tcf characters

Dame Vera Bellefleur

Dame Bellefleur is the older sister of Molly’s mother, Vivian Millbrooke. Like all Bellefleurs, the Dame has a natural talent for magic, and has harnessed that talent for her career. While her younger sister became an arcane apothecary, Vera took the unconventional (and lucrative) approach of employing alchemy to enhance perfumes and other high end toiletries.

Although she was born and raised in the cultured metropolis of Delta City, she currently lives in the small valley village where Molly & Théo grew up, and there are few in the town who understand why.

Rufus Laforge

In spite of his valley home’s bleak and gloomy atmosphere, Rufus is about as cheerful and good natured as he is barrel chested and broad shouldered. Since most skilled tradesmen leave the valley for greener pastures as soon as they’re of age, this hardy blacksmith is never short on work and takes pride in supplying the southern settlements with most of their tools and weapons.

As the only living parent, he’s taught Théo everything he can, but has no idea where his son’s natural affinity for mechanical tinkering came from.

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