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Imagine if Gul'dan didn't draw a card in hearthstone and his hero power was just do 2 damage to yourself. And everyone's like "wow good fireball Jaina! Nice totems Thrall! What can you do Gul'dan?" And he just slaps himself

I… I have never played… Hearthstone…. I’m sorry…………………………..

@sithisis will help you with this headcanon ;_;

So I ordered cards!!!
I’m finally getting light stage, plus I went ahead and got three copies of narkissus, and one copy of dark angel. And I also got catbat! So I’ve got all the Trickstar cards except reincarnation
I also got revolver’s deck, minus the expensive link monsters and some of the pricier rokkets. And I got Ema’s deck but minus marionetter and meluseek because those are also expensive


Team Skull vs. Team Pikachu Dance Battle