tdap shot

Today was weird
  • 1st: Have a moderate fever for most of the night, wake up around 3 am to turn on air conditioner once fever breaks and am suddenly aware that it's 90 degrees in my apartment.
  • 2nd: Wake up at 8 am still largely unable to use my arm from the Tdap shot and feeling v. gross from the fever last night. Feel incredibly frustrated trying to dress professionally when I can barely zip my dress up.
  • 3rd: Drive north a few hours for a job interview and wonder the whole way what I'm doing.
  • 4th: Arrive an hour earlier than I meant to and nervously hang out at a Starbucks.
  • 5th: Head to the interview, arrive early but not too early, nervously sit in the reception area.
  • 6th: Go to interview, worry the whole time one of the people there doesn't seem to like how I'm answering the questions, am incredibly aware my eyes are still glassy from the fever.
  • 7th: Finish interview and head to find some place to pee and get food before heading home. Call mom, discuss how I'm not sure if the interview went well or not.
  • 8th: Go to a supermarket, pee, buy food, head back to car, see I missed a call from the place I just interviewed.
  • 9th: Call them back worried there's a problem.
  • 10th: Get offered a job an hour after I interviewed for it.
  • 11th: Drive home in a daze.
  • 12th: Get home and immediately start looking for roommates in the city I'd be moving to.
  • 13th: Idefk... sleep at some point but also pack, sell stuff, give 30 days to the landlord, put in two weeks at work, cry a bit from the shock, worry about moving house plants, pack some more.