Well the cats are out of the bag, Swiz did a reunion this past Friday and Saturday and it was great! Alfred and I went to the show Friday to actually catch our friends In GIVE and wanted to see RED HARE again. My first video footage of their 2nd show was only two songs. So I thought this might be the only time I can see Red Hare play. This was at a lil pizza place called Comet Ping pong. I did see Shannon and the Clams a year ago there with Nikki. Not the greatest sound in the place (I was spoiled for 8 years in LA) and my camera started getting distorted after 2 songs into RED HARE. So I happened to take out my Iphone 6 when I noticed they were changing drummers. The original line up of SWIZ setted up and belted out 4 songs. They didn’t have merch on Friday night and for some odd reason the people working the GIVE table were being a bit difficult so I didn’t grab a record release either.
The next day I went to the Black Cat and met up with some friends. We got there right before Moss Icon setted up and the Soul Side Shirts were already sold out, just mediums and smalls were left. Swiz didn’t sell merch till after they played. I did manage to get a jacket for 15 bucks; they only had xxl and no XL. So I did pick up a jacket for me and a t shirt for Dan Foundation. The t shirt is on soft spun and it has the logo with the TCTP logo aka total cool total power. I also picked up the documentary on positive force; if you look in the right hand corner of the title screen you can see me. That was in 1992…. Ps Dan can you text me your address

Maybe this is a good sign. I just finished going through 15 production photos from season three. This is the ONLY shot of Lori I found. One blurry pic of part of her face. Lets keep our fingers crossed…maybe she turns and gets hacked by a machete wielding hottie.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Production Photos

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies), Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Season 3

Photo by Gene Page/AMC