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Look at my beautiful new Sperries…they had a 40% discount off the lowest price. And these are the Gold Cup Sperries which are made of really high quality leather and have (imo) much more support than other Sperries because they have a super comfortable memory foam insert.

Not cheap, but I love them so much and will wear them probably everyday this spring and summer…you know, mixed in with my teal Sperries, ha!

Raise your hand...

If you would like to have some of these bouquets of paper flowers in your life somehow. Perhaps as a permanent decoration (as opposed to real flowers that come and go.)

Vintage Atlas Bouquet by H. Bixby Artwork on Etsy (as will all other works on this post be.)

Vintage Sheet Music and hymnal bouquet.

Cara Bridal Bouquet in Red and Wine.

A mix of a few kinds, this listing should lead you to the rest

But imagine for me them all mixed together in a clear hurricane vase or something like that.

Not only would these flower arrangements never go bad, but I think the classier ones could be used to decorate your office without having to remember to water things or have a plant take over your desk. What do you think followers? Yeah or nah?


I haven’t posted anything about fashion here in AWHILE mostly because I’m super busy with my brandy dandy new fashion blog ( and also because I suck.  But I just came across this dress and thought immediately, “OH MY GOD, that would be amazing for ostomates.  This was me - you know, without out the gorgeous ginger hair and the perfect bone structure and the talent for singing and acting.  But otherwise, totally GPOY.

External image

Not only is it a pretty, flattering dress on its own (I love pink and black together) but the draping gathering at the waist would be great for disguising the bag - you could probably get away with no shape wear whatsoever (I know some people don’t wear shapewear or pantyhose ever, but with most dresses I just feel more comfortable in some low-control shapewear or pantyhose.)  Obviously it would work for colostomates whose bags are on the left side, but I think the draping would still disguise ileostomate’s bags.  Anyway - check it out and let me know what you think!