td confessions

When in the course of human events...

I know I don’t have many followers and that no one will probably read this, but I have to get this down before I frustrate myself any more with the ramblings in my head.

After the shitstorm that was this weekend, I’ve come to terms with a few things:

- None of this makes any flipping sense, and it hasn’t since PCAs  I smelled a VERY stinky rat at that point.

- Sam and Cait practically bookended any interview questions this weekend about fan interactions with a hesitant well there are problems, but FANS ARE GREAT comment.  Something regarding the fans happened.  They just didn’t want to admit it publicly.  Cait saved Sam a few times on this.

- Faces, words and actions don’t add up to the same story

- I know the difference between J/C and S/C.  That’s a hard line for me.  NO problems with distinction, and I’m insulted at the insinuation.

- Cait’s tweet of be kind to one another would have hit a chord with me if she and Sam had done the same with the video statement.

- Oh Sam.  Make up your mind.  Is it nice we feel that way or its odd?  Which is it?

- If we are delusional, so are Finn Den Hertog, make up guy, Luke, and many others.  This INCLUDES Sam and Cait.

- I’m mad, confused, hurt, and frustrated.

- Shipping is not bad!  Everything in moderation!

- My head says they aren’t together.  My heart and gut says otherwise.  

- TD.  Ugh.  

- Confession time.  I didn’t like Cait’s black GG dress.  I much preferred the white after party dress. She’s still drop dead gorgeous, regardless.

- Sam looked great, but Richard Rankin still gets my heart pumping more.  Sorry, not sorry.

- I’m giving up my stateroom on the ship, BUT I’m stringing a hammock on deck using my intuition, logic, @pufflander​’s Stella, and @intuitivetarotanon​ ‘s readings (crazy on the money, by the way!).  It’s all I’ve got, but it’s going to have to be enough for me.  At least up here I can watch for a storm.

- I would love nothing more than to sit down with the two of them and have an honest chat about what the ever loving fuck happened.  I know I can’t get everything, but in the spirit of Outlander, I wish I knew that what they gave me is the truth.