there’s a lot of leshawna hate going around and i guess i should shed some light for the ignrorant:

  • leshawna was the first black woman to make it to the final five and likely would have won the first season if she didn’t get voted off because of a fluke
  • she was the MOST LIKED character of season one. she finished the show with only two enemies (eva & heather. both only disliked her because she stopped them from abusing other characters) and for good reasons too because!!
  • she’s
  • a
  • wonderful
  • friend
  • to 
  • everyone!!!
  • leshawna is a character who took negative black woman stereotypes (loud, big, overly confident, etc) and made them positive. she used all of these traits to her advantage and kicked ass season one and didn’t have to resort to dirty tricks to get further in the game (cough not like heather or courtney)
  • leshawna is also the only season one woc that isn’t an abuser (not counting katie)
  • not to mention heather made racist comments towards leshawna (calling her “ghetto glam” and “rap star wannabee”) and leshawna responded by throwing heather into a lake. that alone makes her incredible
  • and speaking of heather leshawna was the one of the only characters that would confront heather when she saw her harassing the other campers.
  • she also had the best ass in total drama history that counts for something
  • like i know yall are bitter that your fave boring white girls got voted off but her spot in the top 5 of td tumblr was well deserved but i can’t believe you’re even implying that leshawna is dull or undeserving of fandom attention when she’s honestly the best black woman i’ve seen in a cartoon and i seriously don’t see how she’s boring or unlikable as a character

reasons why leshawna should win td tumblr:

  • the first black woman to make it to the team merge
  • never let her relationship with harold stop her from competing
  • she honestly only existed in season 3 to move alejandros plot forward which was bullshit td tumblr is redemption
  • she was so protective and caring over everyone from gwen thinking trent was cheating on her to throwing wood at chris when he teased duncan about courtney
  • she beat the shit out of heather never forget
  • also speaking of heather leshawna was there to protect lindsay and (especially) beth when they spoke out against heathers abuse
  • best dancer in total drama history
  • booty of a queen
  • so fucking well loved by her teammates even courtney couldn’t say shit about her
  • in conclusion leshawna for queen of td tumblr