aoifeassists asked:

daily reminder that you are legit the cutest thing ever and i wanna cuddle you 'til bambi punches me

daily reminder that i love you and that you are amazing and that you should definitely come cuddle me right this instant

anonymous asked:

The girl is my friend, and she told me she sent you a message about the entire situation. I just think you should back off a little. You're both from the same country and you obviously have different opinions, but she's fifteen years old give her a break, no need to be so over-protective about your opinion.

She sent me a message alright, and I answered that. I had reblogged the second post from her before I saw her message (which didn’t specify that she wanted to be left alone).
If she has an issue with me, she can tell me to leave her alone and I will (I’m a firm believer in not involving third-parties, unless I am being unreasonable.. but I assure you, if she sends me a message that she’d appreciate it that I stop then I will stop).
15 years is old enough to have a discussion. She publishes publicly, then this can happen. I’ll try to be reasonable, but I’d rather talk to her than to a greyface like you.
Again, I think she and I can cut this off in a civil manner. She hasn’t given clear indications that she wants to be left alone, but if you are correct I’ll receive one in my ask box any minute and then that will be that, you have my word. 

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lol no tryna be rude here or anything but that girl you keep reblogging zwarte piet posts from has made it clear like twenty times that it's her opinion and i get that you want to defend your opinion and all but seriously let the girl be and stop stalking her

You’re allowed to talk in the first person, I don’t bite.
Sure, if I come across as ‘stalking’ I’ll take a step back. (Please, tell me so yourself because I don’t react well to “protective” fellas)

(Keep reblogging: Two times, once yesterday and once today)
(Twenty times vs. Once per post that I’ve reblogged?)

But, like I said, she can leave me a message to stop reblogging her posts or stop answering her asks and I’ll happily oblige - it just has to come from the girl herself.