Little White Lies // Children Of Men

I had the chance to illustrate one of my favourite films of all time, Children of Men, for the latest issue of Little White Lies.

A little later in the month, this image, along with 9 other original artworks based on post apocalyptic movies, will be part of an exhibition at 71a Gallery in London and sold as high quality A2 prints. Keep an eye out for more info.

Big thanks to Timba Smits and the guys at TCOLondon.

HAAppy birthday to us! And a special present for you...

To celebrate our 2nd birthday - and our 10th anniversary - we have a very special present for anyone who loves magazines.

Human After All is two years old on 2 March (that’s us two years ago ^), which is an exciting chance for us to reflect on our vision as a creative agency. Because although we’re about to celebrate our second birthday, it’s actually the 10th anniversary of our founders beginning work together.

Our team began its journey exactly one decade ago by launching The Church of London (a design agency) and Little White Lies (a movie magazine). The Church of London was founded on 5 January and Little White Lies first hit the shelves on 12 March 2005.

We spent the next eight years of our lives building TCOLondon and LWLies. Then, two years ago, we said goodbye to the company and the magazine to form a new creative agency. We were now Human After All.

It was a great opportunity for us to pause for breath (those eight years had been pretty relentless) and to think about both the kind of creative company we wanted to be and the kind of work we wanted to do.

As a team, we focus on how best to help our clients and this will always be the core of what we do. But from the day we became Human After All, we also knew that a return to publishing and to movies was a certainty. We began planning two self-initiated passion projects: a new magazine called Weapons of Reason and a new weekly film service called delve.

Weapons of Reason issue one launched in October 2014 and delve launched on 2 January 2015. Both represent not just a chance for us to engage in projects and cultures that we love, but for us to practise what we preach: to embody the central purpose that keeps us energised to build our creative company.

Our mission

We’ll keep stressing this purpose whenever we can: we believe that creativity connects and our mission is to use creativity to connect people with their passions.

This really means something to us. We learned it, hands-on, during those eight years before becoming Human After All. We launched LWLies simply because we wanted to share and shout our opinions on film. But after eight years, three websites, the launch of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the advent of big data, our goal had changed entirely: we now wanted to help people love film more. We believe that seeing films is an amazing, life-enriching experience and we want to inspire everyone to see more of them.

All our publishing endeavours had led us somewhere: to be useful. It was a revelation that, as we became Human After All, gave us a new sense of purpose. It wasn’t our magazine that had achieved this connection with people, or our social channels or our events or our use of data. It was our creativity. Our ideas. Our understanding of people’s passions and pains and our desire to bring them closer to the things they love. 

So this is where we’re at now. Weapons of Reason’s aim is to use our creative skills as a force for good, to connect people with the complexities of the biggest challenges facing our planet. Driven by our goal to help people love film more, delve’s mission is show how great movies enrich your life, inspiring you to go to the cinema and then discover the world.

Our birthday/anniversary present to you

We learned a lot this past decade and often the hard way. We failed a lot. We did some great things and some not-so-great things.

The main point is, we were always learning. We’ve given a lot of talks over the years and have found that taking the time to make a presentation about how you think and how you work is a great way to reflect upon and codify those very things.

So from now on, we’ll try to do more of that here on our site. To celebrate our 2nd birthday and our 10th anniversary, we’re going to start by giving you the Publishing Playbook.

What is the Publishing Playbook?

The Playbook (head here to request access) is a shared resource of documents containing everything we learned during our time working in publishing. It comprises:

  • A principal 12,000-word document: the Playbook itself
  • A magazine business plan: all the main financial considerations of publishing in print
  • A magazine megadoc: everything you need to plan an issue of a magazine
  • A shared Google Drive folder: helpful documents that we’ve created to make magazines

Each of these files are downloadable, so you can make your own copies and start using them. The Playbook is all we know about publishing, which is a truly all-encompassing communications endeavour. You’ll find chapters in here on everything from interrogating your concept and brand-building, to seeking sponsorship, buying print, getting distributed and managing subscriptions. Our knowledge is now yours.

We believe that magazines are wonderful communication tools and nothing would make us happier than to see more and more of them in the world - connecting people to things they love, sharing and shouting about interesting and important topics, being useful. We hope that the Publishing Playbook will prove useful for anyone with passion and purpose.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

Human After All