Rescuers find baby trapped in rubble 22 hours after the Nepal earthquake

So wonderful to hear a glimmer of good news amidst such an awful tragedy.

from KTLA:

A 4-month-old baby was rescued from a destroyed building in the town of Bhaktapur at least 22 hours after the quake struck, the newspaper Kathmandu Today reported.

A Nepali military team had failed to notice the child during its search but returned after his cry was heard, the newspaper said.

The little boy, whose name is Sonit Awal, was reported to be in stable condition without any internal injuries, according to initial examinations.
CNN hasn’t independently confirmed Sonit’s rescue, but the newspaper published photos showing the dust-caked infant being lifted by Nepali soldiers in the ruined structure.

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If you want to donate to rescue and recovery efforts, we highly recommend Convoy of Hope, a first-class disaster relief organization that already has people on the en rout to Nepal.

British sniper saves boy and father from ISIS beheading with incredible half-mile shot

Now this is some military heroism worth cheering about! 

from Blaze:

An SAS ground unit had moved into position just outside the village where the gruesome punishment was being meted out.

“Through binoculars, the soldiers could see that the crowd were terrified and many were in tears,” the source said.

Soon, a man and his young son were pulled from the crowd, blindfolded, and placed on their knees.

“A tall bearded man emerged and drew a long knife,” the source reportedly said. “He began addressing the crowd and slapping the father and his son around the head and kicking them onto the floor.”

The knife-wielding jihadist was flanked by two men toting AK-47s.

That’s when the SAS sniper killed the executioner using a .50-caliber rifle shot from 1,000 meters away, more than half a mile.

“The ISIS thug who was about to decapitate the father was shot in the head and collapsed,” the unnamed source told the Daily Star. ”Everyone just stared in confusion. The sniper then dispatched the two henchmen with single shots – three kills with three bullets.”

After the militants were killed, the boy and his father were untied and ran away toward the Turkish border.

The Star reported that the sniper plan gelled after the unit rejected calling in an aerial drone attack due to the risk that innocent bystanders would be killed.

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Three kills, three bullets.  The good guys won, the bad guys died in a pink mist.

Baltimore rioters burn down new senior center built by church

This is truly tragic. A new senior center that was being built by a church in order to provide affordable housing for the elderly in the community was apparently burnt down by the Baltimore rioters. Here is a photo of the pastor as he looks on in sadness and disbelief:

This makes me sad for our country.
The 5 Most Important Points of Pope Francis's Climate Change Encyclical
We can and must make things better

Hot topic of the moment. Not everyone agrees with the Pope’s encyclical, and I have little ‘faith’ that the environmental community will do anything more than wave the Pope’s call around for political gain. I doubt they (well, ‘we’ since I am clearly part of the enviro-community!) will change behaviors to pivot to help others. We won’t agree to get involved in political decision making (are you going to run for office or go to your city council meetings?). I doubt we’ll make serious and effective efforts to basically reverse the western way of life. And I am firmly confident the enviro-left will absolutely reject his call to reduce investments and dependence on new technologies.

So, what will change because of his call? After all, conservatives and business leaders around the world have openly condemned Pope Francis as a temporary blip. The right are masters of the ad-hominen attack (namely because the media eats it up). The right thinks the Pope no longer has influence. So, to them, it’s not risky to throw a world-religious leader under the bus. For me, I wonder if there are changes, how will people be held accountable if they don’t act? How will possible changes be monitored and measured? Climate denial knows no bounds.  

Here are the five according to TIME:

1. Climate change is real, and it’s getting worse. Though some politicians in the U.S. still argue about the reality of the climate change, Pope Francis doesn’t mince words: “Climate change is a global problem with grave implications: environmental, social, economic, political and for the distribution of goods. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day,” he says. “If present trends continue, this century may well witness extraordinary climate change and an unprecedented destruction of ecosystems, with serious consequences for all of us.”

2. Human beings are a major contributor to climate change. While many agree that climate change is real, some believe that human beings don’t contribute to it. The science suggests otherwise, and Pope Francis—a trained chemist—says human beings do have an effect on the Earth: “We have come to see ourselves as her lords and masters, entitled to plunder her at will.”

3. Climate change disproportionately affects the poor. Climate change’s worst impact, Pope Francis says, “will probably be felt by developing countries in coming decades. Many of the poor live in areas particularly affected by phenomena related to warming, and their means of subsistence are largely dependent on natural reserves and ecosystemic services such as agriculture, fishing and forestry.” This environmental inequality creates a strange economic phenomenon: Poor countries are often financially indebted to rich countries. The world has what Pope Francis calls a “social debt towards the poor … because they are denied the right to a life consistent with their inalienable dignity.”

4. We can and must make things better. Some of those who study climate change believe this process to be irreversible, too far gone. But Francis—whose first major letter was entitled Joy of the Gospel—says he doesn’t believe we should be robbed of hope. “Human beings, while capable of the worst, are also capable of rising above themselves, choosing again what is good, and making a new start”

5. Individuals can help, but politicians must lead the charge. Francis argues that personal responsibility is an important step toward reversing climate change, but that political and structural transformations are needed for lasting change. “Every effort to protect and improve our world entails profound changes in lifestyles, models of production and consumption, and the established structures of power which today govern societies.”

Twitter skewers the absurd, politically correct “safe space” culture with “Offend a College Student Day”

It’s things like this that are the reason why Twitter exists. Today, a hashtag exploded with raucous and hilarious jabs at the on-campus politically correct culture that has turned the University of Missouri upside down. Friend of Poor Richard’s News Iowahawk started #NationalOffendACollegeStudentDay. Here are some of our favorite tweets. Fair warning: there are belly laughs ahead.

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Oregon officials now going after the home of bakers who refused to bake for lesbian wedding

For the LGBT activists in Oregon’s government, forcing this Christian couple to close their business isn’t enough.  Now they’re going after their home, ordering them to pay $135,000 by Monday or face a lien on their mortgage.

from Todd Starnes:

Two Christian bakers who refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding have been ordered to pay $135,000 in damages by July 13 or else the state of Oregon could place a lien on their home.

Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, were punished by the state’s Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) for unlawfully discriminating against a same-sex couple.

The Kleins, who are devout evangelical Christians, argued that baking the cake would be a violation of their religious beliefs.

The BOLI ruling ordered the mom-and-pop bakers to pay $135,000 to the lesbian couple. They were also slapped with a gag order that prohibits them from speaking publicly about their refusal to participate in or bake wedding cakes for same-sex unions.

And now - they have until July 13 to pay the damages or else face additional fines and a possible lien on their home.

“This is intimidation and bullying - that’s exactly what it is,” Klein told me in a telephone interview.“ They are trying to strong-arm me into handing over $135,000 to the two girls and if I win on appeal - they will never pay me back.”

A BOLI spokesman confirmed they sent a standard payment letter to the Kleins’ attorney.

“The letter informs them that if we do not hear from them, we may turn the matter over to the Department of Revenue, which can place a lien on real property,” the spokesman told me.

BOLI said they would also be willing to accept either a full payment or payment arrangements.

“Of course, they can also ask for a stay of enforcement while they pursue their appeal,” the spokesman said.

But there’s a catch. The person who will determine whether or not to stay the order — is BOLI Commissioner Brad Avakian — a vocal supporter of the LGBTQIA movement.

“The judge, jury and executioner are all in one place,” said Anna Harmon, the Kleins’ attorney. “He is intent on using his office to root out thought and speech with which he personally disagrees.”

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This is what happens when you allow the government to decide whose “rights” are more important.  It’s tyranny, pure and simple.