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Chernobyl exclusion zone exploration, 6&7 April 2013.

“300 seconds will produce a relatively quick death, which is better than many alternatives. 

After just 30 seconds of exposure, dizziness and fatigue will find you a week later. Two minutes of exposure and your cells will soon begin to hemorrhage; four minutes: vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. 300 seconds and you have two days to live. 

By the fall of 1986, the emergency crews fighting to contain the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl made it into a steam corridor beneath failed reactor Number 4. Inside this chamber they found black lava that had oozed straight from the core. The most famous formation was a solid flow that their radiation sensors firmly told them not to approach. With cameras pushed in from around a corner, the workers dubbed the dimly lit mass “the Elephant’s Foot.” According to readings taken at the time, the still hot portion of molten core put out enough radiation to give a lethal dose in 300 seconds.

The Elephant’s Foot could be the most dangerous piece of waste in the world.”

The Elephant’s Foot is reactor core lava that was created when reactor #4 at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant overheated and melted down. “When we say that a nuclear reactor “melts down,” it’s not simply illustrative language. The radioactive materials used as fuel get hotter and hotter, due to their unstinting emission of high-energy particles, until they literally melt, turning into something like lava.”

This seemingly small blob of radioactive material weighs several tons and is not quite so dangerous these days, though 10 years after the disaster it could still give a lethal dose of radiation within an hour. No idea how radioactive it is now, 28 years later.

A similar corium lava exists in the reactor at Fukushima, Japan but is still far too dangerous to have images of. Even aside from radioactivity the corium at Fukushima is  likely still extremely hot. There’s a definite media blackout going on where Fukushima is concerned so sadly, it’s hard to know what exactly is going on and what sources have reliable information.

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At last, I present you my final photographs from The Chernobyl Exclusive Zone, a 2 days trip with an awesome guide plus 3 others guys. The place was surprisingly empty for an end of July, which made the whole experience even better! 

Nature is overtaking the city in decay… Wildlife has adapted to the radioactivity… Ukrainian workers are building an arch to stop once for good the factory from leaking, they are paid an average of 400 euros a month while tourists like myself paid a company 250 euros to see the consequences of such nuclear catastrophy: I came back amazed but confused. I’ve seen a lot of photos of Chernobyl but never heard about the people living there. 

I’ve learned a lot not just about the disaster in itself but also about the country, the people through personal stories… We met a grandma who lives in a house, just outside The Exclusive zone, with no electricity, and who has to retrieve water from a well to survive. I was shocked by the beauty of the flowers and plants across her deserted village…and couldn’t imagine what would be a winter like for her.

Pripyat was once a model city of the Soviet government and was founded in 1970 for the workers of the nuclear power plant, situated just three kilometers away. Pripyat had all the luxuries of a modern city – a railway station, port, hospital and a fairground.

One more of ‘Unterfeld’ in Frankfurt Sossenheim. There were these clouds, there were this storm, I felt the power of air, looking in the sky made me feel like I were at the see… there were these plenty of clouds, rushing there way… only very few people outside, it was not hard to find one of these ‘alone’ places… You know, there exists a kind of comic series, called ‘Last Exit Sossenheim’. Chlodwig Poth, a famous German maker of caricatures, created it. He died in 2004 or 2006… he was a genius! He looked at people, he listened to them and painted and texted. In german satire magazin ‘Titanic’ ‘Last Exit Sossenheim’ was announced like Brodky’s ‘Last Exit Brooklyn’. What a joke! It showed exactly, what life’s all about… I myself lived in Sossenheim for two hapoy years in the good old mid eighties - well, it was my early twenties and life was full of surprisingly ways, it offered day for day. No constant line, just a eternal surprise… Well, I’m older now, living in another part of the city, but I still like to come back to Sossenheim, thinking back of those days, when we made our own apple juice, when I watched out of the window to the ice saloon, the gelateria with the most prettiest daughter, selling the ice cream with this perfect smile, this special light in her eyes… A famous local punk band lived here. Few houses beside ours. They invited us to a party, a big party and it was like… WOW!!! And Tschernobyl… it happened, while I lived there. Suddenly everybody bought vegetables in cans… no more cans in Penny supermarket two days after the desaster… but most of the times were bright… over there… in Sossenheim…



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(I decided to translate almost everything this man is saying because it’s important. For Japan, for everyone living in a country using Nuclear , for the earth.

