tcf kickstarter

I’ve finally begun thumbnailing the first pages of the comic, which is a HUGE mile marker for me, and the first major step towards getting things ready for launch! I don’t want to reveal anything from the pages just yet, but I also doodled a bunch of Mollies which I thought I might share. I really like drawing yawns.

Things have slowed down a little on the Kickstarter front, but due to popular demand, I’d like to open up more Patron level spots for people who want artist editions. As such, I’ve shoehorned a new stretch goal in at 65k to expand that tier by another 50.

I’m still wrapping up other work, but I should have works in progress to share from the book and other reward tiers very soon. As always, thank you all so much for your ongoing support!


My Kickstarter campaign for Volume Zero of The Cloud Factory is in the home stretch now! Only 48 hours to go!

We’ve hit NINE stretch goals so far…

…and are on the cusp of achieving the tenth! These stretch goals have added rewards and extra value to nearly every backer tier, improved the quality of the book, and increased the amount of content everyone will be able to read at the launch of the comic.

The comic itself has been funded for at least one year!

Because it has been so incredibly successful, I will actually be able to quit relying on commissions as my sole source of income and focus on the comic full-time for at least one year. It also means offering more cool products without worrying about the upfront cost, and attending more conventions to meet you guys!

Can’t use Kickstarter? You haven’t missed out!

I have a PayPal-friendly shop set up and ready to launch as soon as the Kickstarter campaign has run its course. On Saturday evening at 7:05pm EST, I’ll put up a link to the shop, where you will be able to pledge for reward tiers $100 and under until Sunday, May 19th, at 11:59pm EST.

Pledges taken through the PayPal shop will also contribute to the stretch goal progress, so the project still has room to grow after the campaign has come to a close.

If you’ve already pledged or spread the word…

Thank you so much! It’s because of you the project has become such a great success. And if you haven’t, check out the campaign page to learn more about The Cloud Factory, and what I can give you in return for your support :>