The TD Tumblr Final 10 - All Girl Appreciation Post!

I’m so happy that we got all girls for the final 10 for the fan-favorite competition! It kinda really shows that we have some fantastic girl characters in this show and we all wanted them to go far! Here’s for hopping for a girl finale in the next season of total drama!

reasons why leshawna should win td tumblr:

  • the first black woman to make it to the team merge
  • never let her relationship with harold stop her from competing
  • she honestly only existed in season 3 to move alejandros plot forward which was bullshit td tumblr is redemption
  • she was so protective and caring over everyone from gwen thinking trent was cheating on her to throwing wood at chris when he teased duncan about courtney
  • she beat the shit out of heather never forget
  • also speaking of heather leshawna was there to protect lindsay and (especially) beth when they spoke out against heathers abuse
  • best dancer in total drama history
  • booty of a queen
  • so fucking well loved by her teammates even courtney couldn’t say shit about her
  • in conclusion leshawna for queen of td tumblr