Hi everyone, it’s June,15th 2011 in Tokyo, Japan. […] you’re probably wondering how the crisis is controlled here, as i already said, we are on June,15th so 3 months after the explosions in Fukushima. The crisis is absolutely not controlled here. i’m gonna give you some informations which are in the japanese newspapers today : a farmer killed himself. saturday. a farmer hanged himself. in his farm. He wrote some words on the wall with a white chalk : “I would have preffered that there were no power plant in this region.” other sentences were for the other farmers : “ Be strong in front of Nuclear. Don’t fall like me. ” Tell me why a farmer would hang himself if the situation was under control. This poor guy, since three months, had to throw away his milk, his milk was radioactive. He throw away it on the floor, which is also radioactive. Then, he had to kill his 30 cows because they were unproductive. and finally, he killed himself, this weekend. […] In Japan, in Fukushima, the government is going to give 35 000 dosimeters to the kids of Fukushima. because the parents there live with around 2/6 microsiviert per hour. They’re going to give 35000 dosimeters to the kids. You know what are dosimeters ? It’s a little engine like a thermometer that you have to hang on you. It’s the machines that have the workers in the Power Plants. This dosimeter, it only have one capacity : showing you how much radioactivity is entering into your body. Every hour, every minute. It doesn’t protect anyone. That’s what happening in Japan, they’re going to give out 35000 dosimeters to 35000 little kids in Japan so they go with it to school and their parents can check how much radioactivity entered into the body of their kids. Japan is going to be the first country to send kids with Dosimeters to school to know how much radioactivity they’re “eating” every day. The excuse of japanese government about radioactivity is here, in that little square, that’s the excuse why we need Nuclear in Japan, France, America, Italia, England : If we stop nuclear in Japan, the electricity bills are going to increase. […] If they stop nuclear in Japan, the increase will be of 1000 yen per month so 9 EUROS […] i’m gonna tell you one thing, as a parent, these nine/ten euros per month on my electricity bill, i’m gonna pay them because 10euros is nothing ! […] Do you wanna send your kids to school with a dosimeter on their shirt ? and control every night how much plutonium your kid “ate” today ?? No, you don’t want to and that’s exactly what is going on here in Japan. […] They released in the Ocean 720 000 billion of becquerel since the beginning of this story. And in the atmosphere, 770 000 billion of becquerel. You must have heard that what was released was just 15 per cent of what was released in Tchernobyl . So 15 per cent for the ocean and 15 per cent for the atmosphere.. it means that we have released 30 per cent of what was released in Tchernobyl. And everyone is saying that it’s not going to affect the health. But, in reality, what we are releasing here is going to create leukemias, bones cancers, brain cancers. Firstly to the local population and secondly, in the ocean. It’s going to affect the animals in the ocean, the seabed […] they’re going to send kids with dosimeters to school and soon with masks and maybe with anti-nuclear suits. Is it it what you want for your kids ? To send them to school with anti-nuclear suits and live in bunkers with some water stocks and have to kill your neighbor in order to steal his water bottle ? If there’s nuclear issues in your country, you’re going to think “I need to survive. Me and my kids” and what are you going to do ? There will be no water. […] If one day a nuclear center explode in France, and you know that they can explode, it doesn’t only happen to the others, it happened to me and look, i am like you, i am french , i have the same face as you and it’s happening to me, there, 2OOkm away from here. There’s a plutonium swimming pool and they don’t know how to make her stand. and it’s going to let all the plutonium fall on the floor and pollute all the islands of Japan. If the plutonium falls on the floor, we are all dead. If a nuclear center explodes in your country, it’s going to happen exactly the same as here.


From Tchernobyl with Love