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  1. Picture This - Kero Kero Bonito 
  2. La Femme Fetal - Digable Planets
  3. Present Tense - Radiohead 
  4. Champagne Year - St. Vincent
  5. Tricentennial - Battles
  6. From Tchernobyl With Love - La Femme
  7. Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset - Modest Mouse
  8. World Princess part II - Grimes 
  9. Saunter - Arca 
  10. GOD. - Kendrick Lamar

i cheated cause radiohead, arca and la femme came up more than once so i skipped them 

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Actually I think anyone who is opposed to something (whatever ig is) claims to have moral superiority over the others. Eg, the believers in conspiracy theories. And they don't even have to be particularly nutty for this. For example, my mom is a pure leftist and is thus very much against any nuclear power, whereas I did a master thesis in the materials used in material power plant (so I like to think I know a little bit the subject). When we argue, I always lay out my arguments, give (1/2)

examples and quotes, and her only arguments are “It’s dangerous”, “But, Tchernobyl…” and the best one “of course, you believe in this, the nuclear lobby was paying your teachers.” (And when I point out that reading exclusively antinuclear press may not be the best to have a unbiased opinion, it’s always “it’s different, my opinion is freer than yours!”. I don’t even think she listens to my points, she just wants me to admit I’m wrong. I tgink it’s the page for that person or a lot  of people on the internet or in real life. They’re not looking for a debate, they just want you to concede your defeat and admit they’re just better at knowing things than you. I just want to specify I’m not looking for a debate on nuclear power. I was just explaining as an example of people who don’t want to listen to different opinions, because they’re so sure they’re rightTM

under the cut for TW sexual abuse and TW historical ace/homophobia

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An Evening with Alexander Kluge | MoMA

October 24: Join us for an evening with Alexander Kluge, a leading figure of the New German Cinema. This evening’s program, produced by Kluge especially for MoMA, consists of three parts: the first centering on events like “Bataclan” (Paris attacks, November 13, 2015), the second on labor and security (Tchernobyl, with Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich), and the third on the strange answers that operas give to our time (with a contribution from Richard Sennett: “Why don’t dictators learn from operas?”). Each section is followed by a conversation with the artist.

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( the original video was misteriously erased from youtube )


(I decided to translate almost everything this man is saying because it’s important. For Japan, for everyone living in a country using Nuclear , for the earth.

Hi everyone, it’s June,15th 2011 in Tokyo, Japan. […] you’re probably wondering how the crisis is controlled here, as i already said, we are on June,15th so 3 months after the explosions in Fukushima. The crisis is absolutely not controlled here. i’m gonna give you some informations which are in the japanese newspapers today : a farmer killed himself. saturday. a farmer hanged himself. in his farm. He wrote some words on the wall with a white chalk : “I would have preffered that there were no power plant in this region.” other sentences were for the other farmers : “ Be strong in front of Nuclear. Don’t fall like me. ” Tell me why a farmer would hang himself if the situation was under control. This poor guy, since three months, had to throw away his milk, his milk was radioactive. He throw away it on the floor, which is also radioactive. Then, he had to kill his 30 cows because they were unproductive. and finally, he killed himself, this weekend. […] In Japan, in Fukushima, the government is going to give 35 000 dosimeters to the kids of Fukushima. because the parents there live with around 2/6 microsiviert per hour. They’re going to give 35000 dosimeters to the kids. You know what are dosimeters ? It’s a little engine like a thermometer that you have to hang on you. It’s the machines that have the workers in the Power Plants. This dosimeter, it only have one capacity : showing you how much radioactivity is entering into your body. Every hour, every minute. It doesn’t protect anyone. That’s what happening in Japan, they’re going to give out 35000 dosimeters to 35000 little kids in Japan so they go with it to school and their parents can check how much radioactivity entered into the body of their kids. Japan is going to be the first country to send kids with Dosimeters to school to know how much radioactivity they’re “eating” every day. The excuse of japanese government about radioactivity is here, in that little square, that’s the excuse why we need Nuclear in Japan, France, America, Italia, England : If we stop nuclear in Japan, the electricity bills are going to increase. […] If they stop nuclear in Japan, the increase will be of 1000 yen per month so 9 EUROS […] i’m gonna tell you one thing, as a parent, these nine/ten euros per month on my electricity bill, i’m gonna pay them because 10euros is nothing ! […] Do you wanna send your kids to school with a dosimeter on their shirt ? and control every night how much plutonium your kid “ate” today ?? No, you don’t want to and that’s exactly what is going on here in Japan. […] They released in the Ocean 720 000 billion of becquerel since the beginning of this story. And in the atmosphere, 770 000 billion of becquerel. You must have heard that what was released was just 15 per cent of what was released in Tchernobyl . So 15 per cent for the ocean and 15 per cent for the atmosphere.. it means that we have released 30 per cent of what was released in Tchernobyl. And everyone is saying that it’s not going to affect the health. But, in reality, what we are releasing here is going to create leukemias, bones cancers, brain cancers. Firstly to the local population and secondly, in the ocean. It’s going to affect the animals in the ocean, the seabed […] they’re going to send kids with dosimeters to school and soon with masks and maybe with anti-nuclear suits. Is it it what you want for your kids ? To send them to school with anti-nuclear suits and live in bunkers with some water stocks and have to kill your neighbor in order to steal his water bottle ? If there’s nuclear issues in your country, you’re going to think “I need to survive. Me and my kids” and what are you going to do ? There will be no water. […] If one day a nuclear center explode in France, and you know that they can explode, it doesn’t only happen to the others, it happened to me and look, i am like you, i am french , i have the same face as you and it’s happening to me, there, 2OOkm away from here. There’s a plutonium swimming pool and they don’t know how to make her stand. and it’s going to let all the plutonium fall on the floor and pollute all the islands of Japan. If the plutonium falls on the floor, we are all dead. If a nuclear center explodes in your country, it’s going to happen exactly the same as here.


From Tchernobyl with Love