#tbt to the last “night of zero laughs” where, upon being eliminated, mike o'brien gave a rousing speech indicting all millennials, blaming the chris gethard show for creating a “jobless america”, and leaving the room by saying “I’M ON REAL TV” #tcgs

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Drew this for a Force of Will fanart contest! It’s easily the most complex picture I have ever done, but also more certainly my proudest QuQ Unfortunately Tumblr is a butt and I had to reduce the size by over half in order to post it so it’s a tad fuzzy >:I

Please please please, if you like, give a reblog! I know not many people will know these characters but this is one of my best pictures and I would love if it could get some love, thank you!! >uob


Hi! I’ve recently made some minor changes to the commission form! This has been a great success, and I’m glad those whom it has served found it easy enough to use. I’ve added a bit more detail as well as simplified some ideas presented. Welcome to the new:

AutobotTesla Commission Order Form

With this, you can organize your commission ideas and send them over. Upon receiving your commission order, I will e-mail you with the price quote and time frame. You can even choose the style I’ll draw it in.

The image above is a few examples of what I’ve done recently. You can click them to see a larger image. You can follow the links below to see everything I post.

DeviantArt (archives)

Tumblr (all drawings)

Twitter (all drawings, plus TCG news)

It’s almost time for Sun & Moon! A bunch of new Pokémon, and updated designs for old ones, as well as strange Ultra Beasts. Once November 18th, 2016 rolls around all of them are fair game to be drawn!

Prices vary with complexity, but here are some typical prices for example Pokémon commissions. You do not need to calculate your cost yourself; as I will e-mail you ASAP with it, but these serve as guides to how I consider pricing per subject. It’s to give you an idea of what to expect price-wise before sending in an order you might not want once you get the total price.

Pokémon (As a general guide)
Easy Pokémon (Pichu, Bounsweet, Drifloon, Ditto, Joltik, Goomy, Castform, etc.) = $3 - $4

Simple Pokémon (Pikachu, Baby Starters, Larvitar, Wingull, Drifblim, Larvesta, Phantump, Togedemaru, etc.) = $5 - $6

Medium Pokémon (Middle Starters, Raichu, Sylveon, Politoed, Vullaby, Absol, Steenee, Spiritomb, etc.) = $7 - $8

Expert Pokémon (Final Starters, Mega Gengar, Steelix, Seismitoad, Gardevoir, Gallade, Tsareena, Avalugg, etc.) = $9 - $10

Extreme Pokémon (Xerneas, Black Kyurem, Perfect Zygarde, Mega Rayquaza, Giratina, Lunala, etc.) = $10 - $15

Humans (As a general guide)
Bust (Head + Shoulders) = $5

Half Body (Stomach upward) = $7 - $12 (Depends on complexity)

Full Body = $10 - $20 (Depends on complexity)

The prices do depend on the complexity of your idea. Reminder that it does not need to be Pokémon-related. It can be anime, games, movies, TV shows, anything you think of – let me know.

Once again, thanks for all the continued support in likes, reblogs, and even commissions. Reblogs are very much appreciated, but you are not obligated to. I will be starting up the second daily series soon, once Sun & Moon come out and we’ll continue to “draw ‘em all”.

Thanks again! Maybe I’ll be e-mailing you soon?

Mythical Pokémon Distribution Round-Up, Part 3!

The Pokémon 20th celebration has given players the opportunity to have some hard-to-get Mythical Pokémon join their teams. The Mythical Pokémon Victini was available to Trainers via Nintendo Network in September 2016. It’s Keldeo’s turn to start adventuring in October, so check out the Pokémon 20th website for more details on how you can add Keldeo to your team. Plus, for a limited time, you’ll be able to team up with the newly discovered Volcanion to commemorate the launch of the Pokémon TCG expansion XY—Steam Siege. Make sure to check out Volcanion on the XY—Steam Siege website for more details about how you can receive Volcanion.

You’ll discover how powerful Mythical Pokémon are as soon as they join your team, but a dedicated Trainer can bring out their hidden potential. Read on to find some tips that will make your adventure with them even more legendary. You can find out more about all of the Mythical Pokémon distribution events at

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「創星の道標」&「コスモエリミネーション」 収録
「天蝎の星守り エスコルピア」