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Tsubasa Chronicle Month
⤷ Day 9 - Universe Alterations

Ashura, on behalf of Yuuko, intervenes and saves Fai and Yuui from FWR’s grip. Fai has strong healing powers and stays behind with Ashura to protect the king from his inflicting curse, while Yuui goes on the journey as planned.

Tomoyo is unable to save Youou from FWR’s influence. He’s led to believe that someone else, a powerful witch named Yuuko, has murdered his beloved mother. If he wishes to enact vengeance, he must serve Tomoyo, who can send him to Yuuko. But he can’t kill her then. From there, he must protect a princess and a boy from another world, help FWR foil Yuuko’s schemes, and take down her pawn Yuui if needed.