yongguk’s yamazaki

Guys, Yamazaki is still on Yongguk’s channel, he hasn’t deleted it, just hidden it.

He’s changed the setting on the mv from public to unlisted which means that it no longer comes up in search results or shows up on his channel. The only way you can watch his mv on youtube is if you have the URL / link to it.

As we don’t know the reason why he’s done this, let’s just have faith in him and hope that all is well with him ❤️

[edit: i’ve added a link for those who were asking. please click here]

Friendly reminder: not every lesbian/bisexual/gay/trans character that dies on screen fits the BYG trope. A lot of deaths fall under the trope, but not all of them do.

LGBT characters shouldn’t be assumed immortal. LGBT characters should be allowed to suffer and have realistic moments like death and loss. Just because a character is LGBT doesn’t mean they’re above being human and guess what…humans die. They are exposed to pain, hardships, and things that are sometimes uncomfortable to watch. If you are sensitive to those kinds of storylines you always have the option to not tune in, but to go one step above and demand content creators NEVER kill gay characters then acting like it’s the end of the world when they do is a disservice to storytelling and severely limits the range of stories, experiences, and scenarios that LGBT characters can have in media.

Sure, we need and deserve more stories with happy endings but that doesn’t automatically mean a screenwriter being able to write LGBT characters dying in a film or television show is out of the question. One doesn’t cancel out the other. We simply need a better ratio. What we need is balance between the two outcomes, not the complete erasure of one possibility.

Stop labeling everything as BYG when it isn’t the case.

This has been a PSA.