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Don’t look at her the wrong way or she’ll rip your head off

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@ mod w yaoi doesn't mean 'boys love'. its an acronym for no point no climax no meaning

Yeah the original definition in Japanese (I read the katakana) is that, however if you look literally anywhere else (the connotation or societal influence of it), it’s supposed to be a fetishy porn category of boys love and mlm relationships (written intended for female audiences). If you want to get technical it can be “shounen ai” which is quite literally “boys love.”

No one looks at the word and immediately thinks “oh yeah it means no climax no point no meaning” because we’ve associated the word with the connotation which is again, a porn category of mlm relationships for the straight girl audience

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I just wanted to say I really really appreciate this blog. I'm a lesbian, and rather gender confused, 15 year old equestrian. I've never met another equestrian who was queer or even felt comfortable around other equestrians (most at my barn are relatively homophobic). So thank you! Also @ the ablest anons; you disgust me. Have fun judging every equestrian with a disability, you close minded idiots.

Oh sweet nonny this message means so much to me. I’ve been a little discouraged lately and honestly kind messages like this help my heart so much. 

I’m sorry your barn experiences haven’t been terribly positive, you deserve to be surrounded by supportive, caring people and it seems like very few equestrians -gay or straight- ever actually find that in a barn. I hope you do though and if not, I hope you at least find that support from other gay equestrians online! Honestly, if it wasn’t for tumblr (and running Big Gay Equestrian Blog which sadly was deleted when I deleted my original TCH blog) I would have had no idea just how many truly wonderful LBGTQ equestrians are out there!! 

In fact… anyone care to use this as an excuse for a LBGTQ roll call? If your up for offering support and friendship to other gay equestrians reblog this and say so!! 

Gillian Anderson as Blanche Dubois A Streetcar Named Desire

Should I get it signed, keep it and give a copy to Gillian or should I not be a selfish b*tch and give the original to Gilly?

If you like it reblog it but please don’t repost it - or I’ll send Krycek to find you.

Edit: I have decided to give away the original to GA - As radosstt pointed out, she may very well use it for charity (and that would literally make my day!). To be honest, just the fact of her having the original makes my day.
Thank you again for all your advice and support, I’ll let you know what she thinks of it ;).