much time. What is he going to do with it?

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TDB Podcast: Episode 22 The One With the Christmas Porn (A Very Glee Christmas/The Sue Sylvester Shuffle)

We dissect every thing about Baby, It’s Cold Outside, then chat about Memes and how much the Superbowl played a part in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, along with regular shenanigans.  

Host: Spaceorphan18

Guest(s): @ckerouac @slayerkitty

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The wind biting against her skin felt like sharp needles, a single gloved hand holding the hat in place atop her fiery locks. Ember could feel her heart beating so fast inside of her chest that it felt like it would burst. Her legs felt like gelatin, short, panting breaths barely covering the sound of her tall black boots clicking loudly against the concrete below. She’d done it, somehow, left it all behind to pursue her dreams that until tonight had just been in a place that she couldn’t reach. What would her parents think when they found her bed empty the next morning, what would they say, would they look for her

Ember asked these questions over and over in her mind’s eye, fighting the liquid that wanted to pour from her different colored hues and biting back any kind of logic that could make her throw out her resolve and turn back around. Roman and Neo hadn’t exactly been the best parents, but they did their best and Ember loved them very much. No, not this time. She’d left for good and wasn’t going back to that life. The young woman finally stumbled onto a bar she knew well enough from description, opting to go inside and maybe catch her breath a little as well as get out of the cold. Funny, the last she’d heard, a guy named Junior had run this place. The name and description was very familiar for her father had been a colleague of his, but when the teen looked around the lively area, Junior was nowhere to be found.

What if he isn’t here anymore? she wondered, thinking upon reevaluation that it was probably for the best. There was always the possibility that he would tell Roman and Neo where she was or what she was doing. No, she needed to leave, go elsewhere, maybe Atlas or somewhere else far away.

As soon as I catch my breath…then I’ll go.
Puppy Love - Teilo - Glee [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Glee
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez/Brittany S. Pierce
Characters: Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez, Brittany S. Pierce, Cooper Anderson
Summary: Blaine Anderson wants to find unconditional love. He finds that and more when his brother gives him a puppy to love.

This story was written for @pumpkinkurt for the 2016 Todaydreambelievers Fic Gift Exchange. 

Season 3 Podcasts

Okay – so I tried really hard to be fair when setting up who is doing what with the podcasts.  If anyone finds that I did not assign them their absolutely favorite of all time episode and are upset about it – let me know! 

Keep in mind that this list is tentative and subject to change.  

If anyone wants to jump in on the Prom episode, let me know! Yes, it’s an awful Dinosaur themed thing – but there’s actually a bunch of interesting things to talk about there.  

  • Special Podcast Glee Retrospective: @slayerkitty, @black-john-lennon, @sleepdeprivedmind

****There are four people on this podcast because I’m really not going to have a whole lot to say – so I’ll mostly just moderate the discussion. 

TDB Podcast: Episode 21 The One With the Alternate Universe (Special Education)

Kurt becomes a Warbler – and we have an in-depth discussion on how well he adjusts.  Plus - Blaine: Mentor or Love Interest, Bird Metaphors, and what would have been if Darren Criss hadn’t arrived.  

Host: Spaceorphan18

Guest(s): @heyjealousy09​, @slayerkitty 

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you didn’t know me. you knew the person you created. the indecisive, quieted, self-conscious, weak, timid, constantly holding back, scared, controlled, boring person I became. you didn’t know me. the loud, adventure-seeking, obnoxious, sarcastic, cursing, confident, strong, honest, blunt, proud person I was before you and am again now. you don’t fucking know me.

Season 3 Podcasting

So! We’re almost to the point where I’m wrapping up the recording of the season 2 podcasts! Crazy, huh.  Even though season 3 won’t be airing until January ‘17 (!!!) I’m going to try to get a jump start and record some of the early podcasts this fall.  Everyone who’s shown interest or has done it before should be getting a note from me soon.  But if you haven’t done the podcast – and this looks interesting – please drop a line! I’d be happy to put you on one! 


Main Episodic Podcasts:

  1. The Purple Piano Project
  2. I Am Unicorn
  3. Asian F/Pot o Gold
  4. The First Time***
  5. Mash Off/I Kissed a Girl/Hold Onto 16
  6. Extraordinary Merry Christmas
  7. Yes/No, Michael
  8. The Spanish Teacher, Heart
  9. On My Way
  10. Big Brother
  11. Saturday Night Gleever
  12. Dance With Somebody
  13. Choke
  14. Promasaurus
  15. Props, Nationals
  16. Goodbye

***To accommodate more people, the The First Time episode will be split into two podcasts, one focusing on solely the story within the episode, the other exploring outside content, such as the script, bts stuff, and fandom reactions, etc.  I’ll also probably allow more people on each of the podcasts. 

Special Podcasts:

  1. The First Time Special Podcast
  2. Blaine and Family
  3. Season 3 Music
  4. Season 3 Wrap Up
  5. Glee Retrospective seasons 1 and 2 (which will discuss fandom during seasons 1 and 2, and be placed before season 3 starts.)