((so @badlydrawnartofkanda thought of the au where muse’s lives are based off the mun’s so, uni student and double major kanda, suffering in statistics and journalism units, regularly being rude as hell, and always having bad luck with public transport

will probs draw more little stories bc theres a lot of amusing ones))

25/09/16 • 8:42PM • 4/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY // today was sooooo laaaaazy, but i’m sick so can’t be helped, i suppose. tomorrow i’ve got my first tutorial for social anthropology, and also my first tutorial, like, EVER! so fingers crossed that that goes well! going to finish this chapter on the sources of law now and then do my reading from ‘the sexual life of savages’, which, yeah, is a hella problematic title - u gross af, malinowski. (ps that’s my bullet journal in the corner, which i haven’t posted a pic of in a hot minute! i’ve been doing weekly spreads for the past month and lordy lord i love that so much)

Facebook will now be officially working with Israel to monitor posts for what Israel deems to be “inciteful content”

According to Israel….this includes anything from support of BDS, to Palestinians critical of Israeli policy and what the scum IDF have done to us, to recounting of our own experiences as Palestinians

As it stands, Israel already regularly screens the social media accounts of people trying to enter it, banning Palestinians who openly support BDS from entry, detaining activists, and even going so far as to allow them entry, only to arrest them later.

To make matters worse?

Israel has hired the Chief of Staff of the Washington DC Israeli embassy to work for them as “head of policy and communications at Facebook’s Israel office”

What’s happened in the first freaking day since this new policy was officially put in place?

8 Palestinian journalists had their accounts disables by Facebook

As if things weren’t already risky enough for us as Palestinians writing on our circumstances, our history, and our lives…the largest social media network is now actively working alongside the government that wants us erased from history.

A foreign country will be dictating to Facebook what posts it doesn’t like and wants removed

But hey, ~~~~”””””””””””””””””Freedom of Speech”””””””””””””””~~~~~~~~ right?

Parallels of Episode 4x12 “Still” and 5x12 “Remember”

I’m re-watching season 5 of TWD currently and noticed a lot of parallels between these two episodes regarding Bethyl. It’s actually unbelievable how obvious they made it with some of the scenes & script. I know some of these things have probably been talked about, but I was getting asks/messages to do this because of my posts the other day. If you have made a meta about this please let me know so I can link it in this post, the more the merrier! 

So let’s begin:

In the beginning of 5x12 Deanna is interviewing Rick and tells him she used to be a congress person. She then asks Rick, “What were you?” and he says “I don’t think it matters anymore” and she replies “Oh, I think it does”.

This called back to me two different things from 4x12. First, remember when Beth sees the lady on a stand with the sign “Rich Bitch” on her and she asks Daryl to help her take her down? Daryl replies “It don’t matter she’s dead” and Beth says “It does matter”. Sounds like Rick and Deanna’s conversation. 

Secondly, it called back to me Beth trying to guess what Daryl used to be before the apocalypse. Both episodes consisted of talking about what people used to do before the apocalypse.

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The Blurriness of Emily’s Latest Picture: Could it Be Beth?

Good morning, Everyone! So today, I’m actually posting two theories. But they’re small. I promise. :D One is mostly pictures. The reason I’m posting two rather than pushing one out until tomorrow is that I had one all ready to go, which I owe creds to a follower for, and then a second follower (@beth-is-alive) reached out to me with something she was having trouble posting on her account.

I’m actually posting that one first this morning because it’s the hot topic everyone is posting about: Emily Kinney’s blurry picture from Twitter.

So when I saw that, I honestly didn’t think much of it. People asked me if I thought it was a TWD thing or just a music thing. I didn’t know, but…I don’t know. I honestly didn’t think on it much, but I didn’t see the point in worrying about it because it will be revealed eventually and chances are it ISN’T TWD related, right?

Hmmm. Maybe. Maybe not. So then I was asked to post this. I think it’s pretty awesome!

Just take a look…

Okay, so obviously I need to pay closer attention. Everyone remember during (or just before) 6b, when I freaked out, saying Beth was in the promo pics? Remember this post?

What @beth-is-alive has observed here is VERY similar to what I said about that blurry picture last season.

And just for the record? I still think that blurry pic is Beth. No, she wasn’t in the season, but who else would it be? Denise? Jessie? They wouldn’t have any need to hide those characters from us in a blurry picture. I think they threw this into the promos to signify that something hidden is going on behind the scenes that we aren’t seeing yet. 

And now this blurry picture from EK the other day. Thanks so much for this, @beth-is-alive. Definitely thought-provoking and I hope you’re 100% right.


24/09/16 • 11:33PM • 3/100 DAYS OF PRODUCTIVITY // soooooo i skipped the last two days of being productive and posting a photo about it because i was (am) sick and i couldn’t be bothered. shrug emoticon. anyways, i’m setting up my weekly bullet journal spread for next week, and i’m lovin’ the wallpaper i just changed my desktop to - it’s by @thearialligraphyproject, who’s total goals. gonna facetime the boyfriend now, so i’ll catch y’all later!

Technical Director

Technical Director: is responsible for supervising and managing all areas of technical theatre and production management. Must have BFA or BA in technical theatre and have professional-model experience in technical theatre. The time of the TD will be split between drafting, budgeting, purchasing of materials and equipment, building on the shop floor, and management responsibilities including hiring, supervision, and day-to-day shop and theatre operations. The TD will lead all load in and strikes and is responsible for safety in the scene shop and theatre space for the shop staff and other company members. In this position you should expect to work nights and weekends. Must be a good communicator and be a strong leader including the ability to work within budget and timeline parameters

-Working knowledge of technical theatre including theatrical building techniques and rigging 
-Drafting in Auto CAD and/or Vectorworks, creating construction drawings, budgeting scenery costs and timelines, and working with scenic designers 
-Scene, costume, prop shop efficiency, safety and procedures; versed in OSCHA regulations
-Ability to set up inventory control, purchasing, budgeting, scheduling and rental of assets systems for staff to implement and maintain 
-Rentals of facilities and supporting of same from a technical needs perspective
-Willingness to work at heights and must be able to lift 75 lbs. 

A valid license is required and ability to drive a box truck a plus. Special license not required

Compensation and Contract Period: $550 per week negotiable based on experience/finalized duties plus housing. 

This position is being actively recruited to be filled as soon as possible and while it runs through August 2017, single or multiple show contracts will be considered; for a one year contract, early release may be awarded with notice and by mutual agreement. CMP may offer a partial season contract and/or probationary period contract. 

Please no phone calls.

Cider Mill Playhouse

Gail Belokur - Executive Artistic Director 


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