☆ Next Poll… Favorite Younger Sister?

Sorry Sakuya!

Alright so, Sakuya is NOT a Lunarian. I don’t want to spread misinformation, so I’m editing this post for anyone who finds it in the future. The reason she was included in this poll was because back when DDC came out, there was a rumor going around that her character select profile confirmed she was. As I wasn’t as in touch with the fandom at that particular point in time due to life and personal problems, I didn’t look into it before making the poll.

This was also the last poll I posted before taking a half year break from the blog. When I came back, I made this post, still oblivious to the fact that Lunarian Sakuya being confirmed was just a false rumor.

tldr; i got overexcited at a potentially confirmed lunarian and didn’t fact check