I’d rather be the one leaving than the one being left alone- yes it’s that obvious when being said. But when I tell people who’s leaving, “I’ll miss you so much you’d have no idea”, they always answer similarly with, “Well at least it’s not you who’s leaving. You’re only going to need to miss me, I have to miss you plus everything else.” The truth is no, you get to meet new people, be a new person, learn new things, have a new life. But I’m stuck here, with the same old people, being the same old me, live the same old life- no, it’s not same without you.

a tiny part of me tells me this has gotta stop
one day we’ll fall hard for each other
and the consequence would be harder
one day she’ll find out the hard way
and finding a way out would be harder
there’s no “i love you"s between us
but damn there’s some shit words can’t explain

falling in love is like writing on a blank piece of paper
you let your first love scribble on it
and you search for people based on the scribbles
then you let them scribble over the leftover spaces
but because I’m not much of an environmentalist
I chose to pick up another blank piece of paper
and now I’m leaving it all to you

love without satisfying sex
is like home without proper meals
when no one is there to cook you dinner
isn’t it okay to call takeaway
isn’t okay for you to call me
isn’t okay for me to call you