Seriously? Seriously?!

It’s come to my attention that apparently it’s gotten to a point now where I have to defend my reputation, which is disgusting and unacceptable because we’re supposed to be mature adults. We’re not seven years old, and most of us are not in high school. It would be much appreciated if you stopped acting like you were. I love you all to death, and I miss you, and apparently you have some questions so I will give you the answers you think you deserve.

Why did I leave? Good question. Lovely. Awesome question. Let’s address that, shall we?

Reason number one: At that point in my life, I was ready to either commit suicide, run away from home, or get thrown out of the house by my parents. I’ve literally been fighting with my family every day since I got home from Colorado, and that was back at the end of June. I had nowhere to run away to, all my friends were out of town or too busy to take me in, and I hid at Starbucks and the library for most of the time because I just couldn’t be at home. All I’ve been doing since June is crying and yelling and crying some more because I can’t find work and all I wanted to do is get the hell out of this place. I was so desperate to get away from my parents I seriously considered going back to Colorado. 

Reason number two: My best friend had a pregnancy scare. And by scare I mean she was legitimately pregnant for upwards of three weeks, without telling anyone. You know what that means? It means she had to go through the pregnancy and an abortion entirely on her own. Recently she’s gotten out of an abusive relationship, after her boyfriend threatened to beat her up because they had broken up. They broke up because he accused her of cheating, when she spent the entire day at work, and insulted her family and her friends. This girl is not a crier, and she’s not scared easily, but I’ve never seen her scared the way she was when she told me all of this was happening. 

Reason number three: I was bullied right into leaving. I was harassed with messages to which I responded, although apparently my answers never went through. Go figure, tumblr does that sometimes. But it spilled over into Skype. And this harassment came at a time when all the aforementioned things were already happening in my life. I was frustrated, irritated, stressed out and volatile. So please, excuse me that I valued putting a roof over my head, my relationship with my family, my own fucking life, and the safety and health of my best friend as priorities overtop of roleplaying. At the end of the day Whitley, I called you out and I told you what you obviously didn’t want to hear, and I left because I’ve never met a more unsympathetic and selfish person in my entire life – forget plain old admin of a roleplay. I left because my irritation with you was being channeled into my muses, which made them all hostile.

Hostile, you like that word. Mostly you like accusing other people of being hostile toward you, because you can tell an OOC blog all about it without having to include anyone else’s side of the story, and paint yourself as the victim. 

This is a roleplay. It’s not a job, it’s not a marriage, it’s not real life. So the fact that you expect your roleplayers to be online 20 hours out of the day and harass, threaten and punish them when they don’t, is ridiculous to me. You play favourites, because those people that plot with you can do no wrong. Everyone else not in that wonderful boat is picked on. It’s come to my attention that most people aren’t even aware of what’s been going on OOC in TCG. So for that explanation, click [here] and educate yourselves. I pity the admin of this roleplay that Whitley’s commenting about now, I do. Because God knows she bullied Sarah into dropping her efforts to get back into roleplaying. But to involve my Harry Potter roleplay, which is completely irrelevant to this situation is unacceptable. So bitch, change the link. I had nothing to do with it, I have no vendetta against you, because the way you mistreated me is nothing like the way you mistreated some other previous members.

Get the hell away from me, and stay the hell away from Rachael and our roleplay. We’ve been running a Harry Potter roleplay since we were in high school, and Castles of Glass was modeled after our project, not your precious TCG that does not belong to you. I pity Sarah, and I hope she realizes the mistake she made when she appointed you as an admin – a mistake that Rachael and I and certain other members expressed concerned about on numerous occasions. Just because you kept this place running until now doesn’t make you an effective administrator. You’ve been a colossal bitch, hogging ships to the left and ruining plots to the right ever since you joined the place. Which was after a lot of us, by the way. Apparently you have issues with seniority.

You accused this admin of being immature and hostile with the way they responded to you. You threatened them first. On what planet do you live that everyone smiles at you when you talk to them like that? How delusional and rude are you. Can you really expect them to talk to you any other way except the way they did? I want to remind you once again that this is a roleplay, and that this is where people go to de-stress and avoid real life for a little while. You took what TCG used to be and you’ve turned it into a war zone. It’s not fun anymore, not even a little bit. Roleplaying is supposed to be fun. Ask yourself what kind of admin you are and why you get the hate messages that you do before you go telling someone else that they’re incompetent.

That’s all I have to say. I’m putting this issue to bed, because honestly? I’m not surprised in the slightest that you’re behaving the way that you are. 

Good luck to you.

PS. You caught me bitch. EDF is mine, and it will remain open as a safe haven for anyone who would like to jump ship because they’re sick and horrified at what this roleplay has become. There’s a place for all of you at EDF and you’re all more than welcome to join.